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Events happen (in the ‘now’) then Stories emerge!

December 13, 2015

Human nature is interesting to understand and contemplate. My model of reality says that we all experience ‘events’ (unexpectantly) and then we create our subjective ‘story’ about the event. Let’s think about two key events which we all tend to recall…the JFK assassination on November 22, 1963 and the Twin Towers collapse on 911. Both of these events are so significant that most of us recall our personal subjective stories about these events. Did we predict these events prior to them happening? I don’t think so! Events happen (in the ‘now’) and then we all create our subjective ‘stories’ about the event! Give this model some reflection!

JFK is shot and none were fully aware of why, who, or what happened precisely! Some 50 years later we still have many subjective views!

The JFK event was a real tragedy which I have lived with (since 1963) and which I still do not know with certainty what really happened. Who shot JFK and why? Was this a planned event by conspirators or were select political interests fearful of John’s policy decisions and their likely consequences? Was the money cartel involved? Who wanted this President killed? Since 1963 we have the ‘official’ investigation and their report. We also have numerous ‘unofficial’ stories/reports which have varying degrees of credibility. I can visit YouTube and review various stories about the event and what might have happened! Many have credibility!

Was Lee the sole killer? Or were their more than his shots which caused the assassination? Was the money cartel involved?

Does anyone have an ‘absolute’ understanding of the event and what really happened? Personally, I don’t think so! The event happened (suddenly and unexpectently) and then we investigate the event and espouse our subjective ‘stories’. The official story is usually based on the official media/political desires…which reports a narrative which fulfills the needs of these special interest personnel. It usually is incomplete and very questionable (although it does provide ‘some’ correct/meaningful information for the masses). The vast majority of unthinking listeners tend to regurgitate this ‘official’ media story as being the ‘absolute’ or ‘correct’ version! Later, better thinkers emerge with more creditable but still subjective new stories! Uncertainty prevails as reality is subjective!

Did building #7 collapse from the fire or was it ‘wired’ to implode into its ground zero footprint? My logic says that it was ‘wired’ to explode and then collapse!

The 911 event of significance is the implosion (collapse) of the three World Trade Towers in New York (killing some 2900 Americans). This event on September 11, 2001, has an ‘official’ story (via the ‘official’ investigation) and now many new subjective stories based upon better and more complete thought (after the event has been thoroughly evaluated). The theory that building #7 was ‘wired’ with explosives so that it would collapse into its ‘footprint’ is based on sound science and analysis (after the fact) IMO. If this is valid (as I think it is) then we could conclude that the North and South Towers also were ‘wired’ for a similar implosion (collapse) into their ground zero ‘footprint’. We now have sufficient scientific evaluations to make this subjective conclusion! Yet, uncertainty prevails!

What precisely brought these two Towers down? Did they collapse into their ground zero footprint via the heat/fires! Or were they ‘wired’ (with explosives) prior to the hijackers plane crashes into these two Towers? The evidence is now still subjective but also more scientifically solid! What really happened and why? Who was behind these events?

It now appears (to me) that the 911 event have resulted in a huge media/political ‘cover-up’ (to some degree) which no-one wants to revisit. But the subjective evidence is solid (see YouTube videos and reports) which reveal that the ‘official’ story is incomplete and likely based on false conclusions. What does all this show about ‘human nature’ and reality? To me, it reveals that we humans are really NOT in control of our events on this planet. In reality, we are ALL  really ‘at effect’! Being ‘at effect’ means that we discover reality after the fact. We are NOT in control of events and we have no idea what will happen in another ‘now’ moment. Events happen (in the ‘now’) and we then try to create our ‘subjective’ stories about the event! Visit Susan’s story:

Yes, my model of reality says that all is subjective (to a degree) and also relative! Human nature is uncertain and events happen prior to a ‘story’ emerging! Think about this model of reality!

Give some thought to this ‘model’ of reality which I believe is accurate! Events happen to us and to the World community (people) and then we all glammer for understanding and answers. The soon coming event which will shock the masses is the soon coming financial collapse and implosion. This event is on the horizon and will happen suddenly and without notice for the masses of unthinking people. None of us knows precisely when it will happen, how it will happen, and to whom it will happen. My model of reality says that it is ‘coming’ and when it happens (still an ‘if’) then all kinds of subjective ‘stories’ will emerge about what happened! Give my model some reflection! Enjoy the holiday season! I am:

P.S. The Coming Financial Implosion/Collapse (is my subjective view) of what happens soon! How many ‘stories’ will emerge AFTER this event happens?

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