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Silver Summit – ‘none’ comprehend today’s metaphysical currencies!

November 24, 2015

After attending my sixth Silver Summit in San Francisco, November 23-24, I would like to share my perceptions about this event with my blog readers. First of all, not one speaker (whom I listened to) mentioned any the following words at the Summit: cyber money, digital currencies, cyberspace, algorithm, algorithmic trading, automated trading, fiat currencies, robots, electronic trading, electronic money, electronic exchanges, changes in the definition of the dollar over time, digital trading strategies, tick transactions, cyber crime, or Central Bank trading desks. All the speakers seemed to assume that our global currencies and the ‘dollar’ have fixed/unchanging meanings. And these speakers were the elite of the Hard Money Camp at this conference. Some of the conclusions of these elite were as follows:

  1. Frank Holmes: a better 2016 is coming for silver/gold investors. As usual, Frank seems positive and general in his perspective!
  2. Mike Maloney: deflation coming before hyper-inflation. Silver/gold prices could decline for possibly the next couple of years. Silver could go down to $7 – $9 area. The end game, however will create price explosions for both silver and gold. The end game is emerging! Mike’s presentation was well received and his evidence and history was superb!
  3. Jeffrey Christian: prices of silver and gold will likely increase modestly. Silver should remain in the range of $14 – $16 for the next couple of years. There is no manipulation of prices by our Central Bankers. Bill Murphy and Ed Steer from Gata are false prophets (who don’t know what they are talking about). Jeff thinks he can debunk any of their arguments. I talked to Jeff on three separate occasions. He suggested that the New York Fed has some 12 traders (on the 9th floor of the N.Y. Fed building –  not the 400 which I suggested)…which I derived from an internet blog called the Wall Street on Parade. He said the Treasury has 2 traders which trade the markets. The huge trading room on the 9th floor, according to Jeff,  also consists of bank surveillance officers and other banking officials which do not trade the markets. He seems to think that there are few trading activities taking place on this 9th floor. Jeff is devilishly clever with his ‘words’. After proposing the scenario of Central Bankers desiring to manipulate the gold price via ‘shorts’ and ‘naked shorts’ (for political reasons) Jeff implied that this would be illegal. He implied that our Central Bankers have no interest in ‘suppressing’ silver/gold prices! Yet he acknowledged that he and I could use the electronic futures markets to suppress prices, even though this would be technically illegal. When I asked Jeff his definition of the word ‘dollar’ he seemed stumped. My sense is that Jeff has a mission to debunk anyone and everyone who desires to get to the bottom of all the price manipulations which now occur within our computer cyber markets. Jeff is very intelligent but also very clever with his word choices. Beware of this expert (he might be a secret implant of the Central Banking Authorities). This is my speculation (I have no solid evidence)! My perception from talking with him at length, however, is that he desires to support ONLY the official view of finance/economics. He is not interested in pursuing any corruption within our Political/Economic profession.  Jeff seemed very near to desiring to ‘punch’ me out at one point in our dialogue! His dislike for my questions and his mental angst was evident! We did shake hands at the conclusion!
  4. Bill Murphy: his presentation was my favorite as I agreed with his logic and evidence of continual price suppression by our elite Central Authorities. does have some concrete evidence on the nature of silver/gold price manipulation/suppression. Take the time to learn more from this expert!
  5. Ed Steer: his presentation was more technical but also excellent and very comprehensive. There appear to be from 4 to 8 major banks which hold most of the short positions in silver/gold and the current short positions are at levels much beyond what average traders would try to implement. Manipulation of price seemed well supported by his evidence and logic. I do support the work of
  6. Grant Williams: this presenter gave a strong overview of why prices of gold and silver will explode upward in the near future. His logic was impeccable and his charts and history were also excellent. Gold and silver will eventually resume their upward trend when the price manipulation stops or when all the existing supplies are in strong hands and off the Comex markets. Comex gold supplies are now declining daily and the Asian markets are becoming the new source for price discovery.
  7. Rick Rule: a couple more years of price declines (seems likely) but a real BULL market for silver/gold is dawning! Now is the time to start accumulating for this eventual BULL event! Rick is a great speaker and presenter.
  8. Rob McEwen: the current bear market could be near a bottom. Buy MUX as it now looks like Argentina will have political policies favorable for mining. A new leader has emerged in Argentina with the recent election. Rob would avoid Africa as the environment is too hostile!
  9. Marin Katusa: is now investing heavily in select mining stocks. I talked with him about the likelihood that silver/gold prices have been manipulated and suppressed. He talked briefly about his view but not with conviction. He said that we does not buy into the narrative. He did not desire to discuss further details on the subject of price manipulation! I did find his views very sound in other areas and he certainly has excellent logic and sound thinking!

Conclusion: My sense is that ‘none’ of the speakers at this conference understands the ‘metaphysical’ nature of our fiat/cyber currencies. None would talk about cyber currencies, digital money, or the nature of cyberspace. None talked about our electronic markets or all the automated trading which now is ubiquitous. None even used the ‘word’ digital or cyber in any of their presentations. My sense is that ‘none’ of these Hard Money Elite seemed aware of the ‘nature’ of our cyber currencies (now circulating within ‘cyberspace’) or the ‘nature’ of the spiritual/metaphysical trading activities (also within cyberspace) which now make up finance and economics. This lack of understanding (of our metaphysical currencies) may be why these experts are mostly deceived about price manipulations, price suppression, and the political reasons why our Central Planners desire to create a New World Order with cyber money as their ‘tool’! The attendance at this Summit was only around 300 people and this may suggest that the END of a trend (price suppression) may be very near! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. After returning home from the Silver Summit, I noticed a Wall Street Journal article about the New York Fed’s market group in the November 24, 2015 edition. This article makes it clear that Jeffrey Christian’s concepts (above) of the trading taking place at the New York Fed can not be correct. The WSJ states that Simon Potter, current head of the Markets Group, claims that he is in charge of some 500 traders and analysts on the 8th and 9th floors of this building. I thought I should add this piece of info for new readers of this missive as the above data supplied to me by Jeffrey Christian (at the Silver Summit in San Francisco, Ca.) appears substantially inaccurate. What are all these traders doing from 4:30 a.m. til late into the evening. Would manipulation of our markets be part of the task of these traders?


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