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Investor ‘FEAR’ – where does it come from?

October 26, 2015

Neuroscientists (many) claim that my ‘fears’ and ‘anxiety’ come from my amygdala. This ‘tonsil’ like organ (we have two) within my Brain is supposedly the source of my/your ‘fears’ and our emotions. We think about ‘fears’ when we review memories of dire situations in our life. The 911 attack on the World Trade Center and the 1963 event where our President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas, tend to bring up memories (in my mind) of ‘anxiety’ moments…and similar events today can create ‘fear’ in our brain ‘amygdalae’. Is this mindset of our elite neuroscientists hype and deception or do they actually know what causes ‘fear’? My view is that ‘fear’ derives from my Consciousness or my Spirit and then my amygdalae (both of them) respond or light up. The ’cause’ of my FEAR precedes what happens in my amygdalae!

I have a ‘right’ and a ‘left’ amygdala. Do my ‘fears’ and ‘anxiety’ come from this ‘tonsil’ like organ?

Does investor/trader ‘fear’ of a coming financial hurricane or crash develop in a trader’s amygdalae and then they respond by selling their virtual cyber positions or is ‘fear’ really not a Brain event when it comes to CAUSE? All our elite scientists seem to want to develop their psychological theories from the idea that my/your BRAIN is the source of our emotions, memories, and our thinking. This deception (to me) is part of the problem with science. Thinking seems to start with the human body and the details which live within our human skin. But this mindset, to me, is fallacious and does not represent sound economic thinking or sound philosophy. It may represent sound science, but NOT science for our profession of Economics. Economics is mostly about human emotions and desires (derived from ‘consciousness’) as they relate to scarcity and survival issues.

The coming financial CRASH will create some ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’. What causes these EMOTIONS? Do my emotions derive from my Brain and its activity?

The philosophy within economics deals with ‘human’ fears and greed and with human motivations and desires. To understand investor/trader ‘fears’ and their ‘anxieties’ we need to think about my or your Consciousness and our inner Spirit. My amygdala has NO reality when I get shot and killed or when I physically die. A dead human person still has a ‘amygdala’ which can be diagnosed but all the MRI scans (after my ‘consciousness’ leaves me) will not reveal any FEAR or anxiety! Fear, to me, derives from my living Spirit and then it activates my ‘amygdala’ within my Brain. When I experience an event which I interpret as DIRE and scary a ‘fight or flight’ reaction occurs. This response comes from my Spirit and my Consciousness NOT my ‘amygdala’.

Do my ‘fears’ and secondary emotions (including my memories) derive from my brain ‘amygdala’ or my living ‘consciousness’? What do you think? What is the CAUSE of my ‘fears’, ‘passions’, ’emotions’, and my ‘anxieties’?

Science needs to think more about the human ‘spirit’ and what creates one’s ‘consciousness’ if they desire to get to the bottom of FEAR and other anxieties. That would be my perspective! This means that science needs to get out of the ‘material’ realm of reality and into the higher realm called the ‘metaphysical/’spiritual’. We, I believe and think, live within TWO realms of reality. Realm #1 is the ‘material’ or the world of sights and sounds. Realm #2 is the ‘metaphysical’ or the realm of the human spirit and consciousness. When our markets finally turn DOWN and CRASH some ‘fears’ and ‘anxiety’ will develop in the investor/trader environment. These ‘fears’ and ‘anxieties’ will cause each person’s amygdalae to light up within an MRI scan but this response in our amygdalae (we have two) is not the CAUSE of our fear. Think deeper! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. TWO realms of reality is now a relevant issue for economics, philosophy, science, and religion:

The profession of Economics and Finance is based upon a Dualistic view of reality! Ideas derive from the ‘metaphysical mind’ and objects are experienced in the world of sights and sounds (the material realm)! Neuroscience, IMO, is deceived by their prior ‘theories’ of evolution and materiality! Yes, my Brain is material BUT my Mind (consciousness) is where all my ideas, words, concepts originate!

Science says: ( is one of the most universally understood human emotions. Every one of us is familiar with the feelings, behaviors, and symptoms engendered by fear — so familiar, in fact, that we can sense it in the voices and actions of our friends and loved ones, and even recognize it in the facial expressions of complete strangers. Yet the neural underpinnings of fear remain something of a mystery.

Having said that, much of what we do know about how our brains process fear boils down to two tiny little lumps of neurons; whether you’re a human, a rat, a monkey or a mouse, when it comes to processing fear, the vast majority of research says that the most important parts of your brain are your amygdalae, a pair of almond-shaped clusters of neurons sequestered deep within your medial temporal lobes.

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