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Our ‘Socialist’ President avoids Crucial Announcement…to Americans!

October 1, 2015

Who is aware that our current President, Barrack Hussein Obama, has committed all Americans to a Globalist New World Order and eventually to Global Communism? This starts on January 1, 2016 (three months from today). This NWO decision happened on Sunday, September 27, at the United Nations conference on Global Sustainable Development…also called Agenda 2030. We are now all global citizens of this NWO and Global Communism. What is Global Communism? It is a Centrally Planned World under the authority of select elites (not elected) who bow to the leaders at the United Nations and the Corporate elites. Is this a philosophy for those of us desiring FREEDOM???

Congress and the American people were not notified of this announcement! The NWO was initiated without any approval from our American citizens! Where does this man get his Authority! Who is behind this ‘dark’ Agenda?

Yes, MONEY rules over all and the elites rule over you and I. Who are the United Nations (in reality)? This body of globalist’s (located on International soil off New York harbor) was started in 1945 by our then President, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Soviet adviser. This brief 3 minute overview gives some details: Another perspective (more on the dark side): Part 2 of what our Devil is doing:

UN Introduces New Feudalism Under Guise of Social Activism

Global Goals” Is Lavishly Funded Public Relations Endeavor “We the People” Never Voted For (

This month delegates to the United Nations ratified the so-called “Global Goals For Sustainable Development.” This will involve a radical, far-reaching social and economic transformation of everyday life that has been in the works for decades.

In true Hegelian dialectic style, the program is taking place as various black swans linger on the economic horizon, while some of the very interests involved in the “Global Goals” are likewise putting the finishing touches on the Trans-Pacific trade agreement, designed to (not coincidentally) crush the nation-state.No “world citizens” voted for the UN’s “Global Goals,” yet everyone is compelled to participate.

Such an ambitious program will cost, by the UN’s own estimate, as much as $5 trillion annually. A social makeover of this scale requires enlistment of ideologically motivated shock troops from all walks of life to act as change agents in their own spheres. Thus a portion of such finances will be apportioned to thought and behavioral modification toward ideational acceptance of continued corporate ascendance, wealth and resource redistribution, and the breakdown of traditional borders that for better or worse have defined the human condition since the feudal era–from gender and common morality to the nation state. As the “Global Goals” website declares, “We are not a generation of bystanders. We are now global citizens.”

Barrack Hussein Obama could be The Man of Sin (

FINAL WARNING: Obama and Pope Francis Will Bring Biblical END TIMES [Full Documentary 2015]


The END of our current Capitalistic System is here! Those who can discern events can see that our elite now desire to MANDATE change without any approval from the people! This is a Satanic agenda and we the people need to oppose all this POWER and all the ELITE (behind this Agenda). Those who buy into this Agenda of the elite will become SLAVES and servants of these elites.Freedom will turn into slavery as this New Agenda is implemented! Our ONLY alternative is to REJECT this entire AGENDA and create Kingdom Economics!

Here is a partial list of elites (new and older) who advocate this NWO and the Agenda 2030: Henry Kissinger, Harold Brown, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, Richard Wolf, Jean-Claude Trichet, Tony Blair, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, David Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joe Biden, Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, CFR (2400 members), Bilderberg Group (hundreds of elites), Skull and Bones (prior and current Politicians). Thousands of elites will attempt to install this NWO by stealth! The ultimate Authority behind all this is Satan (whom many call the Devil)!

Start thinking for yourself on all these issues. My vision is a world of Freedom for everyone! This can only happen with God the Creator as President over this planet. The Founding principles of America in 1776 was the Declaration of Independence. This document declared that our CREATOR was the giver of our rights and liberties. One planet UNDER our Creator was the vision of our Founding Fathers. Obama’s NWO is not American nor do these U.N. values (Agenda 2030) support American goals for our future. Think for yourself! I am:

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