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The ‘Truth’ shall set us free! If we seek!

January 5, 2016

Who is Mr. TRUTH on this planet! I would suggest NONE (zero)! There is NO final/absolute Truth (big ‘T’) on this planet and there never has been one. All is relative on the venue called planet Earth. In reality, Mr. TRUTH lives in another dimension of reality and ‘works’ through each of us. The LOGOS is another name for ‘The Word’, and ‘The Word’ works from another dimension to create events upon this planet. Most of us are totally unaware of this reality, however. The Most High God is Mr. Truth and this Source (via metaphysical ‘words’) will eventually set us free. We as citizens on this planet are impotent and incapable of achieving freedom on our own! In reality, we are all AT EFFECT! That is my view/opinion/assumption! You can agree or disagree! Let’s talk further about coming events which I perceive!

Some 7 billion humans occupy planet Earth. Where do our ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘mind data’ come from? Think! Do I/You have a ‘MIND’?

The big event for 2016 is likely our soon arriving financial crisis. Our ‘money’ is now spiritual (as it is a cyber digit) and all our financial ‘numbers’ are units of consciousness (also called units of our imagination). This means that at some point in 2016 the ‘word’ will reach a mass of traders that it is time to SELL the markets and get out of all our imaginary (cyber) currencies. This rush OUT of our cyber/spiritual money (which few discern) will be the signal that Capitalism is over and the RESET for a final attempt to restore the financial Ponzi system will be present. Yes, we live with a global Ponzi financial non-system which is within our consciousness but not within our material space/time universe. All our global currency units are really metaphysical ‘numbers’ and these ‘numbers’ are actually within a metaphysical/spiritual dimension. Few comprehend as deception rules over this planet!

NUMBERS…where do they come from? Our ‘money’ is now a ‘number’! Algorithms now ‘rule’ over all our financial markets!

All our Debt consists of ‘imaginary’ digits within ‘cyberspace’! Are you aware of this? All can vanish with the click of a computer mouse!

All our currencies are now mostly ‘cyber’ units. Paper is vanishing and cyber/digital is predominant! A cashless world is soon here!

People are so deceived that they can not discern what really is material (what exists) and what is non-material (what does not exist). We all live within TWO realms of reality and few comprehend this real-time truth. Our education system has dumbed down the masses and most can not discern what is UP from what is DOWN. In reality, our money is now within our ‘consciousness’ (also called our inner self/mind) and few discern this reality. What is ‘cyberspace’? Where is ‘cyberspace’? What is the human ‘mind’? Where is the human ‘mind’? It seems like the masses of people on this planet have NO idea ‘who’ they are or ‘what’ they are! It’s shocking, to me, that the vast majority of people can not discern their ‘inner’ self. Some 99% seem to think that their ‘brain’ is the source of their ‘words’! This is shocking to me!

The ‘word’ SOUL is a concept describing my ‘inner’ metaphysical spirit! I am ‘spirit’ NOT a clump of ‘matter’! Think! The ‘spiritual’ realm is more real than the cup of coffee in your hand!

I am NOT my body/brain and I don’t think you are either! I have a metaphysical ‘mind’ and my ‘consciousness derives from this source. I assume that your metaphysical ‘mind’ is also present but most seem unaware of WHO they really ARE! This, to me, is shocking! Yet our educational system has indoctrinated the masses with deception, false concepts, and illusionary thinking! In reality, I live in the NOW moment (always). There is NO past or future (except within this ‘now’ moment). Yet, our educational system has indoctrinated the masses with a deceptive set of imaginary concepts which deceive nearly everyone about all the core issues of reality! Read my blog for many of these core issues. Now is the time to rethink everything and reject all the deceptive/false concepts which our controlled media and our education system have given us! Wake up and THINK for yourself! That is my advice for now! Enjoy this day! I am:

P.S. Rethink Everything! The masses of humanity are DECEIVED (but unaware of their deception). That is my VIEW!

My ‘brain’ is material but my MIND receives ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ from another dimension! I think your situation is similar!


History tends to repeat (to a degree)! Who can discern a ‘lie’ from a ‘truth’?

Watch and listen to our elite politicians/media/educators for evidence of deception and indoctrination!

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