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Rigged, Manipulated, with Au/Ag Suppressed – 25 say Yes!

November 2, 2015

Those who discern the reality of our algorithmic, electronic, automated, cyber markets know that we have a Centralized Computerized Rigged Casino for our global marketplace. Today, I watch as all physical commodities (per my smart phone app) are down while nearly all the equity stock markets are up (as of this writing). What is happening within our cyberspace markets which few seem to discern? Why are our Central Planners rigging all the markets? Who are the perpetrators of this fraud? The mystery starts behind closed doors of select trading desks. Let’s name some 25 pundits/experts which now think our markets (including our silver/gold markets) are rigged, manipulated, and often suppressed. Each pundit has a somewhat unique perspective on the operations!

  1. Don Swenson,
  2. Bill Murphy,
  3. Turd Ferguson,
  4. Jeff Berwick, http://www.DollarVigilante,com
  5. Mike Maloney,
  6. Jim Rickards,
  7. Jim Sinclair,
  8. Andrew Maguire,
  9. Egon von Greyerz,
  10. Gerald Celente, http://www.trendsjournal,com
  11. Eric Sprott,
  12. Max Keiser,
  13. Paul Craig Roberts,
  14. David Morgan,
  15. Bix Weir,
  16. Dave Kranzler,
  17. John Embry,
  18. Ted Butler,
  19. Chris Powell,
  20. Mark Leibovit,
  21. Dennis Gartman,
  22. James Turk,
  23. Matt Taibbi,
  24. Chris Martenson,
  25. Ed Steer,

Take a look at this fifteen-year chart of silver and notice the trend the past five years. The commodity which we call ‘silver’ has been in high demand for all these past five years, yet the price (as shown) ignores supply/demand factors and gets bracketed within a range by our automated/algorithmic/controlled computer trading markets. Who is behind all this price rigging and price manipulation? My theory and also the theory of most of the above is that our Central Planners who control the master computers at our Central Banks are the primary culprits. We could name these authorities, but this would not reveal the real specifics of who is doing what. Manipulation and rigging, however, is ubiquitous and a growing group of experts now realize this reality!

The commodity which we call gold trended up from 2000 until 2011. The past four + years it has trended down even though the supply/demand factors should have created a price which would be trending up. Why does supply and demand no longer set our prices in this sector and also in other sectors? Could it be that our cyber prices (now all electronic bits within our computer screen) are manipulated and suppressed? I think so! A growing group of financial pundits and even economists and financial media personnel now think that our markets are mostly RIGGED. Is it time for this fraud to be exposed by our major MEDIA? I think so! Pass the message on to them! Enjoy! I am:

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