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Investors: Buy Silver NOW! $$$ to crash soon!

October 12, 2015

Let’s honor our Founding Father of money, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas created our currencies (the dollar and the subsidiary coinage) and the concept of money…by choosing SILVER as money and the DOLLAR as our currency. He did this in the period of 1785 to 1792. He defined our ‘dollar’ (our currency) as 371.25 grains of pure silver (silver became ‘money’). Now is the time to honor this Founding Father by purchasing all the Silver (bars and coins) that you can afford. The reward to those who ACT is substantial! Go for it! Let’s honor this important Founding Father of our money! I have acted and will continue to ACT!

Let’s honor Thomas Jefferson our Founding Father of American Money!

Our corrupt Government, the Treasury Department and our Fed, is attempting to deceive the public with a digital/cyber currency/money. These officials need to be aware that ‘we the public’ do not buy into their money deceptions and corruptions. Cyber money is not sustainable and it leads to the ‘mark of the beast’ financial system. Now is the time to challenge our corrupt financial Authorities and BUY all the silver/gold you can as your STORE OF VALUE! Cyber units are NOT a store of value. These units are units of ‘Nothing’! Think and then ACT!

Our Founding Fathers chose silver/gold as our money/currency!

Read my prior missives to gain understanding on the ‘nature’ of our cyber money. These units are imaginary and can not last as a real STORE OF VALUE. Silver and gold will last as they are physical/material items and even if we abolish money/currencies down the road, silver and gold will still be valuable as subjective items. The concept of VALUE is subjective and things which last will always have some collectors value. Cyber money, however, is imaginary and will CRASH and VANISH as we abolish these units as our money!

Our corrupt FED is not a choice for this Founding Father!

Our corrupt financial officials have been suppressing the PRICES of silver and gold for some 4.5 years. This is being done to create a dis-interest in these precious metals so that cyber units (bits/bytes) can be promoted. These units, however, are really units of ‘nothing’ and are not located within our Space/time Universe. Why would any sane person want to trade a unit of nothing as a reference point for VALUE? The reality is that we would not want to do this if we were FREE to choose what is a sound proxy for VALUE.

Thomas Jefferson used credit (based upon silver/gold) to acquire the Louisiana Purchase for the expansion of America! I honor this Founding Father for his wisdom and understanding of money!

Our Constitution calls for a coin standard for our money. Thomas Jefferson was most instrumental in choosing this standard for America. His philosophy has been flaunted by our corrupt financial officials and our politicians. This started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Act. Read the history of this ACT and those who attempted to flaunt our Constitution so as to promote FAKE money. Fake money is what we now have in circulation. Let’s reject this ‘mark of the beast’ money!

Money is (ultimately) a ‘spiritual’ concept! This is why a ‘Mark of the Beast’ system can be implemented upon all of mankind! Get out of this System! Show your loyalty to Jefferson not Agenda 2030!

Who wants to be a perpetual ‘slave’ to digits and cyber currencies which control all buying and selling. This policy is definitely not American and those who comprehend what is happening will REJECT this money and those who promote it. Now is the time to reject cyber money and BUY all the SILVER and GOLD that you can (as your STORE of VALUE). Let’s do this NOW! Reality is NOW and successive moments of NOW! Do we want Freedom from tyranny and the 2030 U.N. Agenda or do we want enslavement to numbers and digits? Think and ACT! I am:

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