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America’s ‘real’ problem: The Christian Gospel! Why?

January 17, 2016

Matthew 28: 18 – “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (the glorified Yeshua). Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the Age.” This spiritual ‘gospel’ is what has created a ‘group think’ message (within Christianity), promulgated by strongmen (preachers, pastors, politicians, and military might) and which now threatens the entire human race going forward. This ‘gospel’ is now ineffective and the core obstacle for progress on this planet. Let’s review the Gospel of Thomas Jefferson as a comparison! My views are mostly similar to those of T.J. (with a few exceptions)!

The word ‘Deist’ meant ONE Creator or ONE God (to Thomas). He did not support a Deist religion or clergy! He also did not view the Christian TRINITY as valid, logical, or sound religious ‘truth’!

America was founded mostly upon the Gospel of our founding Fathers back in 1776 to 1826. The most influential thinker and philosopher for American values was our third President which we call Thomas Jefferson. Thomas was a deeply spiritual person (a strong believer in God) with a comprehensive understanding of Christianity and other Worldviews. Thomas rejected much of the above Christian gospel as leading to bogus thinking…and not representative of hard ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ as we live it. He, nevertheless, was a strong believer in the message of Yeshua (also called Jesus) but with a different twist or spin from the message of the ‘strongmen’ within Christianity. Let’s review the Gospel of Thomas Jefferson to get an understanding of why he rejected orthodox Christianity, the ‘group think’ marketing of the above Christian gospel, and the Popedom of Christianity’s strongmen!

Thomas desired NO tyranny over the MIND (consciousness) of anyone! Christian ‘group think’ would be anathema to T.J.!

The mindset of Thomas Jefferson can be summed up as follows: “For I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of ‘tyranny’ over the MIND of man.” This mindset formed the philosophy of T.J. What does this mean for Americans and the world? Thomas, IMO, desired that there be NO ‘groupthink’ strongmen within America who could create ‘tyranny’ over the MIND of man. Christianity and their ‘strongmen’ (which Thomas called the Popedom) promulgate and promote a form of ‘group think’ (robotic thinking) with their absolute concepts and messages from their pastoral platforms. Thomas viewed this behavior as anathema to real freedom and rational thinking. Today, we witness some 4000 different Christian denominations and millions of self-selected strongmen promulgating portions of the above Christian gospel. Islam (the gospel of the prophet Mohammad) has their own unique groups and gospel which they desire to impose on everyone! Judaism does similar with a non-gospel!

The above Gospel was NOT the core message of the ‘living’ person called Yeshua (Jesus) IMO! His gospel was the Kingdom of his God (YHWH)! Yahweh (not a theological Trinity) was the tribal God of the Israelites (Exodus 20:3). Yeshua desired that his ONE God rule over all (called the Kingdom of God)! This Gospel has not been presented (fully) IMO!

Yeshua, Peter, and John around 30 A.D. What was the Gospel? This is the ???

Image result for apostle paul on the road to damascus

Saul (who later become Paul) saw a ‘vision’ of the glorified Yeshua (according to scripture)! This later resulted in his new view of reality which eventually became Evangelical Christianity! Did he have the message totally correct? Was he deceived and unaware?

The Apostle Paul (his mindset) appears to be the foundation for Evangelical Christianity! Yet, Paul neither knew the historical Yeshua or accepted Yeshua’s gospel (while he was on this planet)! Following the ‘example’ of Paul is basic Christianity for most of the strongmen espousing Christian doctrine!

Thomas Jefferson viewed all the strongmen, who desired to be the messengers of Christianity, as mostly false teachers and bogus thinkers on many the hard issues of reality (which revolve around individual liberty and freedom from ‘tyranny’ over the human MIND)! Let’s first review a few theological concepts and ideas which Thomas accepted and those which he rejected for your consideration! You can review the theology of Thomas Jefferson if you google his theology and read about this history. Most of this history is just now becoming public information. This review of the core differences of T.J. when compared to orthodox Christianity may help us understand why orthodox Christianity (and their strongmen) are the real problem today for the entire planet!

  1. Thomas did believe in a spiritual ‘afterlife’ which means that he did accept our consciousness as being of a spiritual nature (transcending the material world and our scientific quantum theory). Jefferson would reject the gospel of material Science!
  2. Thomas did accept ‘voluntary’ attendance at church meetings and the presentation of contrary religious viewpoints (at these venues) as beneficial for learning and growing spiritually (as individuals). His rejection of strongmen was his main concern…as free thinking and absolute concepts of deceived thinkers promotes subservience (not liberty) for the common people.
  3. Thomas did not accept the concept of the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), the Virgin birth of Yeshua, or the Divinity of Yeshua (Jesus) as a reality. He viewed this as bogus thinking! To Thomas their was ONE God and Creator over our Universe!
  4. Thomas did view Divine intervention (Providence) as real and The Creator’s intervention in human affairs as a reality. The American Revolution and the War for Independence were clear examples of Divine Providence in action. All our founding Fathers tended to view Divine Providence (The Creator God) as obvious and present during the creation of America!
  5. Thomas viewed the concept of God (called The Creator) as being a singular source (with no partners). The Trinity was a bogus concept to him. How can 1+1+1=1? This was obvious chicanery and bogus logic to Thomas!
  6. Thomas viewed the Apostle Paul as the ‘first’ corrupter of the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus). Philippians 4:8 was the core mindset of Apostle Paul. In reality, this Apostle never actually knew the thinking of the historical Yeshua (Jesus). Other false prophets (according to T.J.) were many of the core disciples who emerged mostly ‘after’ the physical death of Yeshua (the Jewish rabbi). Examples were the emerging Catholic church and all the Popedom which followed from this false organization.
  7. The idea of a ‘virgin’ birth for Yeshua (a Jewish rabbi) was bogus thinking (to Thomas) as was the idea of a bodily resurrection of a dead body after three days in a grave. The idea of a ‘glorified’ spirit being, however, after Yeshua’s death seemed part of T.J.’s belief system (although not expressed directly). After all, Thomas did believe in the 2nd Coming concept of Yeshua (Jesus) which implies that this person must have been ‘glorified’ by Father God after his physical death!
  8. Thomas did believe in a 2nd Coming concept and a final Judgment period for mankind (implying a New Age to follow). This reveals his comprehensive philosophy on Christian theology (which he viewed as basically an ‘inner’ belief system unique to each person).
  9. The religion of Catholicism (universalism in thinking) was anathema to him and also all the strongmen teachers within orthodox Christianity (including Evangelical Christianity) which promoted their absolute thinking/interpretations on issues of religion, morals, and spiritual reality. The BIBLE (to T.J.) was individually interpreted and absolute concepts could not be realized by fallen man. This is why T.J. desired NO ‘tyranny’ over the MIND of anyone!

Popedom and/or religious strongmen were anathema to the theology of Thomas Jefferson! These strongmen create ‘tyranny’ over the MIND of man!

Summary and some conclusions: Thomas Jefferson has been mostly misunderstood when it comes to his deeply held spiritual beliefs and his views on religion in America (IMO). Thomas Jefferson desired that each ‘individual’ do their own thinking and derive their own conclusions on all the spiritual issues of life. He supported open debate and contrarian viewpoints. This means that he was not a ‘group think’ person which promoted a gospel like that of today’s orthodox Christianity. The goal of this American was his dream for liberty, freedom, life, and happiness for each individual person in real-time. Religion tends to promote a form of ‘group think’ and ‘absolute’ concepts which are then marketed by strongmen…with a gift of spin and charisma over the general public. This mindset he rejected as anathema to the values and goals of Americans and the greater world.

This image and Agenda 2030 (now official doctrine as of January 2016) would not be supported by Thomas Jefferson or any of our founding Fathers! ‘Tyranny’ over the MIND of man results from hierarchical ‘groupthink’ organizations and their doctrines!

Our founding Fathers were religious and viewed Providence as an obvious reality! Their values have recently been rejected by our political and many of our religious leaders! Tyranny is now ubiquitous globally (but few seem aware)!

All the above espouse a Christian theology (with their own unique spin)! Will these leaders attempt to play God so as to create their vision of reality for America and the World? ‘Might makes Right’ is what they seem to espouse!

Bernie does not believe in God (he appears to be a secular Jew, however)! Hillary appears to claim ‘faith’ in some spiritual realities! Each, however, will ‘spin’ their beliefs uniquely!

Today’s, democrat and republican candidates (with some exceptions) desire to promote American values for the entire planet via their self-righteousness (universalism) which mostly derives from the gospel expressed above (Mathew 28:18 and similar exclusive gospels). What we now need is a thorough review of the tactics (and the theology) employed by all the strongmen claiming to represent Yeshua (the rabbi from Nazareth). Our real problem is NOT the sheep (church goers) which are followers of all the religious organizations (now in the millions) BUT the strongmen who promulgate and claim to be the spokespersons for this religion…called Christianity and the similar religions (Islam and Judaism). Each presents a somewhat exclusive gospel which promotes a mindset of PLAYING God by their strongmen…assuming that their perspective and interpretation of reality is ABSOLUTE and TRUTH (capital ‘T’). That is my view of our Situation today! I am:

P.S. My theology is presented in my past blog missives! Read for enlightenment!

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