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IMAGINARY money $$$ – What a scam/sham/lunacy!

October 8, 2015

Some of the ‘dumbest’ administrators on our planet are now in charge of our MONEY and our National and International economies! These ‘dumpsters’ ( we could call them intellectual idiots) are our Central Bankers, our Finance Ministers, our Senate/House finance committee’s, our economic advisers to our President, our Keynesian economists, our financial commentators, our elite monetary policy thinkers, and a host of cyber traders…all over our planet. Why are these intellectual giants (we could say ‘Alchemists’) running our World…and why are they in charge of administering our economic survival. Let’s think about the concept we call MONEY? Let’s evaluate what these giants of economic intellect actually DO in real-time!

Our intellectual giants have created a Ponzi system of finance and money! They have created an ILLUSION!

We do not have any real MONEY today! What our elite finance authorities are administrating are IMAGINARY cyber units of ‘nothing’. Yes, our ‘money’ is not within our Space/time Universe! How idiotic is this? These intellectual giants are administrating mere units of their IMAGINATION and calling these units by the name MONEY. This reveals their intellect and their gross deception when it comes to this concept we call MONEY. Today, our elite finance people have created an ‘imaginary’ group of World currencies (mere numbers/math) which get created from their individual CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the same as creating money OUT OF NOTHING. How idiotic is this! Who are these ‘dumpsters’? Why this monetary ILLUSION?

Our idiots at the Fed and the other Central Banks have created IMAGINARY symbols as our money! What a scam and illusion within our highest positions of Authority! Symbols $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as our money!

These ‘dumpsters’ are attempting to grow our economy via these IMAGINARY units of nothing! How dump are they? What idiots we have for this most crucial activity within our realm of economics. These idiots create their units merely by THINKING up imaginary ‘numbers’ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 700, 9000000000000000) in their MIND and then they TYPE these numbers into their computers at their desks. They then circulate these ‘imaginary’ numbers to clients of their choosing and pretend that this is going to grow our economy. They lie, cheat, and steal daily! What idiots we have in the highest positions of Authority on this planet. I could ‘name’ most of them but I won’t for this missive! Think for yourself!

These giants of finance and Central Banking run an ILLUSIONARY Ponzi Accounting System (based on nothing but their INNER emotions and mathematical dream models). ILLUSION is their GAME!

Then we have millions of traders who trade these ‘imaginary’ cyber units of nothing and assume that they are making money and growing our economy with their trades. What idiots and dumpsters! Trading is now done in Cyberspace (mostly) and trading is merely a trade of a ‘concept’ with no underlying item of production involved (in most situations). Take the silver and gold markets. Traders trade millions of shares (and millions of virtual contracts) via their trading desks with other traders…who also assume that these trades are REAL. In reality, these traders are living a complete ILLUSION or delusion. What are they trading? Think: mere ‘concepts’ of silver and gold with no actual physical silver or gold being exchanged. What ‘dumpsters’ we have as our traders today! Ninety-nine % of the trades on the COMEX are of this nature! How dump is this! Trading mere imagination day in and day out!

Computers and cyber digits get created OUT OF NOTHING and then called ‘money’! This lunacy happens at the highest level of economics! Idiots run our world of finance, economics, banking! Yes, IDIOTS!

Traders follow a ‘tick’ chart within their computer screen and then watch as other traders click their computer mouse or execute their algorithmic robot to initiate a counter cyber transaction. All this consists of mostly ‘imaginary’ trades (called ‘ticks’) of virtual bits/bytes within Cyberspace. All this is doing ZERO for improving our production/growth and prosperity within our greater economies. What idiots and dumpsters! But the real blame should be leveled at our Ponzi Central Bankers and all their proxies. These tricksters live with ILLUSION! Then we have all our political finance and economic experts which BUY into this lunacy! This is preposterous when I think about what is happening in today’s Cyber markets (locally and globally). This is total LUNACY! We have lunatics running our World of finance and money!

Our intellectual giants at the highest levels assume IMAGINARY math can create jobs, production, wealth, growth, and prosperity! What a Scam/Sham/Lunacy!

Today, I watch as our DOW index goes up, up, and up (now over 17,000) while our real production and our job situation goes down, down, and down. Our intellectual giants at the Fed and the White House claim that all is well and our economy is growing and prosperity is back. What idiots and lunatics! These experts (within the media) are our intellectual giants running our banks, finance houses, Treasury, finance committees, etc. We now have an economy which is a total ILLUSION (mere cyber numbers in Cyber Heaven) and the people have to put up with this LUNACY  day in and day out. What a SCAM on the common man and on any thinking person! We have idiots and lunatics running our economy and where will this lead? Think: death and destruction! Think for yourself! Enjoy this day! I am:

P.S. This intellectual giant from America created $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ OUT OF HIS THINKING MIND! Called it QE! He then set in motion this lunacy for the other Central Bankers to follow. What idiots! Symbols and imagination has replaced the Constitutional money of Jefferson/Hamilton!

Laugh or Cry! These are our Intellectual Giants of Finance!

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