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Harry Dent’s Crash Scenario and More!

September 2, 2015

I just finished listing to Harry Dent and his perspective on our markets and the coming trends. His views were presented on Basically, Harry is convinced that a 30 – 35%% crash is imminent (by mid-October) and then a continuing down market into 2020. A 70% crash will result by early 2017. Harry also see’s real estate crashing as well as auto’s. His views on gold/silver are for lower prices and with no safe haven status. All will crash except the Dollar (which he sees increasing in value in relative terms to the other global currencies…possibly as much as 30%). The Reserve status of our Dollar is secure (in his mind). He apparently thinks our Dollar is a ‘thing’ of value!

To weather this soon coming global CRASH, he sees select short-term government securities and cash equivalents as the best safe haven. He also thinks ‘shorting’ select indices could work well. He has no confidence in gold or silver as he views these metals crashing along with the other commodities. The Dollar (in his mind) is the best and presumably the only safe haven for weathering this coming financial storm. Personally, he has a hide-a-way location if it is necessary (for him) to leave the boundaries of the U.S. His perspective is interesting and definitely worth hearing.

My personal view is that Harry’s crash scenario is right on for the most part. I do not agree with his views on our Dollar. Harry does not appear to understand the ‘nature’ of our cyber dollar today. He seems to view our ‘dollar’ as a physical ‘thing’ with substance. This perspective is unwarranted now that our currency is circulating within cyberspace (as a Cyber Unit). In reality, Harry’s Dollar does not exist in today’s markets. Our currency unit called the ‘dollar’ is now a ‘bit’ currency which ‘flows’ within a new space called Cyber Space. This space is non-physical and all currencies which are cyber units (non-physical units) will vanish and disappear during and after this coming Deflationary Crash.

I do agree with Harry that Deflation is coming with a vengeance in 2015 and 2016. Debts will be unpayable (for the many) as ‘values’ will deflate and disappear. The concept of ‘value’ is psychological and when our markets crash, values disappear into money ‘heaven’. Real estate is a good example of what happens during a Deflation. Values of homes and properties decline and vanish as all these ‘values’ (in reality) are psychological units. A huge ‘derivative’ unwind will also be part of the coming crash in ‘values’. This ‘derivative’ unwind will make the coming crash final and impossible to resurrect. The end game of cyber money is coming…along with this coming crash. Essentially, Capitalism is soon OVER!

Basically, Harry’s vision has much merit but he does lack understanding on our Dollar and the concept of Value. Our ‘dollar’ is really a mental abstraction and this unit circulates in cyberspace as a unit of our consciousness. When this crash emerges in its fullness, our ‘dollar’ will be exposed for what it is: NOTHING and NOWHERE! This unit derives from the MIND of our banksters and circulates as ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ within a new space called Cyber Space. Cyber Space is not a ‘thing’ within our Observable Space/Time Universe. Cyber Space is a memory space which was created by connecting computer machines into a network of communication venues. Cyber Space can best be defined as a memory space within our Extended Consciousness!

Cyberspace is experienced within our computer screen. This space and the dollars circulating in this space are part of my/your extended consciousness!

Anyway, go to and listen to Harry’s perspective (dated September 2, 2015). Harry’s view is solid and I would agree with most of his scenario of coming events. Our markets are now mostly electronic markets and all our global currencies are within Cyber Space. Our currencies are no longer paper or metal…but units of our extended consciousness. This means that the coming CRASH will be final and that Capitalism (as we have experienced it) is OVER! A New Model for our World will be needed! China has already crashed some 42% and all the other global markets will crash soon (likely this month)! Watch and think for yourself! I am:

Harry’s dollar is paper. In reality, our currency unit today is a cyber unit! A huge difference!

P.S. Coming January 1, 2016, is a New World Order and a new Mark of the Beast currency. Our global Pope Francis will initiate this NWO and the plan of the United Nations. This happens on September 24, 25, 26, 2015. See my prior missive on this issue for more details.

Also, silver and gold are now being suppressed via our Central Bank trading strategies…using algorithms and high frequency trading (this is accomplished in our electronic markets using ‘naked shorts’ to suppress these prices). The foundation of Capitalism are these precious metals. I do predict that these metals will survive and prosper DURING the coming crash years (2016 – 2022).

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