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Globalization, Centralization, Unity, Community! It all Sounds Nice…’but’!

January 4, 2016

Having good intentions does not mean that the RESULT will be favorable! What we now need is ‘wisdom’ to discern what emerges from our decision-making efforts going forward! Life consists of ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’. History shows that Woodrow Wilson had good intentions prior to promoting the Federal Reserve Act of 1913! History also shows that those who adopted the concept of a League of Nations in 1920 (to bring us peace, security, and happiness) resulted from ‘good’ intentions. The aftermath of World War II resulted in the United Nations which was ‘intended’ to promote consensus, world peace, world unity, and global community. At the same time, our elites created the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and a global currency/money system for the planet. All these were created with ‘good’ intentions!

Can a group-think Agenda create global peace, justice, freedom, and happiness for everyone? Where is the ‘wisdom’?

Since the end of World War I, the efforts and intentions of our elite to create a better world for this planet have failed miserably. The League of Nations failed after WWI. Then we had another global war after the emergence of Hitler in 1939. Then after this elite effort failed another attempt at global utopia emerged after WWII. The new global effort to create utopia was the United Nations which was the brainchild of Roosevelt and Churchill. This effort started in 1945. The community of Nations (called the U.N.) has now reached 193 members and our elites now desire to advance this global community via their New Agenda which emerged on September 27, 2015. This New Agenda is called Agenda 2030 and it proposes another stab at creating utopia for our planet. Will this attempt (created via ‘good’ intentions’) also fail? Yes, it will! Here is why!

Can global elites just shake hands and create a world of peace, justice, freedom, and prosperity? Where is the ‘wisdom’?

The entire process of ‘man ruling over man’ is a process which lacks ‘wisdom’, ‘understanding’, and ‘discernment’. If I desire to ‘rule’ over you with my limited knowledge and understanding can I achieve real peace, justice, unity, community, and love. Can I expand my vision for all people on the planet? As a single individual or a group of individuals (who adopt a group-think consensus agenda) can I (we) via ‘good’ intentions create utopia on this planet? What is missing in this process of desiring to create utopia via ‘mans’ limited wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and discernment? What is missing is common sense and an understanding of ‘human nature’! Think with me about ‘human nature’ and about man’s inability to impose utopia upon his neighbor. What are some characteristics, of human nature, which prevent any ‘good’ intentions from achieving this goal called UTOPIA?

The history of ‘human nature’ shows that we DO NOT know who we are as subjective individuals! Who am I? Who are you?

Are you aware that each of us is a unique creation with a unique perspective and understanding about the nature of reality? Can any human being (with ‘good’ intentions or any type of group consensus thinking) create a System which gives everyone their unique and free perspective on reality (freedom) and still administer this System via fixed rules, laws, mandates, and impositions (perpetually)? What does ‘individual’ freedom actually require? Since we all think uniquely and differently about the ‘nature’ of reality (etc.) how can one person or one group-think body impose ANY man-made System upon the planet (now 7 billion unique individuals). Every person on this planet is unique and different to some degree. We think differently, we understand events differently, we desire different flavors of nearly everything, we have goals which are unique to each of us, and we desire our own individual sovereignty as persons.

Dialectical Materialism is what our U.N. elites have adopted as their Worldview! Is this reality? Not to me! Where is the ‘wisdom’?

All the attempts to create global unity, global community, utopia, justice, and freedom (called Democracy by our elites) is destined for total failure! Why? There is only ONE alternative which could work for this planet (universally) and we all know what it is! It is called the Kingdom of the Most High Creator! What we need to discover is WHO WE REALLY ARE as individuals! Who am I? Who are You? The theory of Evolution proposes that I emerged from inorganic matter/energy…spontaneously and via chance. Is this reality? Did I have a ‘past’ which started with inorganic matter in some ‘chemical soup’ which emerged some ‘millions’ or ‘billions’ of earth revolutions (called ‘time’) prior to today? What kind of reality is this? Where did my ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘mind’, and ‘consciousness’ come from? Just what is this substance that we call ‘matter/energy’? Let’s think on this!

Inorganic matter can not create a ‘living’ self with consciousness (me)! The Law of Bio-genesis is reality to me! Where is the ‘wisdom’?

Scientists and our elite educators want to convince me/you that we are products of a ‘past’ which started with this substance called ‘matter’. Just what is ‘matter’? Matter is what my BODY/BRAIN is made of! Matter is what all physical/material objects are made of! All that I witness (outside my consciousness) could be viewed as objects composed of ‘matter’. The smallest particles of ‘matter’ are atoms. This ‘name’ ATOM is then reduced to sub-atomic units called protons, neutrons, and electrons. Smash the ‘protons’ via an accelerator at speeds near the speed of light and we get the Higgs Boson (supposedly the smallest particle of ‘matter’). Does this particle of ‘matter’ reveal where my ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘concepts’, ‘imaginary images’, and ‘consciousness’ derive from? Think about what this ‘name’ (called ‘matter’) describes?  What is missing from man’s attempt to explain reality as we live it? What is the ‘missing link’?

Our elite educators have developed ‘followers’ who now are unable to THINK with sound reason and wisdom!

We need to go back (in our ‘now’ MIND) to the time of Plato and Socrates to comprehend the basic ‘nature’ of reality! In reality, I (and I believe you) live within TWO realms of reality! The realm of ‘matter’ is what Science attempts to comprehend and explain. This realm is important but only ‘partial’. The more important realm is the realm of my/your Mind (or the metaphysical realm of reality). This is the realm of our ‘ideas’, ‘words’, and our ‘consciousness’. Names, symbols, mental abstractions, mental images, visualizations, perspectives, beliefs, interpretations, and our subjective thinking derives from this important realm. In reality, I live within this realm constantly and continually and this realm is experienced each NOW moment as I live my life. Reality is a NOW experience (continually, always, and forever)! Are you aware of this? Think about this concept which we call THE NOW MOMENT! Is this how we live? Who can avoid the ‘NOW’?

My life is lived as successive moments of NOW! Where is this ‘past’ and where is this ‘future? I have never experienced ‘past’ or ‘future’ (except within the Now Moment)!

In conclusion, the reality which is foisted upon most of us via our elites is a false, deceptive, and confused reality! This deceptive reality is what is now starting to crash and burn (as people start to wake-up and become aware of their own subjective self). I am not MATTER or ENERGY and neither are YOU. We are spiritual beings living in the NOW moment. Successive moments of now describes this reality. Two realms of awareness is necessary to experience this reality. What I observe outside myself is ONE reality (called the realm of ‘matter’). What I discern inside myself is ANOTHER reality (called my spiritual self). Both are part of what we experience as we live, move, and have our BEING. We now need to rethink how the world works and why the ‘good’ intentions of our elites are leading us to total DESTRUCTION! That is my message for today! I am:

P.S. The wisdom of ‘fear’! All ‘fear’ is not bad! Give this some reflection! Proverbs 1:7.

Justification of one’s prior Worldview and not thinking about other alternatives is typical of ‘human nature’! Change is too difficult when the markets and money is plentiful! Some ‘fear’ is needed!


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