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MSCI indices Show ‘red’ – Crash to come soon!

November 13, 2015

Are our bubble markets (such as the Dow) soon to crash by 3,000 to 5,000 points? The MSCI indices now suggest that this is very likely and soon! The past 90 days these indices (in all sectors and all countries) show mostly ‘red’ (indicating that all global markets are declining/slowing). The Baltic Dry Index also is at a low of 579 (near the historic low in 2009). So it now appears that our bubble stock markets and possibly our bubble bond markets could experience a serious/sudden/volatile CRASH.

Currently (11/13/2015) the index is at 579. This suggests that shipping activity is seriously down! Unless a ‘white’ swan appears soon we will witness a stock market CRASH!

Check out the Baltic Dry Index at: This index of shipping containers is NOW suggesting a sharp global decline in activity. This means that our stock markets (even though pumped up artificially by computer trading strategies via our Central Planners) will get crushed by the market forces soon. Check out the MSCI indices at: One year ago some 10 of the 11 indices were UP. Today, all eleven are DOWN. These indices now suggest that our markets are in a huge bubble and need to correct some 30%. This could happen within days or a few weeks at most!

The low in 2009 was 522. Today, the number is 579. Inventories are excessive and shopping has slowed! Will a ‘white’ swan appear to reverse the trend? I don’t see it!

This prophecy expert is likely wrong in his assumptions! Why?

None of the above images reveal the real ‘Anti-christ’ (ruler to come)!

Words will reveal the ‘nature’ of this coming false ruler (positive words like ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘unity’, ‘compassion’, ‘oneness’, ‘community’, ‘hope’, ‘change’, ‘betterment’, ‘new world order’, ‘global togetherness’, ‘prosperity for all’, etc., etc.)! Herbert Walker Bush introduces this concept called The New World Order! Everyone in POWER are part of the Anti-christ spirit! But who will eventually emerge to promote this global POWER structure! Listen to this video and the WORDS of the speakers!

I will keep this missive short. I am working on a new missive which will speculate on WHO is the Anti-Christ and WHERE will this false ruler likely come from. This fake ruler is alive and active right now. Let’s think about who and where this individual (who desires to play God) could emerge from! The current prophecy speakers which suggest that this spiritual false ruler will come from Islam or the Muslim culture are wrong IMO. We can witness the ‘footprints’ of this emerging ruler if we think about what is now happening on the Global Stage! I will reveal my speculations soon! I am:

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