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Four ‘Spiritual’ concepts which influence our Markets!

October 30, 2015

I would suggest that there are ‘four’ core human concepts (intellectual ideas) which have a major impact upon our global financial markets! These concepts are ‘spiritual’ (in nature) because they are within our metaphysical mind. Those who read my blog realize that I live in TWO realms of reality. My ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ is separate from my physical ‘body’/’brain’. This means that all ideas, concepts, and words actually derive from the ‘spiritual’/’mental’ realm  (my mind)…not from my brain (which is physical/material). So what are these ‘four’ spiritual/metaphysical concepts which affect all our global financial markets? I will define each word/concept so you understand my Worldview:

  1. VALUE: this is a concept of economics, money, and finance!
  2. CYBERSPACE: this is a concept of computer technology and our internet!
  3. GOD: this is a concept of religion and metaphysics!
  4. CONSCIOUSNESS: this is a concept of science, neuroscience, and psychology!

The definition of ‘value’ is a result which becomes meaningful as we trade products and services within our marketplace. Value is a RESULT (expressed in math) which I derive from a monetary unit ($) to reflect a relative/subjective outcome. Value does not actually ‘exist’ as a thing/object within our universe. Value is not composed of atoms or sub-atomic particles. Value is a spiritual idea or concept which we derive because of the system we live with…called Capitalism. Actually, the concept of ‘private property’ and private ownership creates this concept which we call ‘value’!

The definition of ‘cyberspace’ is that metaphysical space which gets created when we connect a network of computers together for the purpose of data/info/communication transfer. Cyberspace is metaphysical and spiritual in nature as it ‘extends’ my consciousness so that I can communicate with others on this planet via our electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. Radio waves, visible light waves, and other electromagnetic frequencies transfer data/words/ideas from sender to receiver. The ideal example is our worldwide internet web or the global internet! Today, our money is within this metaphysical space which we call ‘cyberspace’. This makes our money metaphysical/spiritual!

The definition of ‘God’ is that Source which originates my/your words and ideas and then streams these units of consciousness to each human mind. Prior to my speaking a ‘word’ or ‘idea’ (a unit of consciousness) the Source (God) has already spoken this word or idea and streamed it to the human being. I and you derive our inner words and ideas from the metaphysical/spiritual realm of reality. God is ultimately in control and every human being is technically AT EFFECT (a recipient of his/her reality)! Words are what create my reality and I believe your reality…in real-time. Think of our ‘words’ as spiritual or metaphysical! In the beginning was The Word and I/you are ‘a word’ (we are ‘at effect’)!

The definition of ‘Consciousness’ is that life force which provides and activates our physical brain/neuron/synapse network and all that we call ‘life’. Consciousness is key to thinking, speaking, memory, conceptualization, and movement. The ultimate ‘human’ source of words, ideas, concepts, mental images is our consciousness. Consciousness creates ‘awareness’ and mental ‘focus’ so that my brain system can respond and then activate motion and responses to the real-time environment. Consciousness is a metaphysical/spiritual concept with no material/physical substance! The philosophy of Plato and Socrates started this view of reality which I espouse!

The above ‘four’ spiritual/metaphysical concepts are key to any activity within our financial markets. All function together to create our markets and global social activity for the 7.2 billion human persons on this planet. We all live within TWO realms of reality and the above ‘four’ concepts are the key to discerning what is happening in real-time. Economics is based upon the concept of VALUE. Technology is now based upon digital communication within this metaphysical space called CYBERSPACE. Religion is based on this concept we call God or the Source of our Words! Science is based upon the fundamental concept of CONSCIOUSNESS!

All the above ‘four’ concepts need to be discerned and understood if events in today’s world are to make sense. Think on these four concepts: Value, Cyberspace, God, and Consciousness! Each of these concepts are core or foundational to understanding reality and our markets (political, social, economic, militarist, and scientific). All Geo-political events, all international political events, all social/religious events, and all technological/scientific events derive their reality from these four spiritual concepts. That is my personal Worldview! Some will agree and some will disagree! We all have our personal Worldview and set of beliefs which create our personal reality. Enjoy this overview! I am:

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