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Objective money vs. Subjective money! Important distinction!

January 19, 2016

Let’s review some history on the role of ‘money’ within our global economy. The two key words for this missive are the words ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’. Objective money has substance and we can exchange units from party to counterparty and from hand to hand. Examples of ‘objective’ money are paper notes, silver coins, copper coins, sea shells, tulip bulbs, tobacco, Jack Daniels bourbon, eggs, milk, bread, etc. I think you get the message. Objective means some ‘thing’ which has substance and existence. In philosophy we call a unit of substance a ‘thing’. Things exist as they are composed of matter/mass and have volume. Tables and chairs are another example of ‘things’. Throughout monetary history, money has always been some ‘thing’ which has substance, can be exchanged from hand to hand, and has a perceived ‘value’ from prior history. Objective money is what we now do NOT have.

Thinking, the Mind, and our Consciousness are ‘subjective’ realities! The four oranges are ‘objective’ realities! The ‘numbers’ (like 1, 2, 3, 4) are ‘subjective’ units as they derive from our mind’s! Notice the difference!

Today, 95% of our so-called ‘money’ is ‘subjective’. Subjective means that the units have no substance, have no matter/mass, and do not exist within our space/time universe. An example of ‘subjective’ money is a virtual image within this metaphysical space which we call ‘cyberspace’. Today, most of the world’s money is ‘subjective’ and without any ‘existence’ out in our material world. I can not exchange a unit from my hand to your hand. Each currency unit (dollar, euro, pound, peso, ruble, krona, real, dong, etc.) is merely a ‘bit’ within this metaphysical space which we call ‘cyberspace’. A ‘bit’ is also called a ‘digit’ and both are really mere units of ‘information’ derived from the human mind. This means that we now live with money derived from our ‘spiritual’ mind. This type of money is ‘subjective’ as it has no reality separate from human consciousness and/or the human mind.

All the ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ in our computers are units of information! Information is derived from our ‘subjective’ mind! This means that we now have ‘subjective’ money with no underlying ‘matter/mass’!

Today, we use metaphysical ‘algorithms’ and informational ‘codes’ to instruct our computers to trade these ‘bits’ and ‘digits’ from computer to computer. Algorithms, robots, and automated trading software are used to enter and exit trades in the blink of the eye. Trading and price discovery is now done in milliseconds and even in microseconds. I can use a pre-coded ‘algorithm’ to enter my trade and another ‘algorithm’ operates as the executioner of my trade. We call this our global monetary trading system. Another name is our electronic monetary exchange system. Another name is our Cyber Monetary Currency System. Another name is our Virtual Computer Trading System. The name is not important…understanding the ‘nature’ of our system is key to understanding today’s markets!

Computers manipulate ‘numbers’ and ‘numbers’ are ‘subjective’ units derived from our ‘subjective’ mind!

Today, we can open our trading App within our computer screen and trade virtual entities all day long. We can watch a ‘tick’ chart of prices as they fluctuate from moment to moment within cyberspace. We can discern the cyber manipulations being executed by our corrupt financial authorities (like our Central Bank Trading Desks) as they use automated robots, algorithms, and trading software to suppress and enhance ‘bit’ prices within our computer screens all day long. Today, our cyber price markets are decoupled from the reality of supply and demand (in many trading venues). The supply/demand can increase/decrease (say of oil) and the cyber price can often go up and/or down irrespective of the laws of supply and demand in the real marketplace. In other words, prices can go opposite of what real supply/demand indicates that they should.

Automated trading robots can enter/exit trades at the speed of light! Our Central Banks can manipulate prices and our stock markets with these electronic (algorithmic) robots! We live in a machine driven marketplace today!

I have been watching the gold/silver markets for the past 10 years daily. These prices have not been reflective of supply and demand for years. Algorithms can now suppress prices even as demand increases. Keep in mind that our prices today are determined ‘subjectively’ by traders in our electronic markets. Since our money is now mostly ‘subjective’ (units of ‘information’ within cyberspace) we really have two realities at work today. We have mostly physical products derived from our natural resources (which we used to call our ‘wealth’) and we have metaphysical currencies which create all our prices (now within cyberspace). We now live in TWO realms of reality as we trade and exchange goods and services worldwide. Mind rules and Matter gets priced with a ‘valueless’ unit of nothing. In reality, we now use our ‘imagination’ to value a product. And our unit for ‘valuation’ is a ‘non-thing’ with no substance or real-time existence.

I can trade via my smart phone or laptop 24/7 and make my imaginary ‘subjective’ profits in real-time!

Can you discern the difference between that which is ‘objective’ from that which is ‘subjective’? Subjective money vanishes back into our consciousness (also called our spiritual mind) when markets decline. Since we ‘value’ products with units of nothing created out-of-nothing, we end up with trading mostly our ‘imagination’ today. All the trading symbols used within our global electronic markets are now virtual entities (called ETF’s, stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, etc.). I can now trade my ‘imagination’ with you and we can grow our ‘bit’ money within our metaphysical minds and no real products are exchanged. This happens daily in our 5 trillion-dollar currency markets. Bit currencies are traded with other bit currencies and imaginary profits/losses emerge within our cyberspace computer screens. Is this Capitalism? I don’t think so!

Our Central Bankster trading desks operate 24/7 to manipulate all our markets! Is this a Casino or Capitalism?

Yes, today we live within our metaphysical imagination as we trade and earn our imaginary cyber money. This Casino is now global and everyone is playing the markets with their Smart phones and Computer programmed machines. All this happens within this metaphysical space which we call Cyberspace. Cyberspace is really an ‘extension’ of my/your Consciousness. Consciousness is our inner spiritual/thinking/mental decision-making MIND. Can you discern that all this is ‘subjective’ and mostly meaningless for growing our material/physical WEALTH? The entire system is now a CONTROL system for manipulation and enslavement. Capitalism is over and our Central bankster administrators RULE over all our markets. We are robots of our Central Bankster Administrators. We are enslaved and controlled by ‘bits’ and ‘numbers’ and ‘digits’. Is this freedom and liberty? I don’t think so!

Circuit breakers can halt trading to prevent a total collapse! All our money is now ‘subjective’ and spiritual! Who comprehends? Control and enslavement follows UNLESS we wake-up to what is happening!

Wake-up and get out of this control/bankster Casino ASAP. The entire system is starting to collapse from all the subjectivity and manipulations. The crash of the millennium has started and this will continue for years. Buy some real/physical silver coins and some real/physical gold coins and let’s all collapse this phony cyber CONTROL system of human enslavement! Precious metals are the key to getting the message out to our controllers/administrators. The time is NOW! Think about our future generations and let all the bankster manipulators KNOW that their days are numbered. I am buying silver and I hope you do likewise! The suppressed prices are ideal for buying NOW! Get the message to our bankster Casino operators that their DAYS are over! Enjoy this day! I am:

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