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What has become God for many? MONEY!

December 22, 2015

Having been around the concept of ‘money’ for all my working career, I would state emphatically that nearly everyone bows (or worships) this imaginary concept! Are you aware that ‘money’ (in reality) does not exist. There is no such ‘thing’ as money within our entire material Universe. Look all around you (now) and see if you can find/discover/locate ‘money’? Money is merely a ‘word’ derived from our consciousness (inner spirit) which was ‘invented’! Money (this concept) is ‘invented’ by a group of people to solve another ‘imaginary’ problem. What is this ‘imaginary’ problem which we created when we adopted Capitalism as our philosophy? What is ‘Value’?

Does ‘money’ grow on trees? Where is this ‘thing’ called money? Can anyone locate it?

Prior to Capitalism, our survival needs where satisfied by living off the land and its resources (directly). There was no need for this concept called ‘money’ and ‘value’! With the desire to own things (private property) and control our private production and creations, we invented this philosophy called Capitalism. Capital is another ‘word’ for MONEY. When I exchange some item of production (say bread) then I desire (under Capitalism) another item in exchange. We call this an ‘Exchange of Value for Value’. This imaginary concept called ‘Value’ is what we invented with the introduction of our philosophy of Capitalism. What is ‘Value’ (in reality)? Why is it becoming meaningless today? What is our ‘proxy’ for Value?

Money is not located within our greater material Universe! Try ‘find’ it?The concept is ‘imaginary’! The concept of ‘value’ is also imaginary and within consciousness! We live within our ‘imaginary’ MINDS!

There is no such ‘thing’ as Value within our greater material Universe. Look all around you (now) and see if you can find/discover/locate this concept which we call ‘Value’. Where is it? What is it? There is no such ‘thing’ as Value anywhere. Why? I would suggest that it is not present because it is ‘imaginary’. Value is another ‘imaginary’ concept of our mind or consciousness. Think about what we have created since the dawn of Capitalism. We have created ‘imaginary’ Value and then we ‘invented’ an item to serve as a proxy for this ‘imaginary’ concept. We called this proxy by the name MONEY. Sea shells served as this proxy for a time. Wampum served as a proxy. Deerskins, beaver skins, tulip bulbs, nails, and eventually silver/gold all served as this proxy for ‘Value’.

Over time, Capitalism has created a mindset of Worship of money (capital)! What was the original purpose for ‘value’ and ‘money’? Do you know? Today’s money is a corrupted concept!

Since survival is necessary to enjoy life…and food, clothing, shelter, etc. are also necessary; we needed to grow our economy with ‘imaginary’ gimmicks that people could accept as proxies for reality. Capitalism created these concepts called ‘value’ and ‘money’. Later we ‘invented’ a currency (like our ‘dollar’) so we could calculate this ‘imaginary’ concept called ‘Value’. The entire edifice of Capitalism is built upon our imagination and upon various imaginary concepts for administering this philosophy. Over time most people have placed the importance of these concepts into their worldview and worship has developed. Money is worshipped by most people as if this ‘imaginary’ concept is equal to GOD.

Banksters now Rule over the entire planet! People are enslaved and unaware! Cyber digits will soon become the ‘Mark of the Beast’!

The world’s Money Cartel now rules over planet Earth. The Money Cartel is all our Central Banksters and all their proxy dealers. These followers of Beelzebub now desire to rule all mankind with their ‘Mark of the Beast’ cyber money. Since most people have a survival need for this ‘imaginary’ concept called ‘value’ and ‘money’, this controlling body of dark spiritual powers now wants to enslave all mankind to continue their Game of Rulership over our planet. Money is their ‘tool’. Enslavement is their ‘goal’. The sheeple on this planet will bow to these Masters of money so they can maintain their inner survival desires. Yes, the worship of ‘money’ has emerged from our beginning…under this philosophy called Capitalism! Today, we don’t have real Capitalism!

Capitalism started after 1620 as the pilgrims discovered how to increase their survival needs! Today, it has evolved into a corrupt Ponzi Casino and bankster administrators!

For Americans it all started back in 1620 and after. Capitalism started with the people of Plymouth Rock and their desire to increase survival needs in a scarce world of nature. Capitalism started out as a great philosophy with sound administrators and a relatively sound monetary regime. All this has vanished and we now live with a Corrupt/Ponzi/Casino for our philosophy. Our money is a unit of consciousness which flows in this metaphysical space called Cyberspace. Our computer screen and digits now RULE over all of us. Soon our elite will impose Communism upon us all!

Adam Smith Capitalism has evolved into Agenda 2030…Marxian Communism! This new model starts January 1, 2016!

Our corrupt Money Cartel (our global Central Banksters) rule and control us. It is all ‘imaginary’ and an ‘inner’ problem. But few comprehend or understand the history! It’s time to start thinking again! Learn the history of Capitalism and Money. Understand this concept called Value. Recognize that the entire Game is now corrupted and satanic. Beelzebub is in control over this corrupted system called Ponzi Finance! Is it time to Crash this System and create a NEW MODEL? I think so! Wake-up and do your homework! Enjoy the holiday season! I am:

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