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The ‘IDEAL’ – a World without Money (part 2)

November 4, 2015

Some of my blog readers would like to think more seriously about this concept of a World without money. Is this possible and how would this concept work in real-time. My perception is that this concept would definitely work and work well. But our thinking would need to change from our current mindset of supporting a government by Man (under Man’s rulership)! We would need to develop the concept…what I call…the Kingdom of our Creator! In reality, our planet is owned and controlled by our Source…our Creator. This is a given to me! America was founded on the concept of One Nation Under God! Read the Declaration of Independence and the writings of Thomas Jefferson, et al!

We need to recognize that America was founded upon this concept of a Creator (the Source)! Did our Founding Fathers perceive reality correctly? Personally, I think so!

Believers (mostly) recognize this reality but non-believers (generally) do not! A World without money requires that I/You believe in our Creator as the Source and Owner of this planet. Actually, America was founded on this premise but the time was not right for the Rulership of our Creator (in 1776)! We would also need to believe that our Source (Creator) is the sole Ruler over this planet (i.e., Mono-theism)! This means that we need to give up on the Man ruled system (under political rulers) and adopt the Kingdom of our Creator System. Without any rulership by Man, we could all relate as equals (unique equals with different gifts and talents but none-the-less equals). Think and meditate on this!

This theory needs to be abandoned as a deception! In reality, ‘time’ is imaginary (we live our lives in the perpetual NOW)! The ‘past’ and ‘future’ are really NOW perceptions!

The concept of Money is really a corrupt concept when I think about it. There is no such ‘thing’ as Money within our material Universe. Money emerged as a ‘word’ when leaders discovered that people needed some ‘thing’ (of value) to get them to work and produce and exchange. Also, with scarce resources, the concept of Capitalism gradually emerged to give people ‘private’ property and the freedom to create wealth on a plot of land. This concept of freedom and a plot of land worked and leaders discovered that new wealth would get produced and exchanged given this concept (private property and the freedom to exchange in an open and free marketplace). Later, prosperity emerged!

Private property (a plot of land) with freedom allows man to create material Wealth! We have now exploited this model to its fullest!

Initially, the concept of barter/exchange produced this concept which we call VALUE (in exchange). As I produce from my plot of land and exchange my production in a marketplace, I discover that what I am exchanging is the VALUE of the production. Wealth grows as new VALUE emerges from the land. How can this invisible/spiritual concept of VALUE be objectified was the initial issue? What we ‘invented’ over time was this concept which we now call MONEY. We chose an item (like a silver object, a sea shell, some tobacco, sugar, later gold, etc.) and this became (over time) a universal object which we assumed had VALUE (intrinsic value). Money is really a ‘proxy’ for this concept which we call VALUE.

Money (the word) was ‘invented’ to serve as our ‘proxy’ for this invisible/non-physical concept which we now call VALUE! In reality, ‘money’ does not exist within our material Universe!

We then gave this object (say a silver coin) a ‘name’ and called it MONEY. Later we expanded on the concept of money and created a political unit which we called our CURRENCY (a paper note). These items became our ‘proxy’ for this invisible/spiritual concept which we had called VALUE. All this intellectualization and conceptualization created a society dominated by money and currencies. All this worked to help us create more material WEALTH and then material prosperity. It also helped us create CONTROL over man’s labor, activities, and behavior. Today, we have a controlled economy of Central Planners running our entire globe! This controlled system is now mostly corrupt and dysfunctional!

Money is now a corrupt system and operation which controls human behavior and manipulates our attempts to become free and equal persons!

We also have developed technologies which now allow us to produce abundant supplies of goods and services for everyone. Money has served its role and function and we now can think about eliminating all money/currencies from this planet. But we need to adopt a Belief System which is realistic and relevant so that everyone is an EQUAL (as a person/individual). This Belief System needs to recognize that we are ‘spiritual’ beings (in reality) not evolved primates which emerged from the slime of primordial chemicals (as Science portrays). We need to elevate our thinking to a higher level and recognize WHO WE REALLY ARE (as people)! Our Consciousness (mind) needs to be discovered!

This theory which we call Evolution from a non-living chemical (is easily visualized as above) but this theory is not reality! I am a ‘spiritual’ being not some object (thing) from the material world (which evolved over millions of ‘fantasy’ periods of time)!

The science profession has deceived mankind with their theories of evolution from this slime of primordial chemicals. Science portrays ‘man’ as a thing and an object of the material world. This is a false perception and perspective. In reality, I am a ‘spiritual’ being who lives within TWO realms (the material/observable realm of sights and sounds and also the higher realm of the metaphysical spirit). Our ideas derive from this higher realm not the realm of primordial chemicals (or similar). If we elevate our thinking to this higher Platonic Realm, then we can create thinking which would allow us to create this World without Money! Beliefs are the KEY to this new world of people!

Reality is what we now need to pursue! Think on the above!

Think on this and we can explore additional insight in future missives! In conclusion, money was ‘invented’ and has now served its role (some 5000 years of controlling man and his behavior). We now need to crash this money system so we can begin the process of creating a better/higher/people centered system. Volunteers and technology can replace the paper notes, silver coins, and the digital bits/bytes which we now use. Currently, our currencies are mostly ‘imaginary’ units within our Consciousness! These units (if transcended) are the stepping stone to a New World without Money! Enjoy and think about these concepts! I am:

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