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Greed now turning to FEAR!

October 3, 2015

Jobs data is down, ISM manufacturing is trending down, 10 year bonds under 2%, emerging markets imploding, Chinese economy in trouble, VIX volatility up and down, Fed policies uncertain, commodity giants imploding, and fourth quarter earnings looking dismal. What does this mean? Yes, Greed is now turning to Fear! We could witness sharp downturns in our Global Stock Markets in the next few days and weeks. The BEAR is growing in Confidence! Time to get OUT of our Cyber Markets!

The Cycles of our financial lives are based on human nature and emotions!

The seven-year market of Greed is soon over and the next seven-year market of Fear is soon to begin. Global debt and Keynesian funny money will finally reveal their true colors. The Day of Reckoning is here! The fall of 2015 appears to be the beginning of a long Bear Market for stocks, bonds, and our inflated derivative markets. Cyber markets are a big part of the problem as these markets are totally Subjective and Emotional. Cyber money is not real and this will show in the coming weeks and months. Time to get OUT of Cyber!

Fear and Greed move markets UP and then DOWN!

Those who can discern reality from fantasy will want to get out of these Cyber markets and exchange their cyber digits for something solid. My personal suggestion is to sell digits and buy silver and gold coins. Both silver coins and gold coins are outside the Cyberspace realm (also called the Virtual reality realm). Silver/gold reside in our material/physical realm. Those who can discern the difference will get out of Cyber and into Material. Look at your computer screen for all the Cyber digits in your accounts. Look outside your computer screen for real silver and gold coins/bars. What a difference! Cyber is within one’s consciousness and Silver/Gold is outside consciousness! Think on the ‘word’ MATERIAL for now!

All of one’s financial life is based on the above two concepts!

Our global stock, bond, and derivative markets entered the Cyber realm in 1998 and these instruments are now nearly 100% within Cyber reality (also called Virtual reality). The computer screen reveals the images and numbers which we assume are real but which are really IMAGINARY. We all now need to discern this difference and get into the Material realm of reality with our savings and our investments. Those who remain in the Cyber realm will experience huge losses in purchasing power these coming days, weeks, months, and years. Those who get out and purchase real material items which have a recognized subjective ‘value’ (like silver coins, gold coins, cattle, food, paper currencies, and items with barter potential) should benefit the next seven years.

Markets are made of people’s emotions and Fear/Greed are foundational!

Personally, I am doing what I am saying! I need some Cyber digits for daily survival and travel but I don’t need digits for most of my savings and investments. Silver and gold coins are excellent alternatives to Cyber but companies which produce real things with subjective ‘value’ are also good alternatives. Our Cyber markets will be with us going forward so some investments in stocks, bonds, ETF’s, and derivatives make sense. We all must live with these Cyber markets for most of our daily needs. The volatility of these markets, however, means that these digits can vanish in milliseconds as Confidence wanes.

Cyber money is digital and is located in the Realm of the MIND! Try to find a cyber digital dollar! Try to eat a cyber digital currency! Try to smell/observe/hear it!

We all live in TWO realms of reality. The realm of the MIND is similar to our Cyber markets. The realm of SPACE is similar to that of objects and things. Both realms are real but there is a distinct difference. All that derives from the MIND or the mental realm should be viewed as non-physical/metaphysical/imaginary/subjective in nature. All that is within SPACE can be viewed as material/physical/objective/observed. Cyber digits are within this subjective/metaphysical realm of reality. This means that our cyber currencies are imaginary and subject to disappearance during this coming Stock/Bond/Derivative market collapse!

The human MIND is where Cyber money resides! Get out of this realm for now! Look directly at the computer screen in front of your eyes (now)! This realm is the Cyber realm! This realm is where digits disappear as ‘value’ vanishes!

Those who can discern this difference and separate that which is Cyber from that which is Not should benefit during the coming collapse of our Cyber markets. What happens when stocks decline precipitously? What happens is that VALUE disappears. The concept of VALUE is the foundation of Capitalism and Money. What is VALUE? Give this some thought! What happens when VALUE declines precipitously? Does VALUE exist or is it a subjective concept of our MIND? Those who understand VALUE will discern the above! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. What did Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton choose for our money? 

Our Founding Fathers chose (not Cyber digits) but solid coins of silver/gold! The time to honor these Founding Fathers of Money is NOW! Buy and Own!



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