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The ‘Ultimate’ Delusion! STATE vs. INDIVIDUAL! Both Lose!

November 18, 2015

The STATE are those who Rule over the masses whom they represent. These STATE individuals (Putin, Hollande, Obama) desire to act on behalf of all who they represent (a group of individuals). But who is this STATE in reality? Is the STATE superior to the ‘Individual’? Is the STATE more important than the ‘Individual’? Can the STATE eliminate the ‘Individual’ who differs with this STATE? Today, we have administrators who claim to act for the STATE. Mr. Putin acts for what he views as his STATE (Russia). Mr. Hollande acts for what he views as his STATE (France). And Mr. Obama acts for what he views as his STATE (America). But what is this STATE in reality? Is this concept superior to the ‘Individual’? Who is the STATE (in reality) and who is superior…the STATE or the INDIVIDUAL?

Killing bodies (say ISIS revolutionaries) does not eliminate the underlying metaphysical issues (which are in the mind)! What is the ‘theology’ of ISIS? Does anyone know?

Today, we have Mr. Hollande, acting as The STATE (France) killing individuals on behalf of his STATE. Mr. Hollande is bombing individuals called ISIS to maintain his position of Authority and ego. Mr. Putin is bombing and killing via his STATE system (bombs and killing over in Syria) to maintain his ego. Mr. Obama is acting as his STATE and sending Drones to kill individuals which he views as against his STATE (America). What are we witnessing in real-time as these STATE individuals continue bombing and killing other individuals (who do not view themselves as part of these STATES). Individuals are using ‘violence’ to supposedly solve counter ‘violence’. This ‘tit’ for ‘tat’ philosophy is a Lose/Lose mindset (in today’s world)!

A planet of ‘equals’ is the only real solution!

In reality, we are witnessing select ‘individuals’ (called the STATE) using ‘guns’ to kill other ‘individuals’ who also have used ‘guns’ for their cause. This could be viewed as violence trying to overcome counter violence. Is this a strategy which will bring resolution and peace? I don’t think so! Violence by STATE individuals against Non-State individuals is violence against violence. Both are using ‘negative’ behavior! Where does this lead ULTIMATELY? It leads to eventual TOTAL destruction of all mankind on this planet. Negative behavior produces counter Negative behavior! Individuals killing and bombing other Individuals is a Lose/Lose strategy! This ULTIMATELY leads to killing and counter killing (total destruction of all mankind is the END result)!

Action and Reaction is built into ‘human nature’!

We now need to THINK about what is happening on our planet. There is NO solution to the issues (ISIS and the STATE) given what is now happening. Killing leads to counter Killing! Attempting to eliminate one ‘individual’ to preserve another ‘individual’ leads to elimination of both ‘individuals’ (eventually)…and the END result is total destruction of life on this planet! The issues today need more introspection, reflection, and thought about the philosophy being used by both the STATE and the Non-State (select groups and individuals). We are now at the END of the AGE of Capitalism and Western Society! If a NEW society is to emerge, we now need to THINK prior to acting. We now need a Win/Win strategy!

Violence is a cycle which creates ‘negative’ behavior to overcome ‘negative’ behavior! There are NO winners (ultimately)!

The STATE is really nothing more than select ‘individuals’ (Putin, Hollande, Obama) using their strategies to counter another group of select individuals (say ISIS or Hamas or Etc.). Who wins? Neither! Both will lose big-time! The end result is TOTAL destruction of all life on this planet (eventually). Violence begets counter Violence in today’s world. Negative killing begets counter Negative killing. We now need a NEW mentality if any progress is to develop. We need a Win/Win strategy which ends up with all ‘individuals’ on this planet relating as ‘EQUALS’. This is the American Dream and the ONLY strategy which will bring peace and security to everyone! Think about behavior and then the consequences of ONE’S behavior! I am:

P.S. The real ‘battle’ is metaphysical/spiritual (a battle within the mind/consciousness). Seeking ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ is what is now needed! Think!

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