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Silver slammed 4% ($0.60) in milliseconds today! Why?

October 28, 2015

Take a look at the Kitco silver chart for 10/28/2015. Notice how the ‘price’ of silver was slammed in milliseconds on our electronic markets. Get the tick chart at: Simultaneously, the Dow Index shoots up some 198 points with no evidence of a stronger economy or any growth in our real material wealth. What does this reveal? To me, this reveals that our cyber markets are totally ‘imaginary’ and manipulated by our Central Bank computers or their proxies. Computers and trading strategies cause prices (stock, bond, commodities, etc.) to change in our ‘imagination’ (cyberspace) but few can discern this ‘imaginary’ nature of our markets. Deception is now ubiquitous to 99 + % of traders, investors, speculators, bankers, and economists.

In my MIND is see the image of a bird! In Observable reality I see only the body of a female! Is there a difference in the ‘nature’ of these images? What do you think?

People can not discern the difference (it seems) between that which is part of our Material observable reality (sights and sounds) and that which is part of their Mental reality (also called their mental ‘imagination’). What a deception and delusion which now occurs daily within our computer screen markets. Today, I talked to a group of retired investors at the clubhouse here in Arizona. These guys displayed this same deception/delusion when it comes to our markets. They could not differentiate between the ‘nature’ of our money (as viewed on the TV screen) and the nature of the sights and sounds within the clubhouse (that which is outside one’s mental imagination).

This girl is seeing an ‘image’ in her MIND (let’s say a silver coin). Does this silver coin exist within Observable reality (the realm of sights and sounds)?

Deception and delusion is now so ubiquitous among many educated and seemingly intelligent individuals that their view of reality is distorted and confused. Why? My sense is that one’s ‘imagination’ (within the MIND) is what most people view as reality. If I can get a person to watch or observe a flow of digits in the computer screen (price changes in real-time on a smart-phone screen) most will view this as reality which is happening in Space/time (our observable universe). These clubhouse investors thought all that happens within cyberspace (the computer screen) is as real as the coffee cup they were drinking from.

The above ‘tick’ chart shows changes in the ‘price’ of silver as traders click their computer bets! Is this ‘flow’ of cyber digits (called money) part of Observable reality or part of my Imaginary reality? What is the difference?

The pictures hanging on the Wall in the background could be my clubhouse wall. Are the virtual ‘images’ in the computer screen (shown above) of the same ‘nature’ as these pictures hanging on my clubhouse wall? What do you think?

I could probably convince them that an ‘image’ of their coffee cup (currently in their hand) is the same as the virtual ‘image’ of a coffee cup in the computer screen. Virtual images or real-time observable images (to these and our many zombie investors/traders) are identical and the same reality (it seems). People seem unable to distinguish the difference between a virtual stock and a paper stock, a virtual symbol ($1) and a symbol on a paper note, a virtual Treasury Bond and a Paper Treasury Bond. That which appears on the SCREEN to these intelligent investors is identical to that which I print on a piece of paper.

The coffee cup within the computer screen is a virtual ‘image’ (similar to our cyber money today). What is the ‘nature’ of this virtual ‘image’? Is it in Observable space/time (the realm of sights and sounds)?

One of my most intelligent clubhouse investors (when I showed him my recently purchased silver Eagle coins) claimed that these coins were ‘imaginary’. Did he really mean this? After I dropped a coin on the table, he finally seemed to recognized that it was NOT imaginary. What deception we now witness in finance, trading, and economics. Intelligent (educated) people can not discern what is VIRTUAL (imaginary) from that which is OBSERVABLE (in space/time). The TWO realms of reality which I have been preaching for years goes totally unnoticed by our deceived/deluded investors/traders. This, to me is shocking! Why this disconnect from reality? Or am I deceived and not aware of it?

Images in my mental realm (my inner consciousness) are not the same (to me) as images within observable reality (that which I witness as I walk the streets of my neighborhood).

Imagination is reality to most everyone (it would seem). If an ‘image’ can be visualized in one’s MIND, then it must be part of our OBSERVABLE reality. ONE reality is what most seem to believe and what is ‘inside’ the MIND or ‘outside’ the MIND needs no differentiation. Maybe, I am living on another planet and I am deceived! To me, an ‘imaginary’ image of an apple (a virtual object) is not the same as a real physical apple which I eat and enjoy. An ‘image’ of a coffee cup (in the computer screen) is not the same as the coffee cup in my hand. Am I deceived and unaware of my deception? What do you think?

A photo of a shopping aisle reveals details within the smart-phone screen. Is there a difference between the ‘nature’ of the photo (in the screen) vs the observable details which I witness with my eyes in real-time?

Are virtual images in cyberspace the same as images (the sights and sounds) which I witness as I walk the streets? Is CYBERSPACE and cyber money (the digits we see as numbers in the screen) the same as a silver coin or a paper note (in their ‘nature’)? Are the QE operations of our Central Bankers (mere digitization of numbers) the same as the PRINTING of paper notes by our Bureau of Engraving and Printing? And what is the real ‘purpose’ of money? I asked this question this morning and everyone said the purpose of money is to serve as a ‘medium of exchange’. Is this correct?

Virtual coins superimposed (on the screen) after a photo is taken of an observable government building! Is the ‘nature’ of these realities different? Are objects in cyberspace different (in ‘nature’) from objects in observable space/time?

What am I doing when I make a purchase of an object (say a car)? Am I merely exchanging my medium of exchange (the money units) or is there a deeper purpose for money? Who is aware of the concept which we call VALUE? What is VALUE? When I sell my car do I want to exchange this object for mere mediums of exchange (units of whatever)? OR do I want to received VALUE from my purchaser? Isn’t it VALUE which we trade when we SELL an object of wealth? None of these savvy/intelligent investors at my clubhouse discerned this economic reality! NONE! This is Shocking (to me)!

This virtual image of a paper note was derived from a real physical paper note (let’s assume). Today, all our money is becoming virtual (bits/bytes in cyberspace). Is Cyberspace the same as Observable Space?

Anyway, I must now conclude this missive with these words: my thinking is obviously much different from the vast majority of investors/speculators/traders. To me, virtual reality is not the same as observable reality. Virtual images in the computer screen (in cyberspace) are not the same as printed paper notes or silver coins! Money which is ‘imaginary’ is not the same as physical money (like silver/gold coins or bars). Physical or material reality is different from that which I ‘imagine’ within my mental/inner Consciousness. I live in TWO realms of reality. Most of my friends and coffee partners live in another dimension of reality. The TWO shall never MEET! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. To me, reality should be separated into TWO realms:

Note the Observable horses (the world of sights and sounds) and then the higher realm of ‘imaginary’ forms (that which I witness within my inner consciousness). These TWO realms of reality are the basis of economics and reality IMO. We all live within TWO realms of reality and most seem unaware! Could this be our problem today? Think and reflect! NOW is the time to buy your Observable Silver Coins (you may need some when your ‘imaginary’ currencies vanish into your second realm of reality)! D

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