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I need $535 billion to buy up Au! Collapse the rigging!

November 17, 2015

I would like to purchase 500,000,000 ounces of Au (the physical metal) to show our corrupt Central Planners that their cyber/algorithmic ‘naked short’ derivative scheme can not work. I need someone to lend me $535 billion to accomplish this goal. We will purchase coins and bars and use these physical items as collateral for this loan. If you want to borrow the $535 billion and then lend to me, this is also O.K. With today’s interest rates near zero, we could borrow long-term and store these metals as our ‘store’ of value for short-term uses. My offer extends a 50/50 sharing of any gains. This purchase can be executed in phases to maximize price discovery (the lowest purchase price).

What a great ‘value’ we have for Au today! Only $1070/ounce! Potential for gain is unlimited! Let me know if you can lend me $535 billion!

Since the spot price is now only $1070/ounce, this is the perfect time to buy LOW and sell HIGH at a later date. The price rigging is allowing us this one-time opportunity to buy at prices which are near a low and with potential for huge gains going forward. NOW is the time to act. A cyber loan of our ‘fake’ cyber dollars can be acquired locally, nationally, or internationally. The lender receives the metals as 100% collateral for this mere $535 billion loan. Any creative lender should see this as a great opportunity for profit and also a sound and secure loan. We can store our precious metals in a mutually agreed upon location.

We can store our collateral at a mutually acceptable facility and location!

As of today, the cyber claims on each ounce of gold at the COMEX are some 300 times the actual physical supply. This is totally corrupt and it is now time to  break this criminal control over this historical Constitutional metal. Our Constitution calls for gold and/or silver as our money. Our corrupt Central Planners have created a ‘Mark of the Beast’ currency which is totally within our imagination (cyberspace). Now is the time to be pro-active on this issue. I will be the buyer if someone can provide me this loan. $535 billion is peanuts to some of our billionaires. Especially, when the collateral for this loan will be the underlying physical metal (gold). As a valuation consultant I understand ‘value’!

The potential for gain is huge! The spot price today is only $1070. What a deal!

Today’s price of $1070 is so suppressed from reality that NOW is the time to lend me these cyber funds. If a bank wants to create this $535 billion OUT-OF-NOTHING, then so be it. I will buy gold in coins and bars and store this collateral in a mutually acceptable location. We can insure the total so that the when sales are made from this hoard, the proceeds can be split 50/50. Let’s act now as the cyber spot prices are much below what most people view as its real VALUE (in the marketplace). Au is a great ‘store’ of value during the coming financial collapse and the coming RESET of our financial markets! Think on this offer and contact me if you desire to make this loan! I am:


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