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The ‘IDEAL’ – a World without Money/Currencies!

November 3, 2015

My friend, at the clubhouse, here in Arizona calls me an ‘idealist’! Yes, we now could create a World without money/currencies! This view of our future (a world without money) created the label of me being an ‘IDEALIST’ (in the mind of Carl my PhD. friend in economics)! Currently, we live with ‘Cyber’ currencies which are technically ‘imaginary’ units of nothing ($$$$$$$$)! Why not evolve from this condition to an IDEAL world without any currencies ($$$$$$$$) or money! This is now feasible and possible! Think about it! Today, our money is a unit of NOTHING (totally within our Consciousness). Our $$$$$$$ is ‘imaginary’!

This means that we trade with ‘a unit of nothing’, buy with ‘a unit of nothing’, sell with ‘a unit of nothing’, and we create our ‘imaginary’ money OUT OF NOTHING! Our Zombie traders and financial pundits now buy/sell/trade/invest/speculate with a currency which does not EXIST within our material Universe! Are you aware of this? Our currency, called the Dollar’,  is a unit of ‘nothing’ ($$$$$$$$), created ‘out-of-nothing’ ($$$$$$$$), and derives from the Consciousness of our Banksters ($$$$$$$$)! Banksters, like Draghi, Kuroda, Ingves, Xiaochuan, Yellen, Carney, and the other 54 who make up the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) now create our Cyber digits from their inner Consciousness…which is equivalent to OUT-OF-NOTHING!

We can now eliminate all our currencies from this planet with the stroke of a computer key! All our debts, deficits, imaginary savings, credit symbols, loans, etc. would vanish into a ‘cyber’ CLOUD which then could be WIPED CLEAN so that all evidence is eliminated. All this is now possible as our currencies are technically IMAGINARY and mere symbols ($$$$$$$$) within our metaphysical MINDS. What a deal for all future generations. All money vanishes into the Cyber Cloud and is then Wiped Clean via a de-digitization of the numbers. All that we trade today are NUMBERS (math) which derives from our metaphysical intellect (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9000000000000000). Think about this idea for our future generations! An IDEAL world of trade and exchange without any $$$$$$$$!

No Money in an IDEAL world of individuals (7.2 billion people) solving economic problems with their smart phones, robots, artificial intelligence machines, GPS technologies, and our creative minds, hands, and bodies. Wealth (which derives from our Natural Resources) could be continually created into infinity without the MEANS of any physical money or any manipulated CYBER currency units. Banksters would disappear into the virtual realm of our MEMORY. We could recall the past as we look at our Smart Phone screens and remember the days of banksters, corrupt politicians, Central Planners, Zombie traders, and the poverty and crime which follows a money/currency system.

Yes, it is now possible and feasible to create an IDEAL world without money ($$$$$$$$)! Look all around you! Where is our $$$$$$$$ today? Where are all the cyber currencies right NOW? None EXIST within our physical/material WORLD! Are you AWARE of this? All our $$$$$$$$ are being created OUT-OF-NOTHING by our Central Planners (also called our Banksters). We now have IMAGINARY money/currencies which do not EXIST ($$$$$$$$) within our observable Universe! Why promote this FANTASY of the Banking Cartel…when we could live in an IDEAL world (people, places, things, and events)? Think and Imagine this IDEAL! Enjoy! I am:

We now live with Paper Notes (4% of all currencies) and Cyber Digits (96% of all transactions)! These units of ‘nothing’ are created ‘out-of-nothing’ and represent ‘nothing’! Why not eliminate ALL currencies and ALL money from this planet? We could THINK and grow RICH!

We invented MONEY to solve the problem of scarcity and to solve the conceptual problem called VALUE. We can now create a WORLD without scarcity and this means VALUE (this subjective concept in our MIND) has no meaning going forward! We can now THINK and grow RICH!

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  1. November 4, 2015 8:23 am

    Don, as you may know I am very interested in this topic, and I agree with you. However, it’s easy to say we can live without money, but we need tangible ideas (even if they are crazy for the time being) on how this would actually play out. It would be such a dramatic change in human society that 99.9999% of the people couldn’t even imagine a world without money. So I invite you to flesh out whatever you may think about implementing a world without money. Thanks.


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