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The ‘Situation’, the ‘Problem’…then ‘Viewpoints’ emerge!

November 1, 2015

Human nature is getting easier for me to discern. People do not change their behavior or thinking until a serious ‘Problem’ develops. What happens in real-time is that we all LIVE in the Now continually (our current ‘Situation’). We do not change our behavior until a serious ‘Problem’ emerges which affects how we live and think. This means that until our economy crashes (it’s coming), there will be NO change in mindset or in the economic thinking (of the masses). Reality is lived as ‘successive moments of now’. When the NOW (our ‘Situation’) changes than behavior and thinking changes!

Life is lived as successive Situations (events). Each Situation eventually produces a Problem. The Problem then creates one’s Viewpoint about the Situation/Problem. When our global economy eventually crashes, then this Situation will produce serious Problems (for people and our leaders) and then the Viewpoint of our people and our leaders will change. Right now (today as I write) we have no serious economic or survival Situation or Problem. This means that people will NOT change their mindset or viewpoint from the ‘I don’t care mindset’ to a ‘what’s happening’ mindset.

Human nature does not change easily and unless God brings us a serious economic/survival Situation and then a personal Problem (it’s coming), human nature will continue with this ‘I don’t care attitude’. If the ‘Problem’ is not immediate, then don’t rock the boat is the mindset of the masses. This is human nature. Don’t change until the boat is actually sinking, until the cliff is immediate, until events create a serious ‘problem’ for me and mine. Yes, human nature is mostly constant and does not change meaningfully until a serious event of survival is present.

A serious Fire in my bedroom will create immediate action, but a lit cigarette on the floor is not a meaningful ‘problem’. As of today, our global and national situation is relatively positive and stable (per the reports of our corrupt authorities). This means that, right Now, there is no meaningful ‘problem’ to be concerned about. Yes, human nature is interesting! The coming financial hurricane which will soon create a New Situation (survival event) is not being noticed by those on the Broad Road to Destruction. Only a few chosen ones discern what is emerging! This is our current Situation!

We all must now WAIT until God (via his streaming ‘words’) brings us this coming economic storm. When it arrives THEN people will start to think. The Situation will have changed. The Problem will have arrived. Then a new Viewpoint will emerge from the mouths of our people and our leaders. New thinkers will get noticed. Those who comprehend the new Situation and Problem will start to educate the masses. As of today, we are NOT there. Wake-up time is for the few (those chosen to discern). The masses Sleep on and do their thinking without realization of the coming storm! Enjoy this lesson in human nature! I am:

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