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My ‘ideas’ for improving the planet and economics!

January 8, 2016

We all have a worldview which gives us our perspective on reality. My view is a singular view which is different from most yet is constructive and progressive for creating a better society and system. Let’s review a few of the basic ‘ideas’ which I have developed for our planet and for economic growth and prosperity. All my ‘ideas’ have been developed over the past 50 years from my experiences and from my intellectual growth. Please review each of these ‘ideas’ and compare them with your view. I think you will find the experience of thinking on these issues worthwhile. My goal is getting ‘closer’ to reality and truth!

Everyone has a Worldview! Marxism, Humanism, Materialism, Christianity, Islam, etc. are various ‘worldviews’!

The nature of my experience: I live continually in the ‘now moment’ with no separate ‘past’ or ‘future’. My ‘past’ and my ‘future’ are part of the ‘now moment’ which I continually experience as NOW. Think of living in the ‘now’ continually and experiencing reality as a ‘now’ experience (always and forever). My ‘past’ is a ‘now memory’. My ‘future’ is a ‘now ‘ expectation. The concept of man evolving from matter/energy is fantasy. Life is eternal and always has been! Question: is your reality similar? Think and explain to yourself! This concept called the NOW is the most important concept of my philosophy! All my interpretations derive from this concept!

The most central concept of my philosophy is this concept called The Now! Reality, to me, is always a ‘now experience’! Give this your attention!

My metaphysics:  I view reality as part of a dual experience. Dualism is my core philosophy. Dualism means that I experience my ‘mind’ as separate from my ‘body/brain’. My ‘mind’ is central to my perspective. My ‘mind’ is spiritual and not material. My ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ derive from my ‘mind’. When I look up into the heavens I witness objects (stars, moon, sun, planets, etc.). These ‘objects’ are separate from the ‘names’ which I give them. Names are units of my consciousness which derive from my spiritual ‘mind’. Think of a ‘name’ as a unit of consciousness…not matter/energy! Think Dualism as the best philosophy of life going forward!

I view my Mind as separate and distinct from my body/Brain!

My metaphysics can be described as Mind over Matter…which means that I experience two realms of reality. The material realm is composed of ‘matter’ and ‘energy’. This material realm is eternal and does not disappear or vanish with thought or thinking. The material realm of matter/energy is real and objective. All of my body/brain and all the objects in space/time are part of this material realm. This realm continues and exists going forward. I use the word ‘exist’ to describe all that is material and within this realm of ‘matter/energy’. That which derives from Mind does not ‘exist’ (it is spirit)!

Yes, experience is what determines my ‘theology’! My ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ derive from the spiritual realm of reality!

My theology:  I view myself as a servant of a higher power which I call the Most High! This source is often called God. This source is higher and greater than my consciousness and separate from my consciousness. This Source is not on our planet or within any human being (fully). This Source can also be called The Logos or The Word! All our ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ derive (ultimately) from this spiritual Source. The Most High is not and never has been a human being. Ultimate Divinity is separate and distinct from human divinity (also called human consciousness). I am not God and I summit neither are You! God rules over this planet and over all human thought!

The concept of ‘money’ and ‘value’ are invented ideas which now need to vanish and disappear from our memories!

My Economics:  I view the concept of ‘money’ and ‘currency’ as invented concepts which are now so corrupted that we now need to eliminate this concept (called ‘money’) from our memory. In reality, ‘money’ does not exist and neither does its companion which we call ‘value’. When I look within our material universe at all the objects of ‘matter/energy’ I do not discover anything which is universally recognized as ‘money’. Money is a ‘word’ and a ‘concept’ which emerged from the philosophy of Capitalism. This philosophy is now mostly over and a New System is emerging which I call Kingdom Economics. Money is not needed and it will be eliminated from this planet! What a great world will emerge once all ‘money’ is eliminated from this planet!

Man’s concept of the End justifies the Means leads to total destruction of all mankind on this planet! Think!

Relationship and ethics:  My ethics are derived from the general philosophy called: The END is a result of the MEANS. This philosophy is directly opposite most secular worldviews which adopt the idea that the ‘end’ justifies the ‘means’. The current philosophy of the End justifies the Means is bankrupt and leads to total destruction of society and all life on this planet. This philosophy is based on violence, war, and military might to justify their END. We now need to rethink our philosophy of relationships and ethics so that the END is a ‘result’ of the MEANS. Non-violence, non-military, non-force, must be adopted going forward! Think on this concept ASAP! Destruction of all mankind follows from the philosophy called: the end justifies the means! Money and Central Banksters now need be exposed for what this philosophy has produced! Money must now be eliminated from this planet!

My politics:  The current political concept called Democracy is what I call a form of ‘mob’ rule. This idea (which we call Democracy) is being promulgated by the Western societies has become corrupt and dysfunctional. Democracy leads to dysfunction and corruption for most citizens who adopt this mindset. All man centered political concepts must be abandoned as the Most High will rule this planet going forward. This means that ALL political leaders, financial leaders, and global elites must ‘step’ down from their ivory tower positions and become equals with the general people. In reality, the Most High has always been ruling this planet! Control by the Most High is now occurring so that our planet may be saved from total destruction! Give up control over others and submit to the Most High King of our Universe! The sooner the better!

Can any of the above produce prosperity, peace, justice, happiness, growth, freedom? Who and how?

Conclusion: the current man-centered system of government is being replaced by the Most High! This is occurring as I write. The process is gradual and relentless. The current system will continue to implode and collapse as the deceptions and illusions are revealed to the general public. Those in positions of POWER will likely try to prevent this collapse but their efforts will not prevail. The Most High rules in the affairs of man and everyone should KNOW this intuitively! Enjoy and think on these concepts and compare your philosophy to the above! I am:


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