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As the ‘Situation’ changes, the ‘Problem’ and then one’s ‘Viewpoint’ also changes!

January 24, 2016

Life is lived as a succession of real-time ‘situations’. Each new situation reveals a ‘problem’. The problem then creates one’s ‘viewpoint’ or perspective. Our financial ‘situation’ will soon change from a positive stock environment to a negative stock environment. When this happens (soon) then a new and serious ‘problem’ will emerge. This problem will change my and your ‘perspective’ on the issues and then change our actions (decisions). Human nature is interesting and we all ‘change’ when the situation and the problems change. Our economy has been mostly positive for the last 7 years (our situation) and this has meant that no one desires to change. The old saying is “if it is not broke then don’t change”. But our system is really broke and we will all likely ‘change’ in 2016 as our situation (a coming financial collapse) develops!

The challenge to change our thinking occurs AFTER a Big Event has happened!

This lady experienced a new ‘situation’ and her awareness of the ‘problem’ created her ‘perspective’! This is human nature! When the ‘situation’ changes a new ‘problem’ emerges and then our ‘perspective’ also changes!

Human nature is mostly a ‘constant’ and we all must deal with ‘change’ as it happens. My model says that we are ‘not’ in control of the Big Events (like the timing of a financial collapse) and this means that we must wait for this Big Event to occur prior to changing our behavior. But my model also says that this Big Event is soon to occur and when it does, we all will clamor for understanding so we can ‘change’ our financial behavior. All the phony funny money will be exposed for what it is (fantasy) and many will desire to get out of this fantasy casino environment. The clamor for something real (like silver/gold coins/bars) will become obvious to those discerning the ‘situation’ and the ‘problem’.

A clamor for some ‘thing’ real (an item of substance) will emerge when the financial collapse actually occurs. We now must wait for the financial ‘situation’ to change from positive to negative! Confidence indexes can be watched to discern when this day arrives! The VIX index is another indicator to watch!

Our corrupt financial policymakers have been suppressing all the cyber prices of silver and gold these past 5 years so as to get everyone thinking that our digital/cyber money is sound and viable. But those who experience (in real-time) the coming financial holocaust in our Cyber Cloud markets will start to wake-up to what is happening. The ephemeral nature of our Cyber Cloud money will become obvious to those watching their computer screens as the ‘numbers’ within these screens vanish and disappear into money ‘heaven’ (our inner mental consciousness). Yes, our money is a fantasy and a hoax on the intelligence of any thinking person. Most do not discern this reality as all has been positive (our current situation) for nearly 7 full years. All this is about to change in 2016!

Markets change daily but Big Events change people! The coming Big Event (a financial collapse) is likely in 2016!

Providence created the American Revolution and then the New America of 1776! Providence is still in charge of all the Big Events for planet Earth! That is my premise!

The exact timing of the financial holocaust is impossible to state as we humans are NOT ‘in control’ of these Big Events. We live as servants of a Higher Power which determines all of these Big Events. This Higher Power is called Providence. Providence has set the exact timing of this coming Big Event and my sense is that it is rather soon (some time in 2016). Our policymakers will attempt to alter Providence with their financial gimmicks and manipulations but their efforts will prove to be fruitless. Providence will prevail and all our corrupt policymakers at our Central Banks must ‘bow’ to Providence. Get prepared now for the coming financial holocaust which is predestined to occur (likely in 2016 with many years of turmoil to follow after the new trend develops). Enjoy your fantasy money for a short time period and then prepare for Providence. That is my ‘perspective’ on the ‘situation’. I am:

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