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Where does ‘money’ come from? Let’s Think!

October 11, 2015

According to this week’s Barron’s, China has spent some two trillion YUAN to pump up their stock exchanges these past few weeks. Think about this. China has borrowed from their banks some two trillion Yuan…(where did the ‘money’ come from)? First of all let’s ask: what is ‘money’ today? Are you aware that our ‘money’ today is merely a cyber digit (a ‘number’) within the computer screen (within cyberspace)? Yes, our money today is virtual and it has no physical substance or materiality. How can this ‘subjective’ unit serve as our proxy for VALUE (in exchange for International goods/services)? I call it ‘imaginary’ and metaphysical! It is really a unit of a Banker’s consciousness (for its origin)! Think about this question: Where does ‘money’ come from?

The MIND of this man initiates Yuan counterfeiting for China!

What China has done (operationally) is increase their cyber banking account (the official account of the Government) merely by ‘typing’ additional ‘numbers’ into their account. They then lend these ‘numbers’ (called Yuan) to the Government (in exchange for a virtual bond) so the Government can spend these digits for stock market manipulation and price enhancement schemes (for select stocks). The two trillion Yuan gets spent on Chinese stocks so that the Chinese Stock Markets inflate in ‘value’. This so-called ‘money’ originates from the ‘thinking’ of the administrators who control the master computer (money machine) for the country. Can you discern what is happening? Our money is created from ‘nothing’ (the inner MINDSET of a banker)…then ‘typed’ or ‘keyed’ into the official computer account!

Black Monday in China. This produced 2 trillion of Yuan counterfeiting to prop up the Chinese stock markets!

Can you discern what is happening? A Central banker, today, can merely ‘type’ numbers into an existing computer account to create all the ‘money’ that is needed or desired. They call this money creation process QE or similar, but it is really official counterfeiting of the country’s currency (by the Banker).  We now have a whole group of Central bankers who have resorted to this official counterfeiting so as to increase the supply of ‘digits’ (called money) for their needs and their desires. This is quite a scam and Ponzi operation which each Central Bank can resort to for ‘money’ desires. The official characterization is this is merely for ASSET purchases! But what ‘assets’ and who gets the digits after the exchange? Then what happens?

Ben Shalom Bernanke started the official counterfeiting operations (which our media calls QE)! Digitization of money is the game!

Money can now be created ‘out-of-nothing’ by these select policymakers (actually criminals) for subsequent manipulation of all our markets. Let’s briefly review a few of the cyber money criminals who have resorted to this counterfeiting mentality and fraudulent behavior. The core policymaker who started this entire QE game of counterfeiting was the Chairman of our Fed, Mr. Ben Shalom Bernanke. He calls this game ASSET PURCHASES to cover up the real process underneath. Where does the ‘money’ come from to purchase his ASSETS? Think? What is ‘money’ today?

Ben creates $$$ from his ‘thinking’ mind and then ‘types’ digits in the computer screen to increase his computer (cyber) account…called the SOMA!

Ben just increases his System Account (now within cyberspace) with new ‘typed in’ numbers so as to have his ‘digits’ (called dollars) for his ASSET PURCHASES. Quite a game/gimmick, Aye? Ben created some 3.7 trillion of counterfeit units (digits/dollars) for all his ASSET PURCHASES back in 2008 – 2014. The media called this counterfeiting game QE1, QE2, and QE3. They never asked Ben: where does your ‘money’ come from or what is ‘money’ today? They just allowed this Ponzi/criminal operation to continue with no real reporting of the crime/fraud/counterfeiting which occurs! Why this cover-up?

This associate of Ben is now playing the counterfeiting game to the max! He is given no real resistance from the media, economists, or the public!

Then after Ben started this Ponzi game for the USA…Mervyn King, (then Governor of the Bank of England) started his QE operations for Britain. Later the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, started his QE/counterfeiting operations. Then, simultaneously, the Central Bank of Japan, under Haruhito Kuroda, started a huge counterfeiting operation for Japan. Then the Central Bank of China started their counterfeiting operations and later the Riksbank (Sweden’s Central Bank), under Stefan Ingves, started counterfeiting the Swedish krona. All this is so easy today as our ‘money’ is ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’! Money today derives from the inner MINDSET of these select Central Bankers and their proxies!

This banking criminal from Sweden picked up on the counterfeiting game from his protegé (Ben, Mervyn, Mario, and Haruhito)!

Now that our ‘money’ is digital/cyber/bits/bytes these policymakers (criminals) can counterfeit their National currencies with no opposition from anyone. Our media and our elected representatives don’t seem to care as long as this counterfeiting operation keeps them loaded with new ‘digits’ for their spending schemes. This Ponzi/criminal operation continues daily and all this is assumed to be kosher and sound economics. In reality, this is criminal and a fraud upon the people of each Nation and our entire global economic system.

The most recent plan of our experts is QE for everyone! Just ‘type’ digits into the official computer account (call them dollars) and email everyone with ‘money from Cyber Heaven! The invisible helicopter drop!

Prices are distorted, values are distorted, collateral for loans are distorted, and the entire edifice, called Economics, is made into a criminal/cyber Joke. Who can make any intelligent decisions today about our ‘prices’, ‘asset values’, or future trends. Our criminal Central Bankers (working behind their closed doors) and without any real media transparency, continue this counterfeiting and Ponzi economics without any SHAME or ethical humility. The entire profession of economics and finance is now a sham/scam/deception. We have LUNATICS running our financial systems!

Do you recognize some of the faces? These elites now want a NWO with a digital currency for the planet! Does anyone smell the ‘Mark of the Beast’?

So where is all this leading going forward? It seems to me that this is leading to a complete collapse of the entire global financial system. The collapse has already started and it should grow exponentially over the next year. I see no HOPE or CHANGE coming until after a serious global collapse occurs. The system is now so corrupt and dysfunctional that our only hope is for a quick and decisive collapse. The alternatives being proposed, however, are also unsound IMO. The historical gold standard could not work in our global internet age. Any digital currency is ‘subjective’ and without any objective reference points (for valuation of assets).

Our digital money allows robots to rule over Ponzi finance today! Question: What is Cyberspace? Where is it? Is it within our Space/time Universe? Why all the algorithms for ‘price discovery’ today?

What is emerging is a Systemic Collapse which appears impossible to solve via any currency scheme. The Mark of the Beast System is probably what will emerge. Everyone gets a 16 digit number for their identity and then they buy/sell/invest/save based upon this identity. The Agenda 2030 mentality appears to be emerging and this, to me, is global Communism. A Centralized Authority will govern over all economics and finance for the entire planet. All but the select elites will become slaves to this Identity System (which I call the Mark of the Beast). Start to think for yourself on these issues as maybe better alternatives will emerge! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Where does ‘money’ ultimately come from? Ans: The Spiritual Realm! The human MIND lives in this spiritual realm of reality! This is the ultimate SOURCE for our ‘money’! We now need to understand the Human MIND! Concepts, like ‘money’ derive from the Spiritual Realm of reality!!! Think deep!!!

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