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I need $8 billion to buy up Ag! Collapse the Rigging!

November 17, 2015

Who would like to lend me $8 billion so I can buy up one year’s production (approximately) of Ag and expose our Central Planners ‘rigging’ of the silver price? With $8 billion I could buy some 550,000,000 ounces of Ag and my ‘store’ of value (this supply) would be off the markets. With the spot price at near $14/ounce this could be a great investment for the lender. The collateral for the loan would be my 550,000,000 ounces stored in a location approved by the lender. As prices increase I would share the cyber profits (50/50) with my lender. Who would like to consider this proposal and lend the cyber funds?

Transfer $8 billion of cyber units from your account to my account and the loan could be consummated! Today, our ‘fake’ money could purchase 550,000,000 ounces of Ag!

The time is now to expose the ‘rigging’ of our Au and Ag markets and force these corrupt administrators (likely the Fed or their proxy) to run for cover. All the rigging these past 5 years is being done behind closed doors and the goal is to get everyone to abandon any confidence in historical money so that ‘fake’ cyber money can be promoted. This is now rather obvious to me. Our Central Planners have a goal to promote their ‘fake’ cyber currencies so that all investors and savers forget the role of real Constitutional money. If I were a Central Planner I might do likewise. But I am NOT!

I will buy physical Ag in bars and coins and store this supply in a warehouse for lender/buyer to access!

The role of silver and gold is to expose the inefficiencies, excesses, and corruptions within our marketplace and also to provide concerned investors with a thermometer which monitors the credibility and soundness within our markets. The final purpose of Ag and Au is to serve as a ‘store’ of value during a major transition phase from ‘fake’ money (our current cyber currencies) to a new and more sound financial system for our markets! This is impossible today with the ‘rigging’ and ‘algorithmic’ control of the cyber Ag and Au prices. This is now accomplished daily in real-time within our corrupted electronic Futures Markets.

Today’s spot price of Ag (per our cyber markets) is $14.27/ounce. What a buy for buyer and lender! This supply of bars and coins will be stored and not sold!

I am willing to act as a buyer of 550,000,000 ounces of Ag so that this supply can be removed from our markets and so we all can restore these metals (Ag and Au) to their rightful role as a thermometer for what is now happening in our markets. With the removal of this supply both silver and gold could start to reflect real supply/demand prices as the Physical Market could be restored as the ‘price discovery’ mechanism. Today, ‘fake’ claims against Ag and Au are hundreds of times the actual physical availability. This is totally corrupt and must be stopped. Our Central Planners will not stop this ‘algorithmic’ rigging as long as they can merely buy ‘fake’ imaginary Ag and Au on the electronic Futures Market.

Algorithmic ‘rigging’ (dumping virtual contracts via our electronic Futures Markets) is now so prevalent that even the deniers are blushing when confronted with the evidence!

Let’s be pro-active and we all can contribute to exposing this electronic computer ‘rigging’ scandal which is now so prevalent and obvious. Even those who do not desire to admit that our markets are ‘rigged’ are using words which reflect that they recognize this reality. They just lack discernment! Miners and investors must now ACT pro-actively if this ‘rigging’ game of our Central Planners is to be exposed and uncovered. Think about this proposal of taking 550,000,000 ounces off the market with a purchase of $8 billion (using our ‘fake’ imaginary cyber money as the means)! Enjoy this day! I am:

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