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America’s ‘Problem’ Revealed!

December 17, 2015

The desire of creating a world of ‘democracy’ (for the entire planet) is what our American politicians are pursuing. Since around the Wilson period (1913 and after), progressives have desired to create a world where this concept called ‘democracy’ prevails for everyone. The entire planet is being programmed with the American concept of ‘democracy’…as if this will solve our global problems. Just what is a world where ‘democracy’ prevails for everyone. What is the definition of ‘democracy’? Let’s explore and think about what America is trying to create for our planet! Is the American policy an ‘illusion’? A ‘delusion’?

Democracy defined:  government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by their elected agents under a free electoral system. A state having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies.

The above definition (of ‘democracy’) is what America desires for the entire planet…which we call Earth. We have been pursuing this goal with our military might and our economic dominance for the past 100 years. But what is ‘democracy’ and what happens in real-time as politicians pursue their ‘illusionary’ goals and deceptions! Does ‘democracy’ lead to freedom, equality, and justice for ALL? What happens, in real-time, is that a group or coalition of groups conspire to ‘rule’ over the planetary citizens via their various worldviews and subjective perspectives. Man ‘ruling’ man is what emerges! Let’s review the #1 ‘democracy’ on our planet for evidence: America and its history reveals the ‘nature’ of this concept which we call ‘democracy’!

Does this ‘mob’ of democratic American thinkers lead to peace, security, freedom, and justice? What happens when one Commander-in-Chief is selected? Will peace, freedom, equality, and justice emerge?

America currently has a group of politicians called Democrats and Republicans ruling our country and imposing policies, rules, regulations, and mandates upon the entire planet (via foreign policy directives, banking/economic directives, political group think directives, and military directives). America (and her proxies) have basic ‘control’ over the core institutions which are attempting to ‘rule’ over the entire planet and its citizens. After WWII, institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Trade Organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, and Vatican City have imposed their mandates upon the populace. Where is this leading as we move into 2016 and beyond?

Who pulls the strings of the various political rulers? Does a shadow government rule over planet Earth? What role does ‘money’ play? What is the history of our Banksters? Who is ‘ruling’ this planet?

America and her dollar dominance along with her military dominance has been able to impose her WILL upon the entire planet. The philosophy of MIGHT makes RIGHT is implemented to create this new world order called AMERICAN DEMOCRACY for everyone. But what does this mindset actually produce in real-time situations? Does it bring us peace, security, harmony, freedom, equality, and justice? I don’t think so! What it actually produces in real-time is enslavement, destruction, insecurity, fear, false flag events, group think policies, and economic corruption at the highest levels of society. We have ample evidence of what this American Worldview Philosophy called ‘democracy’ creates and is creating!

America’s ‘military’ dominance allows ‘Might to make Right’ and this eventually leads to total destruction of all mankind! Violence begets Counter Violence! The end result is ‘death’ for everyone!

Watch the 2015 and 2016 political circus (now in progress in America) for all the evidence on what ‘democracy’ brings for America and the planet! We have some 16 candidates running for the position of Commander-in-Chief and ALL with different understandings, perspectives, and worldviews. All this subjectivity is evident for everyone to witness in real-time. None of these candidates for the leadership of the #1 democratic Nation on the planet can obtain unity or agreement from the electorate. The citizens of this democratic Nation are in total confusion and perplexity about who understands reality or what is happening. The marketplace of democracy (this philosophy) does not reveal a SOLUTION for our world…but it does reveal the ‘problem’!

Philosophers and Statesmen know that Democracy is NOT a workable long-term philosophy! We now need a New Model for our planet!

Democracy, in real-time,  is a form of MOB RULE and GROUP THINK…as many of our historical philosophers and statesmen have stated. America was not founded upon this concept which our Progressives call DEMOCRACY. In reality, our founding Fathers, founded America as a REPUBLIC (knowing that the masses of humanity can not govern themselves or choose leaders which will bring them the ‘values’ which they internally desire). Democracy creates nothing but ‘group-think’ and ‘mob rule’ (a select group of leaders ruling over the remainder with force, mandates, and corruption). Corruption results and the masses do not achieve their dreams or their potential! This is our history!

The proposed New Model for our planet, given to us by our global Pope and our United Nations, is called Agenda 2030! Our Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Obama, has sold America into this New Model starting January 1, 2016! Will this Model lead to peace, security, freedom, equality, and JUSTICE? It sounds like Communism to me!

Yes, the PROBLEM underlying America is their Worldview, their political model of Democracy, and the corruption which emerges when positions of POWER are given to this MOB of imperfect sinners! The core problem of ALL our leaders is their internal spiritual ‘flaws’ (sin) and this can not lead to anything positive over time as they RULE our planet! We now need to think up a NEW MODEL for our planet and Kingdom Economics is the best alternative. Watch the markets and our current ‘mob’ of leaders as they lead us all towards global ‘death’ and ‘destruction’. The End Result of man’s rule over man is TOTAL death and destruction for the entire planet and all life upon this planet! But who discerns this reality? I am:

This lady is typical of the wisdom of most of our corrupt leaders! She (appears) to live with fear, insecurity, and her spiritual Christian values of love! But what are the ‘words’ which she is now espousing?

Can ‘killing’ the flesh eliminate the ‘ideology’ of ISIS (the inner spirit)?

The wisdom of Sarah Palin is typical of most American leaders, politicians, and rulers in 2015 – 16. She advocates total destruction of ISIS and those who threaten our security and our hegemony. Bomb all these people into elimination, says Sarah. ISIS must not be able to destroy America’s way of life. ISIS is an ‘evil’ death cult and she has a Christmas wish of killing all these devils. Where does Sarah’s Worldview lead? Think about the ‘end’ result! Can ‘killing’ the flesh eliminate the spiritual ideology of ISIS (or any other Worldview)? Follow Sarah on:

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