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At the ‘Margin’ – events are Dire!

November 12, 2015

In economics we have a concept called ‘at the margin’. This concept means that ‘prices’ of goods (say oil) will decline as the supply/demand situation gets out of balance. For example: right now the ‘price’ of oil is declining sharply as supply of oil (at the margin) has increased to the point where demand and supply are out of balance. As balance is restored (at the margin) then an equilibrium ‘price’ will result. Today, the ‘price’ of oil is less than $42/barrel (a decline from $115 just a few months ago). So, at the margin, prices get determined for this commodity and for most commodities which are not rigged by our Central Planners (such as silver and gold)!

The concept of ‘at the margin’ can be applied to other issues within economics and/or politics. For example: right now our global stock ‘prices’ (like the Dow) are in a huge bubble. Demand and supply are out of balance and the Central Planners have only been successful in keeping this bubble active by constant manipulation via computer trading strategies. This daily manipulation will become more difficult going forward as traders recognize the bubble nature of our markets. This is already starting as I right this missive! The global stock, bond, derivative indices are all now in huge bubbles!

So, at the margin, our stock prices need to decline substantially to restore some semblance of equilibrium to our corrupted bubble markets. This is likely to occur, even with our Central Planners daily manipulations, as the forces of equilibrium (common sense) will crash these bubble markets at some point. What we now need is a ‘crash’ of our bubble markets so that common sense can prevail and rational expectations can be restored. This will happen IMO soon! The awareness of the issues will eventually cause this correction to occur. My estimate is that our bubble stock markets need to correct a minimum of 20% and most likely 30%. This means a ‘crash’ of 3400 to 5200 points! Later much more!

So, at the margin, this excess bubble in our stock indices will soon be recognized. The other political issue which is ‘dire’ at the margin is our lack of awareness on the issue of Agenda 2030. Politically, Americans seem totally unaware of this new Agenda and its implications. I talked to a number of retired persons at my venue yesterday and discovered that none seem AWARE of this new Agenda 2030 which becomes official for Americans on January 1, 2016. This corrupt Agenda is a betrayal of historical American values (mostly of individual freedom) and few seem to discern this reality. Read the details:

As awareness grows, however, this corrupt Agenda IMO, will be understood for what it is and then (at the margin) Americans will start to reject this trend towards State Socialism/Communism. Today, we have a dictatorial President (with Socialistic tendencies) who desires to recreate our World into his own image (which is not based upon the principles of our Founding Fathers). America was ‘founded’ on the idea of Individual Freedom for each person. This ideal has never been achieved (fully) even though it was the goal of our Founders for most of our history. The Agenda 2030 philosophy is a set of goals and policies which makes our United Nations hierarchy the new Hitler for our planet. That’s how I see it!

Read the Agenda and the plans for implementation. Go to: This Agenda and plan for implementation is not based upon American values or desires (when fully understood). The plan will be gradually mandated by the U.N. hierarchy and then gradually imposed upon all the 193 countries which are members of the U.N. Our Socialist President has unilaterally committed our Nation (as one of the members of the U.N.) to this Socialist/Communist Agenda designed to be completed by 2030. Who is AWARE and discerns what has happened?

Creating a better World is a great concept, but the manner of how it is created and implemented is key to any success. Do you understand how this plan, called Agenda 2030, will be implemented? Do you discern the hierarchical nature of the plan? Can you ‘smell’ Socialism and eventually Communism in the implementation mandates and the Centralization Hierarchy which will administer this plan and set of goals? Socialism/Communism was the goal of Hitler in the 1930’s/40’s. His plan was to create a New World Order with he and his proxies in control! Did Americans buy into this corruption back then?

We now have a President and a supporting staff which desires to recreate the mindset of Hitler for the entire planet. We have a global Pope which supports this corruption. We have some 193 members of the U.N. which appear to have bought into this corrupt plan and agenda. Where does this lead? Do Americans understand and discern what is happening in front of their ‘eyes’? American values are not based upon this type of Agenda or upon the concept of a Centralized Hierarchy running the planet! This is what our Socialist President (Barrack Hussein Obama) has committed us to (as of 9/28/2015)! If you agree with this plan (after understanding it) then SUPPORT it by re-electing leaders who desire this outcome!

But for those of us who desire ‘individual’ freedom and free markets (economic/political/educational/spiritual) this Agenda is totally ‘anathema’ (another Hitler plan). Take the time to read the plan and goals. Think about the method of implementation. Think about where it leads as the goals are mandated upon everyone. I ‘smell’ enslavement! I ‘smell’ the Mark of the Beast! I ‘smell’ political/economic corruption! Now is the time to get yourself informed and aware! I am sure that many will support this Agenda and our President and many will also reject this Agenda (when it becomes understood). Read about it and ask some questions. Enjoy! I am:

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