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Streaming ‘Data’ (words) from the Metaphysical Realm!

October 21, 2015

Who is aware of such basic information like the ‘source’ of streaming ‘words’, ‘ideas’, ‘thoughts’? Are you aware that my/your ‘words’ do not originate within my/your Brain? Words which emerge from my mouth and yours (I propose) do not originate in our Brains. Neurons and synapses and the connections between all these millions of nerve endings do NOT originate our ‘ideas’ or our ‘thoughts’. What does this mean? Think of the 7.2 billion people currently ON our planet! What creates the action or human behavior within each individual ‘person’?

Do our ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ come from another REALM (a metaphysical realm)?

When I think of the ‘words’ like let’s go to dinner at a Thai restaurant now/or I desire to apply for a job at Wal-Mart’s today/or I hate you and desire to shoot you…where did these ‘words’ of action derive from? Did my neurons and synapses and the billions of connections create these ‘words’ which later produced the action? Can a Brain with billions of nerve cells and nerve connections produce my WORDS and IDEAS? Are not my WORDS  which I think with the key to my subsequent action or behavior? Think about this! What causes my or your behavior and action in real-time? What role do ‘words’ play?

Does my/your BRAIN create our ‘words’ and ‘ideas’? What do you think?

My view of reality says that my WORDS do not derive from mere ‘matter/energy’ (my brain or the interconnections therein). The ‘quantum theory’ of reality likes to propose that all human action derives from within the ‘human skin’. This means that neuroscience likes to imply that my ‘words’, ‘thoughts’, and ‘ideas’ derive from my Brain (which is within my skin). In other words, science likes to advance the theory that all reality derives from ‘within’ the human person (skin or body). This, to me, is a false perspective and is so obviously wrong that a child would challenge this premise. Children speak words within months after birth. Where do these ‘words’ emerge from? The Brain or the child’s MIND?

Where does a child get its ‘words’ from? Brain or a Conscious Mind?

Think of a newly born child that is being breast-fed and which can not talk. Does this child think? Does this child have consciousness within? Or does this child have merely a Brain (within his/her skull with no consciousness/spirit). Does this child have a ‘metaphysical Mind” which produces conscious thinking … outside the skull/skin … which later produces the first ‘words’ from this child? As the child grows and develops what then happens? Does the child start talking, thinking, and showing special gifts of character? Where do these unique/different ‘ideas’ and ‘thoughts’ derive from? Is it possible that the child has a  metaphysical MIND? A mind which is separate from the brain and ‘outside’ the child’s skin? Think on this?

Do emotions (love and hate) and ‘thoughts’ derive from the Brain or from the human Conscious Mind?

My point in all this is to present a theory of reality which is so obvious that everyone should adopt this theory if they think and meditate upon these ‘ideas’. Do we all live and act as a result of TWO obvious realities of human nature! The TWO realities are that which we observe (our bodies/that which is within our skin) and that which we do not observe (our thinking, words, thoughts, ideas, concepts, mental images)? Don’t we all LIVE within TWO realms of reality? We could view them as the INNER and the OUTER. We could view them as that which we OBSERVE and that which is INVISIBLE. Both realms of reality are REAL…but different in nature! Think on this!

Was Plato correct? Ideas or forms derive from the metaphysical realm not from material matter/energy!

I could relate this TWO realm theory to our monetary system for an example. Think of a Barter economy where farmers exchange their visible products for other visible products. This is done daily on our planet. Then think of these farmers desiring to improve this Barter economy with the introduction of an ‘idea’, a ‘word’, a ‘thought’. The word becomes what we now call MONEY. What becomes ‘money’ within a Barter marketplace? Think of a visible thing (let’s say a silver coin) and we then agree to call this item by the ‘name’ MONEY. Later we desire to further improve on this situation and the ‘idea’ of a CURRENCY emerges from the invisible Mind of a trader. What then happens?

Economic behavior starts in a Barter marketplace! Who wants to ‘invent’ the concept of MONEY? Who will think up the ‘idea’ of a CURRENCY for calculating ‘value’ in exchange?

Notice the ‘words’ silver (a visible thing) and dollar (invisible number)! This shows our TWO realms of reality clearly! Money (the word) created ‘silver’ as its object (in a Barter marketplace) and Dollar (the word) was created (politically) as a unit for calculating ‘value’ in exchange!

In time a ‘name’ emerges from a trader after the ‘currency’ has been defined specifically. Let’s say the ‘name’ is DOLLAR. This invisible ‘name’ then becomes visible as we have defined the ‘name’ in terms of an object within our Barter marketplace. We give a ‘name’ to the silver coin (call it ‘dollar’) and this becomes our reference point for VALUE. Later we think up the ‘idea’ of a PAPER NOTE with the ‘name’ DOLLAR. This becomes our floating paper currency in the marketplace. Originally, we define the paper note as ‘x’ grains of silver and make it convertible, then later we drop the ‘x’ grains and drop the ‘silver’ coin and we promote the ‘idea’ of a fiat/floating paper note as our MONEY and our CURRENCY. Where did all these ‘ideas’ come from?

Who created each unique silver coin as their unique MONEY and then a defined unit for a CURRENCY? Was it a human MIND or a human Brain? What is human Consciousness and where does it come from?

Who thinks up ‘ideas’ and then implements the ‘ideas’ so everyone can follow this leader? Some person starts the ‘ideation’ and then others adopt this ‘thinking’ or ‘philosophy’. But did these complex ‘ideas’ derive from a BRAIN (a set of interconnected nerve cells and synapses) or a MIND (consciousness) which transcends the 10 pound thing which we call the human BRAIN? Think about this issue of WHERE to our ‘ideas’, ‘thoughts’, ‘words’ come from? Are ideas invisible streams of consciousness which transcend the human SKULL/skin? Are ‘ideas’ derived from a METAPHYSICAL realm of reality which is outside (the brain) and inner (derived from another realm)? Think about this concept we call the HUMAN MIND! What is it? Where is it? What activates the human brain? What makes us human and unique? Think! Challenge my premise!

Is it time to think about the deeper concepts which produce human behavior? Where do our beliefs come from? Where does one’s view of reality come from? Which minds rule this planet? Why? What is their vision?

Where do the ‘ideas’ of these strongmen derive from? Is it all in their BRAIN or does each have a MIND which originates what the Brain activates?  What do you think? What ‘thoughts’ are invisible yet within the Consciousness of each of the above? Does their action result from the invisible realm of reality?

To me, it is so obvious that I have a MIND separate from my Brain and that most people simply assume this reality without really thinking about it! Think about your own WORDS and THOUGHTS! Where do these streaming units of consciousness derive from? Do we all live in TWO worlds and don’t realize it? Look at our global planet and the 7.2 billion people living ON this planet? Who originates all the ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ for our global society? Are ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ being STREAMED from another realm of REALITY (down or up to us)? Words create my reality and I would summit YOURS! So isn’t it important to understand where WORDS COME FROM? I think so! Enjoy this exercise! I am:

Yes, in the beginning was THE WORD! Thinking ‘words’ after the sovereign SOURCE is what I think happens on this planet! Reference: John 1: 1-3.

Streaming ‘words’ (like cosmic rays) come from the Metaphysical Realm of reality! Who is aware of this???

Is our Creator out in material space/time (like what science proposes via the God particle)? Or could their be a Metaphysical realm of reality which works on the ‘inner’ being (self)?

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