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Wisdom: are ‘numbers’ – real (exist) or imaginary (mental)?

September 16, 2015

We now live in a Cyber World of bits and bytes and ‘numbers’ create our global economy. But what are ‘numbers’? Think of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 700, 10,000,000,000,000,000? Are ‘numbers’ derived from our real Space/time world of observation or are they derived from my/your imaginary self (our mind or consciousness)? Is our ‘dollar’, now a ‘number which circulates in cyberspace, a real ‘thing’ which exists or is this ‘dollar’ number imaginary and without any ‘rest mass’? Think of the concept we call the ‘photon’: our cyber dollar appears as a unit of light (a photon) within our computer pixel screen. What is this unit of light?

A photon is a unit of light and if brought to ‘rest’ would vanish back into my/your consciousness. What does this mean for our currency unit called the ‘dollar’? To me, this means that our ‘dollar’ is a photon (within the computer screen) and derives from the mind/consciousness of the person who types it into the computer screen. This unit called our ‘dollar’ is really ‘nothing’ real or ‘nothing’ which exists within our Space/time world. This cyber unit is ‘imaginary and/or mental! Think about this! Our ‘dollar’ is our legal tender unit for all goods and services and represents ‘nothing’ real and exists ‘nowhere’! What a unique situation!

Numbers have a purpose but not as our units of money!

We buy/sell/invest/save/speculate/trade/exchange with a unit of ‘nothing’ which is ‘nowhere’ within our Space/time universe! All is within our ‘imagination’ and within our metaphysical mind. If I look outside in the observable universe I can not find or locate this ‘thing’ called the ‘dollar’. When I look at my computer screen and witness my investment account, I can not access my money…called dollars. When I trade via my smart phone with TDAmeritrade or Fidelity I click imaginary bits/bytes within my computer screen (pixels of photons/light) and trade imaginary stocks/bonds/derivatives/ETF’s/indices. All is imaginary and none of these ‘numbers’ have any ‘rest mass’.

When I go to the store and purchase goods, I pay for these items with ‘imaginary’ money which has no existence within our space/time universe. I swipe my ‘number’ into a machine which transfers these ‘numbers’ to another computer. Numbers are added and subtracted from my ‘number’ account and all this is within my imagination (mind). Where is this currency unit called our ‘dollar’? Back in my youth I viewed the word ‘dollar’ as a silver coin. Later I viewed it as both a silver coin and a paper note. But what is it today? Today, I view our ‘dollar’ as a photon of light within my computer screen (with no ‘rest mass’). It is ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’!

Look all around our planet! Where does one find a ‘number’?

I still can use my America silver coin dollar to purchase $1.00 worth of goods. I still can use my paper note dollar to purchase $1.00 worth of goods. But most (some 95%) of my transactions are now cyber transactions. Cyber transactions…allow me to use cyber units called dollars even though these units do not exist and have no ‘rest mass’. I now observe my Central Bankers and my Commercial bankers creating these cyber units by merely ‘typing’ numbers into a computer screen. All that circulates today are ‘numbers’ and more ‘numbers’. Imaginary ‘numbers’ circulate as currencies throughout our global marketplace. Are my ‘numbers’ increasing/decreasing or staying about the same? That seems to be the issue for today!

In my youth this note was viewed as a ‘dollar’! The 1 in each corner had meaning!

In my youth I also viewed this item as a ‘dollar’! It was a ‘thing’ which existed within space/time! I viewed it as ‘real’ and outside my ‘imaginary’ mind!

Today, I use an ‘imaginary’ dollar which gets displayed as a unit of light within my pixel computer screen. This unit has zero ‘rest mass’ and does not exist within our observable space/time universe! What a difference! Who comprehends?

Think about the ‘nature’ of economics today! Think about the ‘nature’ of our ‘numbers’. What are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 700, 10,000,000,000,000,000? How many ‘numbers’ do you have in your cyber account? Do you need more? Do you have a Banker for a friend? Your banker/friend may be able to increase your ‘numbers’ in your cyber account! This could make you extremely prosperous, wealthy, rich, confident, and desired! Go for some ‘numbers’ when you trade today! Increase your cyber account! You could be extremely wealthy in a short time span. Yes, it’s all about ‘numbers’ today! What will the Fed do next with ‘numbers’? Enjoy! I am:

P.S. We now have three different meanings for the word ‘DOLLAR’. Most view our paper note dollar as our DOLLAR. I, personally, view both my paper note dollar and my silver coin dollar as having meaning when I think of this word ‘dollar’! But I also transact most of my economics with an imaginary cyber dollar (a number which circulates within cyberspace). So, today, I have THREE type of ‘dollars’ at my venue! How many do you have?

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