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Reality 101 – review and see if you agree!

December 21, 2015

I would like to propose a few concepts which I view as Reality 101. These concepts are what determine reality (truth) for me. You may agree or disagree! As a philosopher, I have a premise about ‘reality’ and what makes me think and understand reality. I assume that each of you have your perspective on reality and what gives you meaning and assurance when it comes to issues of survival and interpretations of real events. My goal in life is to reflect ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ to the highest level possible…recognizing that all ‘truth’ is subjective to a degree.

Truth marches on and on! At any ‘now’ moment, however, reality is less than final!

Reality is a perspective, a perception, and then an assumption based upon one’s subjective ‘interpretations! All my ‘reality’ is derived from my own experiences! This means that ‘reality’ is a relative concept which can not be experienced as an ‘absolute’ (by me or anyone). My experiences in real-time is that I enunciate my perspective and listen to counter perspectives. Each perspective, however, is less than ABSOLUTE. I have yet to experience a person (on our planet) with a perspective or interpretation which is ABSOLUTE. This reveals that ‘reality’ is less than absolute (from the human perspective).  Give the following concepts your serious attention:

The NOW – the concept of ‘now’ (also called this present moment) is a fundamental ‘reality’ which I view as core to all my interpretations and assumptions. This concept of ‘now’ is what I experience as I live my life in each moment. I live my life in the ‘now’ and successive moments of ‘now’ continually. From birth to death I live my life in a ‘now’ reality which does not change! This makes the concept of NOW the most important idea (core belief) in my philosophy. To me, there is no ‘past’ or ‘future’ which I experience (except as a concept within the ‘now’).

The ‘past’ is a memory which I access continually in the ‘now’ moment. The ‘future’ is also a memory which I access in the ‘now’ moment! This makes the NOW (this concept) a fundamental reality in my interpretation of events and experiences! Example: Can I walk on water? My answer is absolutely NO. This means that ‘walking’ on water has never been a reality for any human being on this planet! I can ‘walk’ on water only in my imagination…but not within real-time experience. So all biblical events which espouse that a Jew named ‘Yeshua’ as walking on water is merely a metaphor and not a reality! We all live within ‘two’ realms of reality (the physical and the metaphysical).

Dualism – two realms of reality is what I experience in all real-time experiences/events. Dualism means that I experience my ‘mind’ as one reality (this is where my ideas, words, and imagination comes from) and ‘matter’ is another reality (that which I observe with my physical eyes and my five senses). Reality is really ‘dual’ and consists of ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ (each is distinct and separate). ‘Mind’ is my consciousness (that which we call the ‘life force’…and also called my spirit). My metaphysical ideas, words, and mental images derive from this source.

‘Mind’ is non-physical, spiritual, and inner. ‘Mind’ is what gives me my life and my concepts for living life. Memory and imagination derive from my ‘mind’. Words which I speak derive from my ‘mind’. ‘Mind’ can not be discovered as a ‘thing’ (a material unit). Science can not discover ‘mind’ (or consciousness) in any physical form. Science can not ‘find’ God or my Spirit within our physical/material universe. ‘Mind’ is separate and distinct from my brain/neurons/synapses. ‘Mind’ also gives my brain neurons and synapses their functions and operations. My brain is totally dependent upon my ‘mind’ to function and operate!

The Scientist (observer) is separate from the Science (observed data)!

Matter and Energy – is fundamental to science and our material world. Matter and energy is what science studies and observes. Matter is physical and energy is a result of matter in motion at a specific speed/velocity: think E=mc(2). As energy speed slows ‘matter’ emerges. Both are inter-related and inter-dependent. Matter is one eternal substance which we all experience in the NOW. Energy results from matter at a given speed/velocity and matter results from a loss in speed/velocity of energy. Atoms with electrons are basic to matter. Reducing this basic building block of our material universe reveals additional sub-units of matter.

Photons are a ‘result’ which emerge from our Sun and from outer space (the electro-magnetic spectrum)!

The result of a change in the orbital energy of an electron creates a ‘photon’. A ‘photon’ is a ‘result’ of this change in energy level and a ‘photon’ has zero ‘rest’ mass. The best evidence of ‘photons’ are those units of energy coming from our Sun. Some view these units as ‘particles’ but I would suggest that all ‘photons’ are non-physical and have zero ‘rest’ mass. The concept of ‘matter/energy’ is fundamental to my reality. Consciousness, however, is what allows me to observe ‘matter’ in motion. Consciousness is another area of philosophy that needs to be understood. The reality of ‘matter’ and ‘mind’ are fundamental to all my reality experiences and my perceptions. This philosophy is what I call Dualism or Two Realms of Reality!

The inner battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and/or ‘positive’ and ‘negative’!

Human nature is another area of my reality which is a core belief. I do view my human nature as ‘dual’ (a good/evil mixture) and this means that there are two spirits within my consciousness. Some call this the philosophy of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. Others use the expression ‘of two minds’! This ‘nature’ within me/you is what emerges as we live and experience life on this planet. I notice this inner battle within my consciousness daily. Religion calls this the ‘sin’ and ‘righteous’ nature within man. Religion desires that everyone be redeemed from this so-called ‘sin’ nature. But I would suggest that this is not possible (completely). Both ‘spirits’ (good and evil) have a dynamic role to play (it would seem). This all derives from the higher spiritual realm of reality IMO. Few focus upon these fundamental realities, however!

Human nature reveals that I/You have ‘two’ minds or spirits within!

There are various historical theories of ‘human nature’ which you can review. Yeshua (also Augustine) adopted the view that human nature (the ‘sin’ aspect) is the core problem of man. Socrates, Hobbs, Rousseau, Marx, Nietzsche, Augustine, and Freud all had their theories of human nature. Those who hold to the dual nature of man also tend to view this as man’s core and continuing problem. ISIS and their believers reveal this dual aspect of human nature today. Others like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, and John Ingvar Lovgren reveal this dual nature within man. See hundreds of others at:

The concept of Relativity within real-time reality is also obvious to me. Currently, we witness some 7.2 billion human beings on this planet. Who has a total ABSOLUTE view on anything? My experience is that NONE has this ‘absolute’ or ‘complete’ view of reality. Many religious elites attempt to display (via their words and interpretations of scripture) that they can reveal God’s Absolute Perspective. This, to me, is folly and reveals their pride and hubris. Science also attempts to portray that they can reveal an ‘absolute’ view of reality. This, to me, is also hubris and folly. When I witness debates from those in religion, science, or philosophy I conclude that each participant reveals their subjective/relative perspective within real-time debates. Conclusion: reality is ‘relative’ and each human being reveals their ‘subjective’ perspective in real-time experiences.

Who can enunciate an ‘absolute’ view of reality? Each person has a unique/singular perspective is what real-time debates reveal! Absolutes are not possible in real-time!

Let’s conclude this missive for today. The above concepts are some of the core beliefs which this philosopher holds. The beliefs are: (1) the ‘now’; (2) the concept of ‘dualism’; (3) the science of ‘matter/energy’; (4) the concept of two minds/spirits with human nature; and (5) the concept of relativity and subjectivity within each person’s perspective. These five core concepts reveal my philosophy and believes about reality as I live it. Additional concepts will follow in another missive. Take the time to review each of the above concepts to see if you agree or disagree! Do your own research and think about my philosophical perspective as a reference point. What do these concepts mean in revealing today’s realities on this planet. Enjoy! I am:


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