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Let’s ‘Abolish’ all Central Banks (now)!

October 9, 2015

Global growth, prosperity, and freedom arrives when we ‘abolish’ ALL Central Banks on this planet! Central bankers and their proxies operate from the ‘dark’ side of the spiritual realm IMO. Think about how they are structured and how they operate. Central Banks operate in the ‘dark’ (behind closed doors) so they can manipulate and rig the economic system to their desires. Today, they manipulate all of our imaginary cyber currencies with their computers and trading strategies. Computers, dark strategies, secrecy, deception, illusion, and manipulation are their MO. This creates the problems which we now witness (globally) in spades!

The Bank of England still has not let America get free from their grasp!

And these ‘dark’ side operators have a desire to place their ‘egos’ at the forefront prior to the common good of the masses. The ‘ego’ of a Central Banker (at the core) is for more ‘Power’ and more ‘Control’. This mindset leads to enslavement of the ‘many’ by the select ‘few’. We witness the beginning of this enslavement now with our cyber/digital currencies. On the surface the public approves of these currencies and the system…as these new innovations seem superior at the moment. But underneath all the hoopla are issues which lead to enslavement of all mankind. Only the few thinkers (those who think deeply about current events) can discern this reality, however!

He apparently repented after the deed of Fed creation had been completed! We now need to get our Fed abolished in 2015-16!

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ system is rapidly emerging for this planet. This ‘dark’ side system will gradually lead to enslavement and chaos for the entire planet. At the core of this coming event are our corrupt Central Banks. There are only a few select Central Banks which need to be abolished immediately. The Central Bank of all Central Banks is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). This corrupt entity sits on land in the city of Basel, Switzerland. It is guarded by private police with guns to overcome any challenge. This entity needs to be publicly exposed and then publicly abolished. Let’s start with this entity called the BIS!

This entity is at the core of International finance and money! They operate two trading rooms for global market manipulations!

The second Central Bank which needs immediate elimination is the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in New York and its parent in Washington, D.C. This entity is one of the most corrupt institutions on this planet. The policymakers operate on the ‘dark’ side of the spiritual realm and they make sure that they meet privately and secretly when its necessary to manipulate our currency, stock, bond, and derivative markets. This institution has their ‘dark’ side trading room operating on the 9th floor of the New York Fed. This trading room lacks transparency and public oversight. The entity is totally corrupt IMO! Let’s abolish these institutions!

The New York Fed is at the core of market manipulations, rigging, and global finance! The operators also have colluded with the BIS in Basel, Switzerland to force a global digital currency upon mankind!

In conjunction with the New York Fed we have the U.S. Treasury Department and the Exchange Stabilization Fund. These institutions (departments) also appear to operate on the ‘dark’ side of the spiritual realm and they continually manipulate our economy and our global markets mostly from behind ‘closed’ doors. Americans do not know much about any of these entities or the operators who manipulate and rig our markets daily. We need to put pressure on our unaware Senate Finance Committee leaders and our unaware House Finance Committee leaders to see if they are willing expose these operators. This may be difficult as these leaders are in bed with the above (mostly)!

The Bank of England and its policies actually helped start America’s Revolutionary War and it still has its ‘fingers’ in American monetary affairs! The Rothschild empire has now created a global banking Cartel which controls and manipulates all markets on our planet!

The next Central Bank to abolish is the Bank of England in London, England. This Central Institution goes back to 1697 and has been part of the ‘dark’ side for all these years. Many call this the Rothschild banking entity which is the parent for most of the Central Banks on this planet. This bank and its operators need to be immediately exposed for their shenanigans and for their ‘dark’ side operations. Again, mostly behind ‘closed’ doors with few aware of their manipulations and rigging. The Bank of England and the U.S. Fed tend to operate in unity so that all markets are rigged to their policies. We need to abolish this parent of all our Central Banks!

The IMF and the WB are two entities which now need to be abolished along with all the Central Banks on this planet!

Finally, the two creatures which emerged after WWII and the Bretton Woods Agreement need to be abolished immediately. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) are institutions of manipulation and ‘dark’ side corruption. The operators desire global ‘power’ and ‘control’ over all economic decision-making. These entities have revealed some of their corruption in recent years, but much more needs to be revealed. The many other corrupt Central Banks in Russia, China, Brazil, India, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Africa, etc. also need elimination.

All the above have supported the ‘dark’ side agenda for mankind! Global control and hegemony appears to be the desires of our political elite! 1/01/2016 starts NWO!

The beginning of abolishment for all these ‘dark’ side entities is for the common person to gain insight into these institutions, their history, and their prior programs of ‘control’, ‘enslavement’, and market ‘manipulation’. The history of all these institutions and their operators reveal the corruption within. Now is the time to gain insight into the history of all these entities and then abolishment will likely be supported by those who discern what is happening. Go to the internet for information on the history of Central Banking and Money Cartels. Think and Read! I am:

P.S. Some history to get you started on Central Banking: This is another link:

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