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Robots, Algorithms prevent stock declines! WWIII on horizon for 2016!

January 22, 2016

Yesterday the Japanese Stock Market called the NIKKEI advanced some 5.88% or 941.27 points. This historic increase created trillions of yen wealth for traders in just one days trading. What is happening within our markets which would create nearly a 6% increase in the index in a matter of hours? Who is manipulating these markets so as to create this phony wealth for select traders? The NIKKEI was down over 13% since the beginning of 2016 and then the index reversed by nearly 6% in one days trading. This is greater than in all of its prior history for a one day trading session. All the other indices in China and Asia also have increased at rates which indicate a decoupling of the index from the realities of real trade (our material wealth). What is happening?

This point increase of nearly 6% in one day is historic and unjustified (based upon Japan’s real economic situation)! Today’s markets are mostly psychological and decoupled from material reality!

What we now need to recognize is that all our markets are phony casino markets which get pumped up with automated robots and coded algorithms. Our markets now trade mere symbols, digits, and bit currencies which reside within our Cyber Cloud. These units of nothing (they have zero substance) fool nearly everyone into thinking that our markets are sound and that our prosperity is growing. This is pure myth and deception and few seem to discern our illusionary markets. Our money is phony and a fantasy of our mind. We trade with units of consciousness (dollars, yen, pounds, euros, etc.) which are created from the human mind. These phony/fantasy units are called ‘faith money’ and they work when confidence is growing. When confidence turns to fear than a crash ensues.

Traders seem totally mesmerized by our Cyber Cloud stock markets! Our money is now based on pure fantasy!

This lady has no idea what is really happening in finance or our markets! But who really cares!

The world has been used to phony/fantasy money for some 42 years and the past 42 years we have experienced mostly a growing prosperity and growing confidence in our system and our leaders. This has changed in the past 6 years and we now live with a growing recognition that our leaders are destroying our freedoms and our future. We witness this all around the planet and most simply deny this reality to remain positive about events and the ‘now’ realities. This is foolish and will lead to much greater problems down the road. Life consists of problems and solutions. Problems, however, must be addressed prior to a solution emerging. We are now avoiding the real problems which are directly in front of our eyes and we are playing as if all is positive. This is pure deception and illusion. Problems will grow and become more dire with this mentality. We need to wake-up to our problems!

Phony/fake money works when ‘confidence’ is strong and growing! Fake money vanishes when markets collapse sufficiently! Today, we live with phony/fake money which derives from the MIND (consciousness) of our Central Banksters! We call it Cyber Cloud/Digital/Virtual money! Where is it? Can you ‘find’ it?

Our global economy is about to collapse from debt, deficits, and phony accounting rules. Our money is based purely upon ‘faith’ and ‘faith’ only works when all is positive and real growth is occurring. That is not our situation today! Our debt is so great that it can no longer be serviced. Student debt can not be repaid. National debts can not be repaid. Entitlement debts can not be repaid. We are swimming in debt which can not be repaid and our growth is starting to decline globally. Emerging markets are now signaling that the game of prosperity and credit growth is over. The Baltic Dry Index is currently at 355, a decline from 1222 in the past year. This is a dire signal that trade is diminishing and growth has slowed to a crawl. The MSCI emerging markets index reveals a similar signal.

This is a ‘leading’ indicator of real economy growth and prosperity! It is now at 355 (a complete/total collapse)!

The decision has been made (January 20, 2016) to destroy ISIS (Daesh). The cities of Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq will be taken (most likely destroyed so as to obtain control). This could lead to WWIII and a much greater conflict for our planet!

Get ready for a CRASH in our phony/fantasy stock markets (in 2016) and also get ready for what appears to be WWIII. On Wednesday, Ash Carter, the U.S.A. Defence Minister, and the other partners over in Europe voted to destroy ISIS (also called Daesh) in 2016. They plan to take control of Mosul, Iraq and also Raqqa, Syria (the headquarters of ISIS). We could see WWIII starting in 2016 and then we would have two serious global problems to deal with. A collapsing economy and stock markets plus military destruction beyond what we have seen since WWII. Millions could die if these events develop. This is our real situation today! Playing positive thinking will not prevent these events from happening. Get ready for some dire global events in 2016. That is my warning today! Think and discern what is now emerging globally! I am:

P.S. It is now time to purchase some historical/constitutional money for the coming economic depression which could start rather soon! These items exist in space and time and will not vanish (irrespective of the price in our phony/fake dollar)!

These coins are minted from matter! Matter is material! Matter comes from our ground! Matter has substance! The price of these coins is not important! The next few years they will serve as a Store of Value (for special situations)! Eventually, we will need a New Model and System for our planet! But this is years from today! The definition of ‘money’ is based upon some ‘thing’ derived from a Natural Resource! Cyber Cloud money is a unit of NO thing! Our money today is FAKE!

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