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Gold to Crash to $907 – Financial Times, 10/22/2015

October 23, 2015

The forecasting of the ‘price’ of gold is interesting to watch. I watch as many predict that this ‘price’ will soon be $1400/ounce and others who predict a ‘price’ as low as $700. John Authers, of the Financial Times, in the Smart Money section, says the fair value of gold should be around $907.00 (if compared to a zero coupon bond). So who knows where the ‘price’ will go in the coming months. The onset of Deflation in our global markets has created an environment where many investors now desire sound Treasury bonds for their safe-haven investment and not gold. Is this a wise choice?

John Authers

John Authers sees a bear market for gold for years:

Personally, I think our cyber authorities at our Central Banks can create a cyber gold ‘price’ at any number (desired) using our electronic Futures markets. Selling ‘imaginary’ contracts short (called the ‘naked’ short sale) creates an ‘imaginary’ increase in the supply of digital gold and this then suppresses the cyber ‘price’ (within the computer screen), instantaneously. All this can now be accomplished using coded ‘algorithms’ and high-speed trading. Computers can rig the ‘price’ of gold (or silver) at whatever ‘price’ they desire. Algorithms are the choice of the savvy traders in today’s electronic trading markets.

So will the cyber ‘price’ of gold crash to this $907.00 level in the coming days or weeks? It is possible! Our markets are now totally ‘rigged’ via algorithms and cyber trading. Our speed of light computers can trade in micro-seconds and ‘spoof’ traders who trade via coded algorithms so as to manipulate our cyber ‘prices’. Spoofing represents the ‘dark’ side of trading and traders now follow ‘price’ totally when entering and exiting their trades. As ‘prices’ change in the computer screen, traders change their bets instantaneously. Sharp changes in ‘price’ via tick charts causes a coded algorithm to enter a bet. When the ‘price’ changes in the opposite direction, a coded algorithm changes the bet.

Following cyber prices is all that is needed today as our electronic markets operate with ‘play’ money which I call Cyber Money. Cyber Money consists of cyber digits circulating within Cyberspace. All our global markets are now Cyber Markets and Cyber Money (within Cyberspace) is how traders operate. Cyber strategies are now based mostly upon following the ‘flow’ of cyber ‘prices’ from moment to moment. Automated trading is becoming the means to create cyber profits in real-time and then exit the trading platform at the end of a trading session. A good option for automated trading is CoolTrade. You can check this option out at:

So will the cyber ‘price’ of gold crash to $907.00? Personally, I don’t think so! Today, the vast majority of traders and investors are unaware that our cyber markets are ‘imaginary’ venues. Traders trade ‘imaginary’ symbols and virtual contracts to effect a trade. The counterparty to a trade is another ‘imaginary’ entity…usually another coded ‘algorithm’. Trading ‘imaginary symbols and numbers is what is happening in our markets and the vast majority of intelligent traders/investors seem like Zombies as they trade their ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies and their ‘imaginary’ cyber contracts. What a change from my days on the farm when trading involved real tangible products. We now live in cyberspace and within our ‘imaginary’ mental venues (the human mind). Enjoy your trading and your cyber markets! A crash of these ‘imaginary’ markets will eventually bring this game to a halt. I am:

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