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Kingdom Economics: The ‘Model’ for 2016 and after!

December 24, 2015

What our secular thinkers have devised is a re-emergence of a type of Communism for our planet. It is called Agenda 2030. This model makes slaves of nearly everyone (in time) as we all must adopt a ‘number’ and ‘identity’ code in order to buy or sell. This is really economic slavery…with a small hierarchy of elites administrating production, consumption, and quotas for the planet. Eventually, there will be one central finance structure (administered via high frequency computers) for the entire planet. We are there now (to a degree)! Computers and numbers rule over economics and our money is now merely a cyber digit/number. This is NOT leading to freedom, justice, and equality?

We started our destiny with 2 people (the past) and we now have 7 billion!

The ‘model’ of our elites is called Agenda 2030! Emerging Communism!

The elites desire to rule and impose fixed mandates! This leads to the ? who will survive!

We now need a New Model for our planet! Kingdom Economics is one good alternative!

My model is much superior to Agenda 2030…but it requires a new mindset (thinking) and a desire for equality for everyone. Basically, I advocate one planet under the Most High with each person relating as equals. The essentials for this model to work is a new mindset and a willingness to change our System to this ideal. I will merely outline the key concepts in this missive for you to think about. In later missives I will expound upon each of the concepts with more clarity. But for now let’s briefly describe the key concepts of this model:

  1. No money is needed going forward: Today, we live with a global communication system called the Worldwide Internet. We all can communicate instantaneously with each other. We can solve problems without the need for any currency unit or money item. Money could now be eliminated from our planet! The administration of economics via money is a corrupt system which leads to inefficiencies, political shenanigans, and gross inequalities. Today, we live with cyber currencies (which are imaginary units of nothing circulating within a metaphysical space called cyberspace). Cyberspace is made for information flow and data flow but not for money, currencies, and valuations. Reasons will be given later (you can also visit prior missives for the reasons).
  2. Shared global resources for all citizens of the planet: We now live with the realities of a global economic system where all our resources need to be shared to some extent. Take key commodities (oil, gas, iron, uranium, silver, rare earth commodities, water, carbon use, select food and shelter items, etc.). All common resources need to be shared for the entire human family (to maximize prosperity for all). This would not be Communism (like Agenda 2030) as there would be NO central political authority administering this System. The Most High (who resides in another dimension) would be recognized as the King and Ruler of our planet (not human political authorities). Every person would be viewed as an ‘equal’ and sharing would be among all the human family (red, white, brown, black, and yellow).
  3. Volunteer labor and robotic production: Today we have a computerized robotic production system for all repetitive production tasks. This has emerged in just the past 15 + years. Specialization of robots has replaced ‘specialization’ of labor. This means that computers, electro magnetic frequencies, smart phones, artificial intelligence, and high-tech mobile devices can be used to maximize production of physical goods…which now can be produced via robotics. The difficult cultural, intellectual, and social events could now be accomplished with volunteer labor, creativity, and energy. Maintenance and management type activities could be accomplished with volunteers and expert talent could emerge from the free marketplace of volunteers. Electricity (power) and all activities connected to the power grid and/or the electromagnetic spectrum would be free.
  4. A decentralized system of administration: What is now emerging with Agenda 2030 is a Centralized System of elites ruling our planet and all the citizens. This is anathema for those of us who desire self-government, freedom, justice, and equality. With a decentralized economic/social system we could maximize creativity/efficiency/prosperity in each village, city, and greater metropolitan area. Each area on our planet is somewhat unique and special to the groups living in that area. A Centralized System destroys local creativity and the efficiencies which come with solving problems where they originate. A decentralized model is much superior and allows for the uniqueness which arises among the human family. Solving problems is localized (decentralized) and this allows unique solutions for each social group or community.
  5. Belief in the Most High is necessary: The reality of human ‘consciousness’ reveals that each person has a dual nature. Consciousness is metaphysical and spiritual. Our brains do not produce our ‘consciousness’. The spiritual Source of all consciousness (our words, thinking, and ideas) is the Most High. This Source is ruling over our planet now and most do not recognize this reality. In reality, man and woman are not in control of their destiny. We are all created in the ‘image’ of the Most High. This means that the Most High rules over this planet. Awareness of this is necessary. This can occur if a desire is acquired by any person to seek their ‘inner’ source. The result of seeking this Higher spiritual Source is a new beginning as a spiritual person. Now is the time to focus upon this Higher spiritual Source as our Sovereign Ruler over planet Earth.
  6. All political authorities need to step down from Power: The rulership of man over man (that which has occurred these past 6000 + years) is the core problem which faces our planet. Those in positions of Power prefer to play God and this leads to enslavement for the masses. Playing God is not necessary and is counterproductive to achieving the goals of the individual. Individual self-government is what each person desires deep down in their inner spirit. America was founded upon this principle. Read the Declaration of Independence for evidence. Achievement of these principles in our founding documents have not been achieved to date. Now is the time for achieving these results. All political authorities need to recognize that their behavior leads to counterproductive results for each self-governing individual. Stepping down (from Power) could be easy! The end result is ‘Power’ to the individual and this is expressed as equality among everyone!
  7. A transition period for this change to a new model could be rapid: Agenda 2030 is a 15 year experiment where our elites create a Centralized, Collectivized, Communistic society. The start of this Agenda is January 1, 2016. This Agenda was approved by our United Nations on September 25, 2015, and endorsed by our global Pope Francis. America and some 192 other Nations have temporarily bought into this collectivist model for man. This plan with its 17 major goals and 169 sub goals leads directly to a Centralized system of enslavement for most of mankind. This is NOT a model for our planet which creates the ideal society. We now need to reject this corrupt model and adopt a model similar to what Kingdom Economics is proposing herein.

Agenda 2030 leads to another Tower of Babel for mankind! Is this what we desire?

This Agenda is really leading us all towards global Communism! Reject this model!

Self Government results in POWER to the PEOPLE (all 7 + billion)! Reject Agenda 2030!

A new mindset is needed for 2016 and going forward! Let’s rethink everything (now)!

In conclusion, I would suggest that you think seriously about rejecting the Agenda 2030 model and the concepts of the elites (United Nations, et al) who desire to impose this agenda upon all mankind…starting in January, 2016. The Agenda 2030 model is outlined at the United Nations website for you do evaluate and think about. Think about where this model leads the world society in the next 15 years. The money system leads to a ‘Mark of the Beast’ economic system with identity codes and numbers ruling over everyone. It is administered from a Centralized structure and mandated upon everyone. This leads to enslavement physically and mentally. Now is the time to reject this model and adopt the above model or a similar alternative. Give these models your serious attention (now)! I am:


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