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Which computer desk has ‘Authority’ to rig prices?

December 14, 2015

Many say that our Treasury/Fed Authorities have a legal right to ‘rig’ prices for the benefit of our markets? Is this valid? Is this what is now occurring? Do authorities like the so-called Plunge Protection Team or the Exchange Stabilization Fund have the legal right to ‘rig’ prices for select commodities like oil, silver, gold, etc.? The leaders at have stated publicly that our political/financial authorities ‘rig’ prices and that they have a legal right to do so! Today, we have electronic markets and computer trading at all our public venues like our Treasury Department and our Federal Reserve banking system. Are ‘prices’ being ‘rigged’? If so why? Who are the culprits!

A recent photo of our prior esteemed Authorities who controlled our cyber markets!

Was this a prior Plunge Protection Team (operating behind closed doors)?

Some claim that Ronald Reagan started the concept of a Plunge Protection Team? What were the intentions of these manipulators?

Now that our private traders are not in control of all the computer trading venues or the ‘digits’ which now represent our money, it does seem logical that select ‘official’ computers may have been given authorization to ‘rig’ select commodity prices so as to promote market stability. Does this happen today? Who might be given a trading desk and the ‘digits’ (money) for this ‘rigging’ of our markets? Is it a robot (automated) trader working for the Exchange Stabilization Fund (using an ‘algorithm’)? Is it a trader working for the Plunge Protection Team (using strategies on the electronic futures markets)? Has a dealer bank (say J.P. Morgan Chase or similar) been given authority to trade with an algorithm to ‘rig’ the prices of oil, silver, and gold? Rigging has been found at many venues (around our planet) today! This has become ubiquitous and fraud at the highest levels has been exposed!

Brian Sack and his traders (around 2009 on the 9th floor of the New York Fed)! The photo was probably not authorized but we now have it on the internet!

Traders actively trading our markets on the 9th floor of our New York Fed Building!

Twenty of the world’s biggest banks have paid more than $235 bn (£151.71bn) in fines and compensation in the last seven years for breaching a variety of financial regulations, according to Reuters. The financial institutions have been fined for misdeeds ranging from manipulation of currency and interest rate markets and compensating customers who were wrongly sold mortgages in the U.S. or insurance products in Britain. Two of the biggest U.S. banks, Citigroup Inc. and JP Morgan Chase & Co., will admit roles in manipulating foreign-exchange markets, people familiar with the talks have said. They’ll pay a fine of $1 billion each, with Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc striking similar deals, while UBS Group AG is also poised to plead guilty, people familiar with the matter have said.

This corrupt banking entity is one proxy (dealer) for our Federal Reserve System! Corruption is everywhere at this financial entity! But who cares?

Goldman Sachs trading floor! What an operation for trading our cyber markets in real-time! Can these traders affect prices within our markets?

It is now ubiquitous within trading markets that fraud and conscious manipulation of prices and interest rates is prevalent within our cyber trading markets. Who are the villains? Why can all our ‘prices’ now be rigged, suppressed, and manipulated (up and down) via electronic trading strategies. Think about how our prices are created today! Prices are now metaphysical units of thought which emerge as ‘digits’ within our computer screens. Our money unit is now a ‘cyber unit’ (a ‘bit’ of information) created by conscious decision-makers (also called traders/banksters/proxies). Since our monetary unit is a ‘unit’ of consciousness (a ‘bit’ unit) typed into the computer screen (to represent our legal tender) it is easy to create this ‘bit’ and to ‘manipulate’ prices (now ‘bits’ of data called ‘digits’). Think about the ‘nature’ of our money today! We are living with ‘imaginary’ money created out of ‘nothing’! Is this moral or even Capitalism?

Nice young lady accused of manipulating ‘energy’ prices while at J. P. Morgan trading desks! Blythe Masters and her computers doing daily trading!

Is Jack Lew, our Treasury Secretary, unaware of what is happening under his watch?

CEO of New York Federal Reserve Bank. Member of Bank for International Settlements. Permanent member of the powerful Federal Open Market Committee. Oversees the Fed Trading Accounts! Some 500 traders now can manipulate our cyber markets at the New York Fed!

Today, the cyber price of silver is down to $13.65 (a 6% decline in 10 days). The price has declined some 250% since 2011. A chart shows that the decline has been consistent and relentless for the past 4.5 years. This decline has been in the face of rising demand for the physical metal. So, obviously, the supply/demand concept of price discovery is not valid for many commodities (especially silver and gold). Why is this so? Who is suppressing the prices and why? My sense is that this is a conscious policy decision and a trader(s) have authority to suppress these prices (probably via a AI Robot using an algorithm). The problem is that this corruption can continue as the trader or robot is hidden behind closed doors! Few comprehend that our money is now a cyber digit (merely a unit of consciousness)!

A lawsuit is accusing 22 banks of manipulating Treasury Auctions! Libor manipulations also have been documented! What else are they rigging to maintain their cyber profits?

High level ‘fraud’ is ubiquitous in today’s cyber trading markets! It all starts and ends at the ‘top’!

The probability of rigging of the Dow, S & P 500, and NASDAQ markets is also logical…as today the markets fluctuated all over the cyber horizon…with rising numbers at the close even as all the Asian and European markets were sharply down. The Baltic Dry Index is now at 522 and the Junk Bond index and the MSCI indexes all reveal that our economy is slowing dramatically while our rigged stock markets continue into super bubble territory. All this is obviously corruption at the highest levels of policymaking and computers and algorithms are likely being used to accomplish this rigging. That is my message for today! Watch the markets as a CRASH is emerging (but precisely when is not possible to predict). I am:

P.S. Best buys today for the coming time of financial famine is silver and gold! Cyber ‘digits’ and ‘bits’ will eventually vanish back to their origin (the conscious minds of our bankster originators)! A Crash of the Millennium is approaching fast!

Today’s cyber prices: Gold $1060 with Silver at $13.65! Great buys for the coming days of barter! Trade your ‘digits’ and cyber ‘bits’ for a real/tangible/physical metal with 5000 years of history. I call these coins God’s money! They do not disappear or vanish with the crash of our cyber markets!

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