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New Thinking, New Model, New Worldview…needed!

October 20, 2015

Today, we witness many different worldviews and perspectives on issues of economics and freedom. Those who control the current real-time system tend to promote more of the same…which is more Socialism or various varieties of a collective system (under the control and rulership of a few elites). The new Agenda 2030, which is now being promoted by all the 193 countries which are members of the United Nations, is more Collectivism/Socialism with a trend towards Communism (as its end result). Is this the best that we can do on this planet? This new Agenda is official as of 01/01/2016. Where does this philosophy lead us? Are you aware of where it leads? I sense more Control and Enslavement!

One planet under Providence is my model for our future! What do you think?

What we need to recognize is that we all live on a planet which is basically borderless (when viewed from above). When I look at our planet from the viewpoint of outer space (similar to those who viewed our earth from the Moon), I witness that all is interconnected and that every person occupies a unique space on our planet. Every person is unique and equal (as a person/individual). Every person also desires to be free of the control of another. Who wants to be controlled by another person who desires to promote their hubris and their values upon another person(s)? In reality, every person desires to be ‘free’ and to think ‘freely’. This means that every person must be ‘free’ to disagree or agree on all the issues of life.

The Whole (our planet) must now come prior to the Part (a group or a Nation)!  The ‘Individual’ must come prior to the ‘State’ (so all can relate as equals)!

Our current real-time model which is called the Nation/State System, promotes the rulership of the ‘few’ over the ‘many’.This model creates the philosophy of ‘Might’ makes ‘Right’ and a mindset of Control over those who can not challenge the ‘Guns’ and/or the ‘Military’ of the strongmen who desire to Rule over others. We witness this model in action today all over our planet. Currently, the strongmen on this planet are those with the most ‘Guns’ and the most ‘Control’ over the planet. The USA, Russia, China, Britain, Israel, and the United Nations are the ‘strongmen’ who currently Rule over this planet! Probably some 1% of the global population of 7.2 billion can now Rule over the 99%. What does this produce for the planet? What does this produce for the ‘individual’?

This President was aware of the Military/Industrial Complex and its dangers!

What it produces in real-time is  political conflict, wars, strife, hubris, ego, pride, power mongering, challenging opponents, mass destruction, dysfunction, limited growth, military solutions, and survival of the nation with the most ‘might’ and ‘control’. The many (now some 7.2 billion) do not benefit from this system of competitive destruction of the planet (by our corrupt Rulers) so that the hubris of the strongest/meanest/most powerful can survive at the expense of the many. Our model for relating on this planet is one of ego, force, and the political correctness of select/corrupt RULERS! We witness this mindset everyday as we watch Global Politics, the U.S. Congress, the Europe migration mess, the U.N. hierarchy, and all the controlling Institutions trying to run economics (IMF, BIS, WTO, Fed, CFR, WB, etc.) and which rule over us!

John F. Kennedy eventually died for his economic and political beliefs which ran ‘counter’ to those controlling our corrupt System! The ‘Money’ cartel may have been behind his demise (so say many)!

Is there a BETTER model that we could create for this planet? Is there a better Worldview or Philosophy which we could promote? What must we think and do so as to change our current ‘destructive’ model into a ‘constructive’ one? I will offer a couple of suggestions to consider. First of all, I think that we need to THINK from the ‘Whole’ to the ‘Part’! We need to THINK about the whole Chicken (our planet) prior to the Egg (a given nation or country). We need to recognize that all of our Natural Resources as well as our SuperNatural Resources are inter-related and inter-connected and that ownership of these Resources are really not the providence of any one Person, Nation, Ruler, or Group. In reality, God (our Creator) actually OWNS our planet and ALL the Resources (natural and supernatural). Are you aware of this?

A symbol and an image of the American Empire of global Control and Hegemony! Where does this lead?

With a NEW mindset (Worldview and thinking Model) we could begin to change the current non-System to a BETTER alternative going forward. The idea is to put the WHOLE (the planet) prior to the PART (the country). We need to think about the Whole Chicken prior to the emergent Egg. We then need to think about our Creator as the real OWNER and RULER and SOVEREIGN over this planet. This makes each person (the individual) subservient and equal to everyone else. There would be NO strongman or strongmen ruling over others (via guns, military might, and/or political dominionism). Every individual would be sovereign over their own thinking and their own actions. ONE PLANET under our CREATOR (the real Owner/Sovereign over this planet)! Give this worldview some consideration! We do need to think about NEW alternatives to our current non-System! Enjoy! Consider! I am:

P.S. Where are current political/economic policies leading? Where?

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