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How to ‘Challenge’ the Central Planners Deception!

November 5, 2015

The past five years have produced many deceptive trading strategies which have ‘suppressed’ the one historical thermometer for revealing the flaws in our economy. Yes, cyber price ‘suppression’ has been ubiquitous in our silver/gold markets for over 4 1/2 years. Shorting silver and gold on the Globex and other electronic exchange markets has become the strategy of our Central Planners so as to promote their ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies (the digital $ and the other bit currencies). Pure ‘shorting’ (with no actual exchange of any physical commodity) has become the strategy (some call this the ‘naked short’ strategy within our ‘paper’ market). It’s done digitally on our electronic exchanges religiously and continually! Why?

Chris Powell of has tried to expose the price ‘suppression’ scheme! So far unsuccessfully! Why? Is it time to break open this scheme of our Central Planners? How could this be accomplished?

Our Central Planners desire that we all convert our thinking from physical money (paper and metals) to cyber money (the ‘mark of the beast’ money). Cyber money is also called ‘digital’ money or ‘bit’ currencies by many. To further this deceptive scheme of our Central Planners (our banksters who trade behind closed doors), they have relentlessly ‘suppressed’ the prices of both silver and gold to, hopefully, extinguish any real demand for these alternative physical currencies. Their deceptive scheme has been mostly successful. The current demand for silver and gold is ‘suppressed’ (from what it should be) as our miners go bankrupt and prices continue much below breakeven for our silver/gold producers.

Our Central Planners and their proxies desire that everyone buy into the ‘mark of the beast’ digital currencies. This is my view of what is happening at the highest levels of money! To accomplish this deceptive goal, silver/gold must be ‘suppressed’!

This relentless price ‘suppression’ (this Scam of our Central Planners) in our electronic Futures Markets can not be overcome without a concerted effort by some well-heeled investor (say one or two) to CRASH or COLLAPSE this scheme of our Central Planners. How can this be done? There is only one way to CRASH the cyber price ‘suppression’ effectively IMO. What is it? Some well-heeled bullion investor MUST buy up all the existing supply of silver and/or gold and then take this supply OFF the market. By getting all the physical supply OFF the market, the scheme of cyber price ‘suppression’ could be broken. I see no other alternative as the relentless cyber price ‘suppression will continue as Central Planners now trade behind closed doors 24/7.

The Globex electronic futures market is one exchange where ‘cyber’ price suppression takes place daily. The culprits are our Central Planners (who now trade behind closed doors)! Algorithms and shorting suppress prices continually and relentlessly!

Who wants to step forward and CRASH this deceptive cyber price ‘suppression’ scheme of our Central Planners? Who has the guts to challenge these corrupt banksters who trade behind closed doors? Is there ONE well-heeled investor with the guts to challenge the BANKSTER CARTEL? If all the effective supply is removed from the trading markets, then this deceptive scheme could be broken and the banksters would be exposed! Who has the guts to buy up the existing supply (or the significant supply to get the message across to these price criminals)? Is there someone from USA, China, Russia, India, England, Qatar, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, or somewhere? Enjoy! I am:

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