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The Corruption in the Gold/Silver Market is Historic!

November 7, 2015

What a farce we witness with the CFTC and their policy to allow trades which create imaginary Supply (via naked shorts) which then DRIVE down the spot prices of physical gold/silver within our computer screen (cyber) markets. All this is happening within our electronic Futures Markets (like the Globex) via daily shorting of virtual contracts which any trader with desire (and cyber digits) can use to drive down any commodity price (but especially silver and gold). This strategy of ‘naked shorts’ which increases Supply (imaginary supply) with no delivery or exchange of any physical metal is totally corrupt! Why is ‘imaginary’ trading of virtual contracts viewed as SOP. Why would this be allowed (now for over 4.5 years)? Who desires some transparency on this issue? Contact the CFTC to start (!

This website (of Turd Ferguson) has done a yeoman’s job on the difficult issues of silver/gold rigging and the ‘naked short’ selling at the COMEX!

Virtual short contracts (no borrowing of shares) are being allowed so as to ‘suppress’ our historic precious metals prices continuously and relentlessly every day in the real-time cyber markets. Today, our markets are traded electronically and virtual contracts can be purchased to rig (and suppress) prices on the short side…and elevate prices on the long side. We witness the rigging on the ‘long’ side as our equity markets are pumped up relentlessly via trading strategies coming from our Central Planners…even while our economy is slowly deteriorating. There were zero new manufacturing jobs this past month, for example. Why would this be allowed? Who are the culprits? I think it is becoming obvious! It’s our Central Planners at the Fed and Treasury!

Our corrupt Federal Reserve (The Fed) has some 400 day traders on the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve Building, 33 Liberty Street, N.Y. These traders work for our Central Planners (not for the private markets or the laborers of America). This Fed corruption continues daily and no official media dares to ask questions about this corruption, manipulation, and rigging. Yes, our public media has become equally corrupt and dysfunctional. None (it seems) desires to dig into the details about the official policies coming from our Central Planners. Who can audit the Fed or interview the day traders in New York? None (it seems) can get a bill passed to accomplish this objective! The insiders (within our corrupt System) work to prevent any real transparency. Why should any voting citizen desire to support this corruption going forward! I don’t understand!

Will the leaders within the CME Group seek to clean-up the corruption within silver/gold trading (the imaginary ‘naked short’ selling)? Why not ban ‘naked short’ selling to show sincerity and fairness?

Then we have all our Hard Money media (many of the gold bug media) who perpetuate this cover-up with their lack of desire to dig into the details. The one media source which does a great job IMO is King World News, There are a few others who also get my support. But the vast majority of media within this Hard Money crowd tend to lack conviction when it comes to difficult (mostly negative) issues. I do applaud websites like,,, and for their great reporting…which they have done on these difficult and unpopular issues. Years of digging into the details have helped those of us who desire ‘truth’ and reality to better understand the system. Thanks!

This reporter mostly refuses to bow to official media ‘correctness’! Great reporting IMO (!

Those readers who desire more transparency on these issues and more details need to seek websites where ‘truth’ is being reported. I realize that ‘truth’ is relative and subjective but it is rather obvious when a person is attempting to seek ‘truth’. Digging into negative details is not easy. Most desire Lollipops and Roses for their menu…but problems will never be uncovered with this popular approach to reality. Reality consists of problems and corruption (as well as Lollipops and Roses). But the issues of corruption within the high venues of Authority demand a special person to uncover. I applaud those who take on this challenge! Seeking details and ‘truth’ is my desire! Enjoy! I am:

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