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Obama’s press conference – very Positive!

October 2, 2015

Our Socialist President made many great points in his  Washington Press Conference today. Let’s review the issues (my paraphrase of his views):

President Obama gave a positive message on our Economy and on his foreign Policies! Inclusion and inclusiveness is what he seems to desire!

Syria and Middle East: America needs to promote a regime in Syria which is inclusive and where Assad steps down from power. A political transition is needed and Russia’s involvement is not productive. The issues are complex. The American training program to advance the forces which are against Assad has not been effective. But Putin’s policy to keep the Assad regime in power is destined for failure.

If we go back to the start, says Obama, the mess in the Middle East started with demonstrators who desired change in the status quo. This has since produced ISIL and the refugee problem. This has destabilized Europe. All people’s in the Middle East must live together and progress must be made going forward. We must continue to go after ISIL but ultimately a political transition is needed. Russia’s actions may not be in their best interest as they will isolate the Sunni populations with their policies.

The Economy and Debt: I will not negotiate any decrease in the Debt Ceiling as spending must continue to grow to pay for current programs which are necessary. The Ceiling must increase within five weeks with no spending caps. Math is math…it is not that complicated. Our economy is strong when compared to other developed Nations and substantial improvements have been made since when I took office in 2008. Employment is strong and growth is positive. There are no sanctions on the United States. Russia’s economy has declined some 4% this past year and sanctions will continue.

Russia has only three allies in the Middle East and the West has a coalition of 60 Nations who are in agreement on what needs to be done. Russia and the USA can cooperate on the goal of eliminating ISIL and on other issues, but we will not agree with them on protecting Assad and his government. The people of Syria want democracy and not the Assad Dictatorship. We can work together with Russia (Putin) on many issues.

Beliefs and the Pope: With reference to Pope Francis, I think he has a big heart and he has great imagination. I love this Pope. I am also a Christian. We are all sinners and children of God. The Pope wants to promote a moral conscience on issues and help us to think more deeply on many of these moral issues. This is good. I will speak much about my desire for more restrictive gun laws so the mass killings can be reduced. The gun lobby, however, is strong and it is difficult to change this group. The American majority, however, supports more restrictive laws on guns, etc.

Conclusion: As usual, the news media tends to ask very restrictive and general questions and this brings out only the positive side of this President. The dark side is hidden and we must watch what Barrack does and not only what he enunciates. The issue of Agenda 2030 was not discussed and Barrack’s understanding of our economy seems very superficial and limited. He sees no problem with growing DEBT and he claims that our DEFICITS are now within the 40 year average. Trends are favorable and more DEBT is no problem for this President. We must watch the markets to see if he will change his perceptions by the time of his next news conference. Enjoy! I am:

Can Debt increase indefinitely? What do you think?

Total National debt is now $18.4 trillion. When Obama took office it was $10.6 trillion. Our current deficit is $426 billion. Obama says this number is now only a fraction of what it was when he took office. Yes, our economy appears better on the surface, but under the surface our accounting numbers are unsustainable. Trends (emerging) are not as he tried to imply with his words! Will the trend of spend and accumulate continue? Obama thinks it is no problem and that Debt Ceiling must continue upward! In five weeks we will see what our politicians do!

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