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What is Money – it’s now in the ‘CLOUD’?

January 21, 2016

I used to store all my money in my wallet and  buy, sell, and invest with physical money. Today, my ‘money’ is invisible and non-physical and located in this new space called The Cloud. My IRA money is in the Cloud. My bank checking/savings money is located in the Cloud. My social security money arrives monthly from the Cloud. Today, we live in a new metaphysical world called the Cyber Cloud. Data and our virtual dollar gets stored, circulated, and visualized in the Cyber Cloud. I pay my bills and do most of my purchasing via the internet and this means that I use the Cloud. Just what is this concept which we call the Cloud, the Cyber Cloud, or merely Cyberspace? Let’s look at some images of this netherworld which now stores nearly all our money, our debt, our financial accounts. Why could we now eliminate all money from the face of planet Earth with a mere click of the computer mouse?

Physical money is vanishing and digital/cyber money has emerged. 2016 will reveal our global cyber cloud marketplace as markets will crash in all venues on this planet! All markets are now connected and computers rule over our financial marketplace! Trading is now computer driven. All markets are now mostly electronic! Is 2016 the year for the global Cyber Cloud Crash?

All our money (nearly 95% today) is a ‘bit’ unit stored in this netherworld called The Cloud! It is now invisible to our physical eyes and our physical senses. Central banks control the computers and servers which create this monetary heaven! The average investor seems mostly unaware of this new and ubiquitous technology!

Global cloud networks allow our Central banks and financial services to penetrate all human activities. Big Data is everywhere and the public cloud allows Governments and Finance to control, manipulate, and regulate all citizens of planet Earth! Cyber activities are now more prevalent for those intending to do good and also those intending to do evil! Cyber crime is practiced by anyone with a computer and the knowledge to manipulate information!

Satellites allow Cloud data to circulate globally in real-time 24/7. I can now send, trade, and communicate with nearly anyone on our planet in real-time 24/7! Spying and surveillance of anyone whom governments dislike is now possible. This is the new world of 2016! What does this mean going forward?

We now have private Clouds and public Clouds for storing, circulating, and sending data, money, words, and images! Our planet is now inter-connected and all money will soon be centralized and controlled by a few Central Banksters globally! Is this leading to liberty and freedom or global enslavement to a few computers and a few elite policymakers?

I now live within TWO realms of reality. My inner mental space and my outer material space. My survival economically is now dependent upon invisible/metaphysical/visualized ‘numbers’ and ‘digits’ for buying, selling, trading, investing, and saving. The Central computers and our Centralized policymakers (banksters) control our future economic survival. The Mark of the Beast is soon arriving to planet Earth! 

I now communicate in real-time globally via social networks and public networks. I can Skype my words to anyone who can log-on to our global internet. The Cloud allows my images and words to flow at the speed of light all around our planet! Our world is now the planet and we experience some 7 billion citizens on this planet as of 2016!

I can now sit in comfort and send a drone to kill my enemy anyplace on the planet! What a great killing machine for asserting hegemony over anyone who flaunts my rulership! Obama must approve each drone strike and this is power that one person should not have IMO. This is the world of 2016 and after (unless major change occurs)!

Our mighty military can now use the Cloud to locate any address on our planet and any person via our ubiquitous Drone technology. We can now destroy people and buildings with the click of a computer mouse. All this happens in the comfort of an office type environment. What a great technology for both good and evil! What is man at the core?

America uses its military technology to create death all over our planet! This is our world of 2016! Is WWIII soon to occur?

Information is what makes the world go round and ones and zeros (bits/bytes) create text, words, colors, photos, virtual objects, cyber currencies, drone strikes, and Big Data for manipulation by our speed of light computers! What a world we now live in! Those who have CONTROL rule. The few now control the many via our new technologies! As of today, America rules the world technologically!

Global financial networks allow trading/investing 24/7 and this is changing all finance going forward. I can now move my cyber money from Nation to Nation and Financial Institution to Financial Institution. All is instantaneous and invisible. Our currencies are now mostly ‘bit’ currencies within the computer screen and stored in the Cyber Cloud! Coded algorithms and artificial intelligence (robots) are taking over all electronic trading! This is reality in 2016!

A global financial world has emerged and everyone is connected to a global Cyber Cloud and the Global Internet for information, communication, finance, politics, economics, regulations, laws, administration of justice. Our liberties diminish as cyber enslavement grows. The few rule over the many to accomplish their agenda. Agenda 2030 is now being administered on everyone as of 01/01/2016! But who is aware? (the 13 families who have the most control over mankind)!

Money, politics, religion, mega corporations, select secret societies, and select blood-lines rule over planet Earth! You and I are subjects for enslavement! We must submit to those who desire to rule over us with words and rhetoric! Watch the 2016 American political candidates for enlightenment! Who desires to rule and control our future?

The mindset of the elite is revealed in the above statement! This view is held by our current administration and most of the elites who run the United Nations! The New Agenda for our planet is now Marxism (also called global communal living under the elites rulership)! Money can bring this to a reality starting in 2016! Watch out for the United Nations!

Image result for who are the global elites who desire to rule the world

The right major crisis is now emerging (2016). Will the global transformation start in 2016? Watch events and our financial markets for clues to what our elites plan!

Are the above mere puppets or are they creating a planet in their vision? How much control do they really exercise over planetary events?  Could mankind really be ‘at effect’ and under the control of Higher Metaphysical Powers???

Could the above statement be closer to reality? Does man control the Big Picture events which happen to all of us? What do you think? Who really ‘controls’ events upon this planet?

This statement could be closer to reality than all of the above images! We could find out in 2016 or after! Enjoy this missive of images and virtual/cyber/cloud DATA! I am: 





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