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Revelations from Las Vegas Traders Expo!

October 15, 2015

Traders from all over the USA and Europe attended this Expo in Las Vegas, October 14-16, 2015. There were some 40 traders from the country of Sweden promoting their website and programs for investors/traders in Sweden. The Expo seemed smaller than in prior years and the speakers on issues like Algorithmic trading and Automated trading were much more limited. The main sponsors of this event are Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Trade Station, and E-trade. My estimate is that around 500 – 750 traders attended this event.

Best presentation at the Las Vegas Trading Expo was Thomas Kee!

Personally, I attended events on October 14 and 15. Following is a brief synopsis of the revelations which I picked up upon:

  1. Thomas Kee, President and CEO of Stock Traders Daily,, presented the best overview of our global economic situation. Thomas views the problems going forward as one of a Liquidity Crisis. He thinks demand for ‘new’ investments will be down as our Fed is not providing the needed liquidity to sustain a continuing increase in our Stock Markets. Cash and Margin Debt are at all times lows and this will create a downward trend in our markets from now until into 2017. The Dow Index could decline by up to 66% in 2016. 2015 is a Presidential election year so he does not see a crash until 2016.

Stefanie provided us with live trading for 90 minutes. She follows the big block trades as reference points for entering a trade.

  1. Stefanie Kammerman, Instructor, The Stock Whisperer,, competed in a live trade session with Rob Hoffman. She lost to Rob but revealed some tit-bits of information that were interesting. Did you know that 40% of USA trades are done via Dark Pools? Goldman Sachs and other large trading firms prefer the Dark Pool concept to conceal their trades from the real-time markets. Trades of 500,000 to 1 million shares (block trades) make up most of Dark Pool trading. Stefanie also revealed that 70% of trades are institutional trades.

Algorithms can now provide real-time Big Data for everyone who trades!

  1. Pouya Taaghol, CEO Prediction Valley,, gave a great overview of the concept of Big Data and what is now being done to use ‘algorithms’ to process Big Data for all the markets. Algorithms will soon be the means by which all traders gather real-time and historical information on all companies for purposes of discerning who is doing what, when, and with what success. Big Data can now be collected from nearly everyone now that computers and the digital age is so prevalent. We are definitely in a global marketplace when it comes to trading and our monetary issues. Check out his website for some ‘free’ Data for your own uses.

Making money with ‘automated’ trading software is now a great alternative for novice traders and for those who desire speed of light execution of their trades!

  1. Jim Breen (a 30 year trading veteran),, gave me a comprehensive overview of Automated Trading Software and how it can enhance trading profits for novice traders and for those who do not desire to watch a computer screen for making trades. His fully automated trading software is trend following and interfaces with TradeStationSecurities for streaming prices and trade execution. All one needs is a laptop computer, reliable Internet connection, $5,500 to open a futures account, and $2,500 for a one year license to his automated trading software. His trading profits for the past 20 months were 341% profit (using a $10,000 trading account).

In conclusion, it appears that the Big Message from this Expo was the presentation by Thomas Kee, entitled ‘Macroeconomics: Monetary Policy and the Coming Liquidity Crisis’. Our stock markets are now over bought and over priced (substantially) and a decline of 50% to 66% is built into the trends for 2016. The only hedge on this event would be if our FED chooses another huge QE program to pump up these declining markets. Thomas thinks the ‘natural’ course of events is for the markets (USA and Global) to decline as demand and demographics will not support the growth which many have assumed will continue going forward. Personally, I would agree with Mr. Kee and his overview of our markets. Check out his website if you desire more information on his presentation. Enjoy! I am: (reporting from Las Vegas, Nevada).

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