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THE ‘Exponential Curve’- meaning!

September 19, 2015

The concept of an exponential curve is everywhere today. Our debt has expanded exponentially. Population and communication have expanded exponentially. Technology and computers have expanded exponentially. Knowledge and information has expanded exponentially. Violence and warfare has expanded exponentially. The concept of an exponential curve is unique to human history and this means that we are now at the END of our current system. The End is here and we now must think about a collapse of our exponential financial curves (debt and derivatives) and the construction of a NEW global system. Our elites are proposing a New World Order system where ‘communism’ becomes global for all citizens. Is this the direction of Freedom or is this Slavery? Where would this lead our World?

Definition of the ‘exponential curve’: When graphing the growth or decline of anything, the rate of change becomes exponential when it starts increasing or decreasing so fast that the plot line becomes vertical (on the up side or the down side).

Debt and credit created our boom economies but now this has maxed out!

Global debt and derivatives have mostly maxed out and this means exponential collapse some time in 2016 and after!

Our debt has reached levels where most recognize that it can not be repaid. This means that we are now at the END of the Keynesian economic model for our economy. The growth of derivatives also reveals this same phenomena. A crash is coming because that which goes up exponentially will eventually come down exponentially. Common sense reveals that this event is on the horizon. The current volatile cyber markets are symptoms of what is emerging in the near future. Yes, collapse of all these economic exponential curves is evident to those who discern reality!

Population was stable for thousands of years until the dawn of modernity!

Technology and communication have continued to advance our prosperity until now! This advance is now being stymied by our debt and global slowdown in trading!

China appears to be the real spender on military hardware since 1996! The USA, however, is the biggest spender of all and this has now reached unsustainable levels!

The access to the internet via mobile devices continues to grow exponentially!

Knowledge (scientific and other) continues to double every 12 months! This exponential growth means that people will demand personal independence as events play out!

Scientific knowledge and philosophical understanding is growing exponentially!

The growth of ideological conflict is growing exponentially and this means that a new System must emerge some point down the road! Can our elites create this NWO system? I have serious doubts that global ‘communism’…as is being proposed via Agenda 2030 is the right direction for the 7.2 billion citizens of this planet!

Conclusion: What has happened over the past 100 years is mind-boggling. At 72 years of age I have witnessed much of this exponential growth. Fiat money and credit has been part of the reason for all this change. But as we head into our future moments of NOW we will discover that our economy has maxed out and our global debt has maxed out. The Keynesian model of economics is our biggest problem going forward. Cyber money and QE will not overcome our exponential debt and the derivative bomb. This along with our growing military problems which have become ideological problems will bring our current SYSTEM to its End. We could witness this event in the coming months and years! Think about these exponential changes since 1945. I am:

P.S. Our global Pope is now here to advance global communism for our planet. This starts in January 2016 via Agenda 2030! Can this lead to peace, freedom, and prosperity? Not in my view!

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    • September 21, 2015 10:18 am

      Many are talking about a helicopter drop of money to every consumer. This may work for a few months. What I propose is to eliminate all money. Give and it shall be given unto you. D

      On Mon, Sep 21, 2015, 02:48 Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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