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Abiogenesis vs Biogenesis! Which is Valid?

November 5, 2015

Those who live in the ‘past’ (mentally) and who are unaware of the present (the Now) have developed a stupid theory to live with IMO. It’s called: The Origin of Life from Non-Life! Let’s think about this concept of science which many desire to promote in our public education system. What is ‘abiogenesis’ and ‘biogenesis? What is the evidence for ‘life’ coming from non-life? Can a rock produce a living cell? Can any inorganic (dead) substance produce a living organism? Has anyone on this planet actually witnessed ‘life’ coming from ‘non-life’?  What is reality and what is fantasy?

This false theory of ‘abiogenesis’ is still being taught in our public schools as FACT!

Abiogenesis means ‘a’ (non), ‘bio’ (life) and ‘genesis’ (origin). Life emerging from non-life. Biogenesis is the concept that ‘life’ emerges only from prior life. This is what we all experience in the Now. And ‘life’ (at least my life) is continually lived as ‘successive moments of Now’. There is no ‘past’ which I experience separately from the Now moment. There is no ‘future’ which I experience separate from the Now moment. I live my life (from birth to death) as ‘successive moments of now’. Think about this. What do we experience in the Now when it comes to this concept which we call ‘life’?

Dead (inorganic) matter does not produce LIFE. Think about the real definition of LIFE!

First of all, ‘life’ is not some ‘thing’ which can be discovered, found, or located within our space/time universe. Life is ‘spirit’ and ‘spirit’ has no origin. Spirit is continual and eternal. My ‘words’ are spirit and I would suggest that your ‘words’ are also spirit. This means that we live on this planet as ‘spirit’ beings and we live continually in the Now moment and successive moments of Now. There is no ‘past’ which I experience (other than as a mental abstraction). There is no ‘future’ which I experience (except as a mental abstraction). And all my ‘mental’ abstractions are really experienced in the Now moment!

Darwin changed science and our education with his false Theory of Macro-Evolution! 

The Theory of Evolution (macro-evolution) and this concept of an ‘origin’ of life (from non-life) is pure myth and fantasy (to me). Science has perpetuated this Theory and attempts to mandate its teaching within our public education system. I have read and listened to this false Theory for all my life. It started mostly with Darwin and then our esteemed teachers of science picked up on the ideas and implications from Darwin’s theory and this became orthodox teaching. We now have sufficient experience and evidence to debunk this false theory and those who continue to perpetuate this myth.

Some of our most esteemed teachers of science still perpetuate this false theory of ‘abiogenesis’! Why?

Does real money (say silver or gold) actually change in ‘value’ over time? What do you think? What is ‘value’ in reality? Is it ‘inherent’ or ‘intrinsic’ within a silver coin or a gold coin?

Economics has also adopted this false theory with their Keynesian concepts of ‘time’ and their concepts of ‘change over time’. Discounted cash flow analysis (also called the ‘present worth of future income’) is one mindset where the ‘future’ is assumed to be real. The ‘time’ value of money assumes that we live in a ‘past’ and a ‘future’. The Present Moment (the Now) is avoided so as to create this mindset of a past/future scenario for investing, valuing, and thinking. This false mindset evolved gradually and became SOP in the 1960’s and after when Keynesianism became orthodox within economics. Valuation professionals (like myself) were ‘forced’ to adopt this mindset when valuing real assets for lending purposes. I adopted it and learned about it during my career in the 1960’s up to the 1990’s. Today I view it as ‘false’ and dysfunctional! Past/Future realities are really experienced continually in the NOW moment (always)!

Can inorganic atoms combine or synthesize so as to produce a living organism? What does this ‘word’ LIFE actually denote and connote in real-time? Where do our ‘words’ (and ideas) come from?

Yes, those who do not live in the NOW tend to promote all these deceptive and false assumptions about reality and life. Those who refuse to fall for these myths, fantasies, and deceptions have generally been ostracized from their professions to some degree. This is tragic! We now need to promote a NEW concept (mindset) going forward. This concept could be called LIVING IN THE NOW! Successive Moments of Now is how I live my life and I presume that you do likewise! Think about these concepts as you meditate on reality and change! Abiogenesis is false thinking! Biogenesis is what we all experience in the NOW! Is reality experienced always in the NOW? Enjoy! I am:

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