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Now or Never: Buy a ‘store of value’ as a safe haven!

January 6, 2016

Some $4 + trillion of market value has vanished in just the Asian markets since the 1st of January. Where did all these units of currency end up? Are you aware that these units ‘vanished’ into nothing! What is a digital currency in reality? Today, all our stock markets are pumped up with electronic money which can vanish into our consciousness when the markets crash. Market value is a measure of potential income (called the ‘wealth effect’) which we store in our savings accounts. This market value increases as stock prices climb and we ‘think’ we are wealthy and prosperous. When the opposite happens and the markets crash or decline significantly we wonder what happened to our money. Where did our money go?

Asian stock markets could continue to crash in 2016 and after!

China markets could start a trend within all markets! Now is the time to acquire a ‘safe haven’!

When the ‘wealth effect’ is present we view our money numbers as a real ‘store of value’. We notice our accounts increase in market value and we ‘think’ we are getting rich. This is really a total myth and deception. Real money is physical and has substance to it. Real money is what we start with when we set up a monetary system. We start with an item from ‘nature’ which people view as having real tradable value. All money is a substitute or proxy for this concept that we call ‘value’. What has ‘value’ when the stock markets crash and burn? Think! The digits in our savings accounts, our checking accounts, our mutual fund accounts, our IRA accounts, etc. have ‘value’ ONLY when the markets are stable and/or growing in digits. These days are now mostly over!

The concept of ‘market value’ is an inner concept! It is totally subjective and it ‘vanishes’ when markets crash!

Since the beginning of 2016, our markets are trying to discover what is real and what is phony. Some are waking up to the reality that all our digital/cyber money is fake/phony. These digital/cyber currencies can ‘vanish’ into nothingness as markets crash and burn. The digits (representing ‘market value’) are fake and phony units which vanish into money ‘heaven’ when the markets crash. If any of you have not discovered this reality, then stay where you are and watch what happens as 2016 continues. Your fake/phony money will vanish and you will be left with nothing to barter with. What do the wise understand that the foolish don’t?

This concept called ‘market value’ changes when buyers and sellers must exchange items during times of turmoil!

The wise investors and thinkers recognize that a real ‘store of value’ during times of market turmoil is a commodity which provides barter value on our global markets when these digital currencies crash/burn/vanish. What do you think this ‘store of value’ might be? Are paper currencies stable over longer periods of a crash cycle? Are computer digits (within cyberspace) stable and viable over a crash/burn cycle? I don’t think so! The only items which provide some ‘safe haven’ status during the coming years of turmoil in our markets are physical items which are exchangeable on the international stage. Yes, gold coins, silver coins, select food items, and bottles of select liquor are the best alternatives during times of global financial turmoil.

The foundation of any money system is a physical commodity which is perceived as stable over longer time periods! This becomes the ‘safe haven’ during times of financial turmoil! 

Now is the ideal time to load up on silver and gold coins which you can barter or exchange for paper/digital currencies when you travel and when you desire to ‘store’ value for the coming crash cycle. I retain some digital currencies in my computer screen accounts for my immediate needs and desires. But my ‘store of value’ is silver and gold coins. Why? The foundation of any money system is a physical ‘store of value’ item. American monetary history reveals that silver and gold are Constitutional money. It may be wise to acquire some of these historical coins for the coming stock market crash/burn cycle. This cycle is starting NOW! Enjoy and think with some wisdom! I am:


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