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History Reveals ‘Dollar’s’ Soon Death!

January 7, 2016

Our dollar is a monetary unit which had its beginning in 1785. This is when the ‘name’ dollar was chosen as America’s currency unit. This beginning reveals that the ‘name’ dollar was a mental abstraction at the start but our wise founding Fathers soon ‘defined’ this mental abstraction into a viable monetary unit for trade and exchange. Today, our monetary unit has evolved into another ‘mental’ abstraction as all substance has been removed from this unit. A viable monetary unit must have substance (in science we call this matter/mass/volume). Let’s briefly review the monetary history of our ‘dollar’ to understand why this unit will soon vanish and disappear into our collective consciousness.

1785:  the ‘name’ dollar chosen as America’s official currency unit (started as a ‘mental abstraction’)

1792:  our ‘dollar’ defined via a substance called Silver and Gold (this made the unit a viable trading unit with perceived value)

1861-62:  the first issue of a paper currency divorced from a commodity substance (Lincoln’s greenback currency)

1913-14:  the Federal Reserve Act created our 3rd attempt at a Central Bank (our currency unit was criminalized)

1933-34:  the dollar became mere paper as the substance of gold was removed for all Americans (dollar further criminalized)

1971-73:  our dollar became officially a mental abstraction (a mere number) as Nixon dropped any convertibility of dollar into Au

1975-76:  the Petro dollar emerged with agreement to price all OPEC oil in the American dollar (a deceptive $ emerged)

1990-91:  the Cyber dollar emerged as computer technology became ubiquitous (another deceptive unit developed globally)

2016-2017:  as awareness grows the American dollar becomes a meaningless unit of consciousness (a metaphysical unit)

Conclusion: the above history reveals that our American dollar is soon to vanish from any ability to measure values in our marketplace. The purpose of a currency unit is to objectively ‘measure’ value in exchange. This function requires that our dollar be a unit of substance. Trading and valuation demands that the unit being used be some ‘thing’ which exists in space/time. Today, we have an imaginary dollar which is best viewed as a ‘unit’ of our consciousness (also called a ‘NO thing’ unit). Valuations become so distorted and meaningless that international trade can not function properly. The trading markets gradually collapse!

A currency unit must be a ‘thing’ of substance and viewed as a ‘thing’ with perceived value to function as a viable trading unit. What we witness today is a ‘dollar’ with no substance and no ‘objective’ existence in space/time. This means that this ‘dollar’ will soon vanish and disappear as a viable trading unit. The above history reveals what has happened to our American dollar. Think about this history and internalize the meaning. A stock market crash of monumental proportions is now developing as a result of this history. Few seem to comprehend what has happened to our trading unit called the American Dollar. I am:




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