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Republican debate reveals: Arrogance, Egotism, Machismo, Delusions!

January 15, 2016

Which of the following has the understanding, wisdom, and knowledge to create another American period of ‘exceptionalism’? The debate last night reveals that NONE should be given this important role. Why are ALL not qualified to play God and rule over our planet? Think about the role which our American President’s have been playing these past 40 + years and where all this prior leadership has brought us (as a Nation and as a World). Are we heading for utopia or are we heading for judgment and destruction? Where are we going and what has created this condition which we call the American decline/collapse?

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. Ben Carson
  5. Chris Christie
  6. Jeb Bush
  7. John Kasich

The views of the above candidates reveal mostly the arrogance, egotism, machismo, and delusions which permeate the thinking of these candidates. Yes, these are our top representatives for the Leader of the Free World. But will this mindset of ‘Might makes Right’ (which they all displayed with their words) lead us anywhere positive going forward? Personally, I don’t think so! Let’s review some of the comments from last evenings debate (as paraphrased by me):

Trump: Our country is a mess. Look at what is happening (and has happened) in Indonesia, Paris, California, South Carolina, etc. We need to get to the bottom of this issue with radical Islam. Ted Cruz needs to get his ‘natural born’ status as an American citizen confirmed by the courts. He was born in Canada and served in the Canadian government. The Democrats could play on this factor when election time comes (even a 1% chance that he is disqualified could be disaster for us). The 2nd Amendment is not the problem…mental health is the problem. Guns do not shoot…people shoot and kill. China is the problem with their over-valued currency and their tariffs. I will create an America which WINS every time. Let’s make America GREAT again!

Carson: Obama does not recognize that we are now living in the 21st century. We now have daily Cyber attacks and the potential that an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) could freeze our electrical grid. Our military is the best in the world and we need to attack the ISIS Caliphate and their core infrastructure in Al-Raqqah, Syria. The big picture is that America is over if Hillary gets elected! We need to get back of our core American values!

Kasich: Bernie Sanders will lose every State if he gets nominated over Hillary. The American Dream still exists and I can create a renewal of this dream if you choose me as your next President. I am doing this in Ohio now and I can do it for America if President. What we need is a tax cut, balancing of the budget, and fiscal discipline. I am now in 2nd place in New Hampshire! I leave for more campaigning in New Hampshire tomorrow and my trends are up going forward! I can restore the American Dream! The issue of where Cruz was born is not an issue for me!

Christie:  We need to rebuild our military, strengthen our alliances, talk to our adversaries. If I am elected, Hillary will not get within 10 miles of the White House. Hillary must not lead our Nation as she will continue the Obama legacy of destruction! Obama has none nothing to remove Assad from Syria. We need a no fly zone over Syria as part of the solution. Marco Rubio tells lies about my views on Common Core, Planned Parenthood, and other issues! His views are inaccurate! I have the experience to beat Hillary! Hillary would be a disaster for America!

Cruz: The New York Times ‘hit piece’ is inaccurate! My financial situation is not being reported correctly. I have made the corrections. My mother was a U.S. citizen when I was born in Canada. This issue which Trump has created (the ‘natural’ born issue) is not an issue. The attorney’s on the left are bringing up this issue. I will use our military to totally destroy ISIS when I get elected. I support the 2nd Amendment! Marco Rubio’s views on my Senate votes are mostly incorrect! I will cancel all of Obama’s executive orders when elected next January!

Rubio: The 2nd Amendment is Law. Hillary is disqualified for Commander-in-Chief given her history. She was a liar on the issues of Benghazi in Libya. Obama does not understand ISIS. When I win I will destroy ISIS. Obama care and all of Obama’s executive orders will be repealed when I get elected. Obama and Hillary are undermining our military and there may be no future if Hillary gets elected. Chris Christie is not a real conservative. Think about his decisions on Common Core and Planned Parenthood, etc. Elect me President!

Bush: Obama lives in an alternative Universe! American leadership is now needed. Hillary would be a disaster. We need ‘peace’ through ‘strength’. Our enemies do not ‘fear’ us! We will rebuild our military when I am elected. If Hillary is elected she could spend most of her time between the Courts and the White House. 2nd Amendment is not the problem…we need to target the ‘mental’ health of people! My tax plan is the best for America. We do not need more tariffs on China as they will do likewise to us! What I will provide is leadership…elect me!

My views:  I did not witness any real understanding (from these candidates) about our economic and money problems or why our National Debt has increased from 10 trillion to 19 trillion during the Obama period. All the tax and spending plans were mere palliatives and not solutions. None talked about our corrupt Federal Reserve banking system or the cyber currencies which now act as our standard of value for money. The potential monetary collapse, the fake fiat money situation, the failing petro dollar, the globalization of all markets, the emerging Cashless Society, the new 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, the emergence of a New World Order under Communism, or the potential for WWIII over in the Middle East were not discussed.

The candidates seem uninformed on issues of global foreign policy and global economic issues. Making America great again is not possible given what has happened these past 8 years. The American philosophy of Might makes Right (via a strong global military) is anathema and can not work in today’s international climate. Killing and destroying ISIS is a myth and a delusion as the ideology is the issue (not the flesh and blood bodies of the ISIS soldiers). Killing and destroying people and occupying territory is no longer a viable strategy for a globalized planet. Our monetary system is a joke and a fantasy which was not discussed or even understood by any of these candidates. Sorry, but these candidates (and also Hillary and Bernie) can not lead our Nation to greatness! We need a New System and New Model for a New World! Think about the bigger picture! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. What we now need is a NEW MODEL (system) for our entire planet! The Nation/State model is over! Capitalism is over! American hegemony is over! Communism and Agenda 2030 leads to enslavement! The philosophy of Might makes Right is over! Let’s think about REALITY going forward! I will next focus on various Worldviews for us to consider!




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