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TRUTH – an ongoing and continual Jihad!

December 3, 2015

The better meaning for the word ‘Jihad’ is internal struggle. A struggle within myself and with my inner flaws and imperfections. The Jihad of outward violence towards unbelievers is a ‘false’ concept of Jihad IMO. Muslims need to differentiate between the violent form of Jihad and the correct interpretation which means an ‘internal’ struggle within oneself. The Jihad which we witnessed in San Bernardino, Ca. is NOT the real Jihad which Muslims need to follow. I think most Muslims recognize this concept but the radical Muslims have corrupted the meaning and this is unfortunate. I don’t think many followers of Islam appreciate the radical interpretation of Jihad.

The determination and struggle to rid the Middle East of USA (American) hegemony is one reason a violent form of Jihad has emerged. America is the problem but is unaware of their own inner corruption!

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, “America Burning”

The Islamic State created a horrifying hashtag praising the mass shooting but did not take credit for the killings

Could America be that ‘tyrannical’ ruler (from the perspective of ISIS and other radical Muslims)? I, personally, think so!

The meaning and interpretation of the word Jihad which needs to be promulgated to all believers within Islam is as follows. This meaning, however, is unlikely to emerge given the nature of the situation over in the Middle East! America and her military hegemony is at the core of the problem! America is likely to start WWIII soon!

The Media Version of Jihad, which distorts real Islam, is what most people assume is the meaning of this word. ISIS has also distorted the meaning of this word by choosing select interpretations from their Quran. Violence is not allowed within Islam with few exceptions. If Muslims are oppressed and subjected to ostracization (marginalisation) from a State or Community then self-defense is justified. I think that the ISIS clan has concluded that the West (mostly America) desires to eliminate some Muslims from the face of planet earth. This may be why they have adopted the violent form of Jihad. Now is the time to educate the public on the different interpretations of this word (Jihad) and promote the correct (non-violent) interpretation.

Our struggle today is for ‘truth’, ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, and ‘justice’. This is an ‘internal’ struggle against man’s desire to RULE over this planet. Man’s Rulership is the real/core problem which promotes the violent form of Jihad. If the POWER structure (Man’s desire to Rule over others) were eliminated from this planet, then the real form of Jihad would emerge. For now, however, we could witness continual violent forms of Jihad as the philosophy of our Rulers (including American rulers) is to use MIGHT to overcome anyone who resists! WWIII is soon to happen as a result of this mindset. Maybe this event will wake-up the public and our leaders! Think and learn! I am:

The desire to RULE over others seems to be America’s desire. Kill those who oppose our Manifest Destiny. Democracy for everyone with an American RULER at the top of the hierarchy! Is this what is developing? Watch the Middle East and the coming financial events now emerging! The END GAME is here!

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