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I live in the ‘Now’ continually (included is my ‘past/future’)!

December 29, 2015

What is typical human nature (via most Worldviews) is for me to live in the ‘past’ and ‘future’ and avoid the NOW moment (this is the typical Worldview within our current System). In reality, however, I (and you) live continually in the ‘Now moment’ and within this ‘Now moment’ are our memories of the ‘past’ and our visualizations of the ‘future’. This, to me, is how we all live our lives (even though most seem unaware of this reality). I like to state that I live in the NOW and successive moments of now (continually). This has been my experience since my birth up to today (now)! There is never a moment when I am not living (consciously or sub-consciously) within this moment of time called The Now! Think about this. If reality reveals that we all live in the Now Moment (always) then all the theories (Worldviews) which are based upon a ‘past’ and/or ‘future’ are myth and fantasy. What are some of these theories? Is it now time to rethink the ‘nature’ of reality?

Within each NOW moment is a memory of ‘past’ and a visualization of ‘future’!

The various Worldviews reveal that most thinkers accept some six global Worldviews as philosophies of life on this planet. The general names for these Worldviews are the following: 1. Secularism (Materialism/Atheism) 2. Marxism (Communal ownership/Socialism) 3. Postmodernism (Existentialism) 4. New Age Spiritualism (Hinduism and Buddhism) 5. Islamism (Mohammedanism) and 6. Christianity (Catholic and Protestantism). All these Worldviews are somewhat unique but each generally accepts the view that I have a ‘past’ and that a ‘future’ is emerging as another reality. The concept of living in the Now moment (continually) is not usually viewed as reality accept within a small minority of thinkers and philosophers. Is it now time to change our ‘thinking’ on this issue?

Successive moments of Now is how I live my life! Within my Now are memories and expectations!

To comprehend the concept of ‘living’ in the Now we need to think about who ‘I’ and ‘You’ really are as persons. If we are products of a past emergence from a substance called ‘matter’, then this materialistic Worldview makes some sense. But are we a product of some ‘past’ evolutionary emergence from ‘matter’? Personally, I don’t think so! My real ‘self’ is my inner/spiritual ‘self’. This inner/spiritual ‘self’ is not a product of matter or energy (what most secular philosophers view as reality). In reality, my inner/spiritual ‘self’ is eternal and/or immortal. This means that there is NO beginning and has NO end to our life situation. The ‘nature’ of spirit is that it lives forever and was present within this ‘eternal’ spiritual realm prior to our life on this planet. The real ‘self’ within each of us is NOT ‘matter/energy’ BUT ‘spirit’. Our ‘words’ are the evidence. Consciousness is further evidence!

My Consciousness recognizes ONLY the Now Moment! Consciousness contains my Inner Self!

Those who recognize WHO they are at the core, recognize that I/You are really ‘spiritual’ beings living in the NOW (present moment) continually. My brief journey on this planet (as a ‘spirit’ being) is really nothing of importance. I was within the spiritual realm prior to my birth and I continue within this same spiritual realm after my flesh body returns to dust (matter). This means, as Socrates espoused way back around 400 B.C., that I am ‘immortal’ and/or ‘eternal’ in my Being. Being is part of living in the Now and awareness of this reality is the key to discerning that we all are ‘immortal’ and/or ‘eternal’ BEINGS. Our ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ derive from this eternal/spiritual realm (Consciousness). Discerning this reality is key to understanding this concept of ‘living’ continually in the Now moment! We need a new Worldview to reflect this reality of how we all live on this planet!

I live within a System which is dysfunctional and destructive! A Change in ‘Thinking’ is now Required!

Each person must change oneself! I can not change another person! I must change my ‘thinking’ if I desire to change my daily experiences/behavior!

Kingdom Economics holds the Worldview that we ALL are living in the Now moment without real awareness of this reality. There is no ‘past’ which I experience bodily (it is included in the Now moment) and there is no ‘future’ (it also is included in the Now moment). Life is lived as Successive Moments of Now (continually, eternally, and forever). Awareness of this reality is what is now needed. Being aware of one’s ‘spiritual’ essence is essential for discerning this reality. Dig deep into one’s self and discover this continuing reality! Socrates said: “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. I fully agree! Socrates stated that when I know myself I become free of the unreal world around myself and I become my own authority. Isn’t this what we all deeply desire? Becoming an individual has been my goal in life. What is yours? I am:

P.S. Think of the NOW as a ‘circle’. Within this ‘circle’ is my memory of a ‘past’ and my expectation of a ‘future’. The ‘circle’ of NOW is lived continually from birth to physical/bodily death. Consciousness is life and life is immortal and/or eternal!

Socrates demonstrated ‘wisdom’ with his thinking! Wisdom is what we now need as individuals! The establishment didn’t like the questions of this philosopher so they put him to death! Why this fear of reality?


I experience TWO realms of reality as I live my life! The ‘immortal’ consciousness (mind) and the ‘mortal’ physical body! Both are relevant when experiencing life on our planet! Think in terms of TWO realms of reality when discerning what is real! My Brain is mortal but my Mind is immortal! Consciousness and Mind are the same!

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