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The Party’s Over – World Communism Starts Today!

January 1, 2016

According to our elites at the United Nations, Agenda 2030 officially starts today! This means that Capitalism was over as of December 31, 2015 (officially) and World Communism is now Man’s New Global System for planet Earth (January 1, 2016). This New System assumes that ‘man’ is in control of events and that ‘man’s rule’ will prevail as the reality for everyone. Is this reality 101? Personally, I don’t think so! Who really ‘owns’ this planet? Let’s think! Do the elites at the U.N. recognize the real ‘owner’ of this planet? Repeat after me: I do not own the planet, I do not own the planet, I do not own the planet! Who does? The Most High owns planet Earth, the Most High owns planet Earth, the Most High owns planet Earth! Man does NOT own the planet and Communism can not prevail! The elites at the U.N. and the High Level Political Forum are deceived and unable to Rule this planet!

Man’s headquarters for Agenda 2030 and global Communism! America is the problem behind this deception!

The planet is now (officially) under the administration of the United Nations and their High Level Political Forum!

An attempt at global ruler-ship will be made, however! Agenda 2030 is now the ‘official’ dogma of those who desire to rule and control this planet…and all the people living ‘on’ the planet! You and I live ‘on’ the planet so we will now be (officially) under the enslavement of this New Ruling Body called the High Level Political Forum. As 2016 emerges we should witness this New Agenda 2030 being implemented and gradually the elites who desire to RULE over us all. These elites ‘think’ that they are in control of events and that their actions cause events to happen. My sense is that they will attempt to ‘impose’ their global agenda upon the planet gradually and relentlessly. As ‘frogs’ in cool water, most will swallow the medicine coming from this agenda and regurgitate the group think which will emerge!

Select elites will initiate the ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system so as to RULE mankind!

The ‘name’ is unimportant, the System is what is Important!

This philosopher and his ideas are behind this NWO deception! Who was he and why does his philosophy continue!

It has been some 100+ years in the making and finally Agenda 2030 and the elite’s New World Order has arrived. Man desires to rule over man and those in select ‘positions’ of POWER will impose their rules, regulations, laws, and ordinances upon the 7 billion citizens of planet Earth. The Worldview of these elites must prevail and their worldview is not mine. I will oppose this new Agenda via my blog and with my intellect…recognizing that I am only one voice. Those who desire to buy into this New Global Communist planet can do so via their actions. Communism is what is now emerging gradually and relentlessly. What is Communism and the Agenda 2030 goals? Have you digested the agenda and the goals? They all ‘appear’ great (in writing and rhetoric) but what happens as these goals are imposed upon the planet? What emerges eventually? The next 15 years will determine reality for this planet!

Our World Rulers adopt a worldview of Communism for our planet! Few discern and most do not care!

Communism is a worldview with alternative ‘names’. Global Socialism is one ‘name’! Marxism is another ‘name’! Central control via the High Level Political Forum is another ‘name’! Collectivism and Communal socialization is another ‘name’! Centralization and the New World Order is another ‘name’. Global Governance is still another ‘name’. One World Unity and Community is also a possible ‘name’! Agenda 2030 is the ‘name’ given by our U.N.! The various ‘names’ are many but the administration is what I oppose! Global control will include a one world currency system with ‘mark of the beast’ administration policies. Once our phony/cyber stock markets collapse (coming soon) then the plan and the Agenda will accelerate rapidly. We should witness this cyber stock market collapse some time in 2016! Economics and money rule over this planet! Survival creates the NEED for action by our elites…2016 is the year!

Words and rhetoric come from those in positions of POWER! Watch out for positive (group think) words!

Now is the time to get yourself educated on what is happening on a global scale! As individuals on this planet we are ruled (in theory) by select elites who think they are in control of the planet. Deception and intrigue rule and political correctness and group think (via our official media) creates this deception. The vast majority of mankind are sheep enslaved by the few and the sheep are unaware of what is happening! This lack of awareness allows our elites to rule and control the greater global system. Human nature desires positive thinking and this means that group think can prevail over the masses (who accept deception over the hard realities of life). Deception is difficult to discern (for most) but the key is to discern the ‘words’ spoken by those in control (the official media and our political rhetoricians who are gifted with ‘word’ manipulations (spin) and subtle word deceptions).

A beautiful lady with ‘words’ of deception! Listen to this video: 

Ideas and Words (rhetoric) rule over the masses on this planet. Money and Political Power gives select elites the advantages which you and I do not have! Think for yourself and don’t let ‘words’ or ‘deceptive ideas’ become your mantra. Few, however, seem to have this desire to DISCERN what is really happening on this planet. The masses are enslaved and unaware of their enslavement! Happiness for many is security and protection from negative rhetoric (words). Yet it is the negative which reveals ‘truth’ and ‘reality’! All the 10 commandments were negative statements! ‘Thou shalt not statements’ from the Most High Ruler of this planet! Man desires to avoid the negative even if these ‘words’ are reality! Give me positive ‘words’ and ‘words’ which I like to hear…is the mindset of Human Nature! Yes, the negative ‘words’ are what we now NEED, but few discern this reality! Enjoy 2016 and watch the financial system for clues as to when Agenda 2030 and Global Communism accelerates! I am:

Cyber currencies allow the NWO rulers to enslave mankind with ‘numbers’ and ‘identity codes’!

P.S. Some videos to help us discern what is happening globally!

  1.  (this video reveals some history which is essential for understanding this NWO)

The key global leaders who have pushed this global NWO system for our planet!


A few of the good guys/gals who are attempting to expose the deception!

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